Kirsten Dunst still really beautiful

March 6th, 2007 // 62 Comments

Kirsten Dunst was spotted reading Carl Sagan’s “The Varieties of Scientific Experience” while hanging out on a Maui beach. I’m assuming she’s reading the book to try and understand how a person can spend as much time in the sun as she does and still be this pale. It’s like her ugly scares off sunlight the way it does eveyrthing else in the universe. She’s like the repelling equivalent of a black hole.

More of Kirsten Dunst looking like a fox on the beach after the jump.


  1. LilRach

    ha – good on you Kirstin – I love the first small pic.
    She don’t give a fuck what all of you think :)

  2. amaritimer

    It’s like her ugly scares off sunlight the way it does eveyrthing else in the universe. She’s like the repelling equivalent of a black hole.


  3. Skip Smith

    Is she really reading that book, or did she just bring it to hold up for the camera so we’ll think she’s smart?

  4. Skip Smith

    Picture #3 caption: Dunst laughs as man vomits on beach.

  5. griffmills


  6. Skip Smith

    If you look at an inverse image of picture #1, you see a hot tan chick and a beluga whale.

  7. sinbad

    Is that Martha Dunnstock she’s hanging out with? Maybe after this photo was taken they rented some new releases and popped some popcorn.

  8. woodhorse

    i am confused as to how she still gets acting jobs when there are so many who could easily replace her….i’m surprised they didn’t kill her off on Spiderman just so they could replace her with someone Toby
    McGuire didn’t hate. He really can act, apparently.

  9. Lowlands

    Totally overrated,the book as well.she’d better read the book ‘How to get a tan,boobs,new face and feminine curves’.

  10. isn’t it “The Varieties of Scientific Experience”? lol

  11. OMFG

    What the hell??? You are some sick people to follow Eva with this wraith! It nearly melted my eyeballs. You need to post warnings before you do something like this again!

  12. Carsten5577

    Who is she tries to fool while flashing that book at photographers? Like she’s got the intellect to actually read AND understand Sagan’s volume. Right. Give it up, ugly bitch. Go back to Archie comic books, they’re more up your intellectual alley.

  13. branwen

    why is she famous?

  14. Skip Smith


    For the same reason people slow down to look at car accidents.

  15. sevenandaswitchblade

    The fourth pic looks like a still from LOTR, except Gollum had slightly less hair, no top and the decency to show a sense of self loathing for recognizing his wretchedness.

  16. Grobpilot

    The only possible reason she has a book like that is, she was headed to the bathroom and needed the pages to wipe her ass with. She certainly couldn’t have been thinking of sitting down to read it because she knows she’d never understand a single word in it.

  17. RunningWithCarsAndBoysWithScissors

    Loch Ness monster, anyone?

  18. Lowlands

    Anybody noticed her flaxen hair?Flaxen hair is nor blond or brunette}=bad genes.

  19. flauccinaucinihilipilifcation

    Give her a break guys, she’s doing research on why she’s so Fugly, alright?! No one understands what it’s like to be wronged by science….

  20. Stink

    She thought the book title was “The Vampires of Scientific Experience” and was hoping to find out why she doesn’t burn up in the sunlight.

  21. I’ve rarely seen pictures that drive me to thoughts such as, “I want to elbow this bitch in her snaggled teeth.” or “I want to kick this bitch in the snapper.”

  22. Nice flannel shirt, Kirsten.


  23. Manistoned

    Only people in the biz can look like a cross between the undead and grandma and they they are hot.

    Kirsten is shiteous.

  24. haveapez

    I’d still hit it. Who am I kidding?

  25. Jiimbo

    Does anyone really beleive that she understand what she is reading? Or is she just looking at the pretty pictures

  26. elizabeththewellread

    Oh, forgive me, but I still like her. I think she can act.

    That said, isn’t she rich enough to pay someone to help her look presentable?

  27. JandalOfDoom

    She doesn’t know she’s ugly ’cause she’s hanging out with Sumo Sally there – but comparison she’s gorgeous!

    That’s why my friends hang around with me.

  28. Hey man, don’t be hatin’.
    Least she’s not ORANGE!!!
    Hooray for that.
    Yeah, I don’t really know what happened to her. I thought she used to be cute….ew.

  29. mrs.t

    And I bet her breath smells delicious. The combination of rotting teeth and cigarettes always makes me want to tongue kiss.

  30. MyOwnSuperficialAccount


  31. fame is funny

    Small pic #7 has the fashion radar on lock. Introducing the ‘I just fell off the oil rig’ look.

  32. Truthseeker013

    Whyfor you insult foxes, Esteemed Author Person?

  33. CruisingForCock

    Who buys her swimsuits?


    She sucks as MJ. She and that smug little Toby McGuire have absolutely no chemistry on screen. When she was on Letterman promoting SM2, she basically said the role didn’t pay much, but it gave her a lot of exposure world-wide, so it was helping her career. TO DO WHAT WITH?

  35. Interview With a Vampire was a documentary???

  36. Carol

    #4 HAHAHAHAHA I agree.

    She SUCKS. annoys me with her ugliness, just disgusting. look at her, such a anorexic pig. nasty look.

  37. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Day 2 at the mud hole…

  38. crestlin

    she looks ever sexier smoking a cigarette…so THAT’s why her snaggleteeth are so brown.

  39. Carsten5577

    “she basically said the role didn’t pay much”

    Oh no…only something like 4 million…not much by Hollywood standards, I guess. I say, nuke fucking Hollywood with its debauched degenerates! 99.9% of comes out of that town is pure stupid schlock anyways.

  40. 23apples

    #13 – I think it would be kinda cute to see her reading Archie comics.. you know, see her in her natural state

    Anyways, she should probably go to the gym or something. Although she’s thin, her body is so shapeless.. and the color of her skin makes her body look awful! Some muscle tone would make her look a lot better.. if she’s not gonna tan she could at least do something else to not look horrible.

  41. almostfamous

    Is she actually reading this book or is she just getting paid to hold it up for cameras? I like the one where the book is covering her face the most. Obviously, she is not actually reading the book because she spends all day running aroung the beach looking mentally challenged.

  42. mika85

    heyyyyy! don’t hate on the pasty pale-ness! i know kirsten isn’t the best looking chick in the world, but at least she doesn’t look like the rest of these leathery oompa-loompa celeb biotches.

  43. NicotineEyePatch

    Pasty-pale is one thing – looking like “You Gave” for a few hours straight, so you could catch a cheap buzz, is another. A functioning circulatory system is always attractive.
    I hate the tans too, but this is a result of poor diet, smoking, and being a lab-generated part-vampiric test tube baby.

  44. fame is funny

    Word is she is preparing to play Carl Sagan in an upcoming movie role. He smoked alot, hung out at beaches in flannel. Fact.

  45. lilygirl

    I completely agree with #32,
    Hickory Dickory Do
    Where this trailor trash come from anyway?

  46. LudivineKla

    wow, shes real plain now, when she did the virgin suicides she wos a natural beauty, guess she peaked nd it wos js downhill frm there… life wit a satellite dish head lke lead singer frm smashin pumpkins!

  47. jesseeca

    any scientist could tell you that something that white just reflects the sunlight, hence no tan.

    but i must say, that all these people with really dark tans who you all think look so good will be the ones in a few years with massive amounts of wrinkles and you’ll be telling them to go get a face lift. you can’t have it both ways.

  48. Jenster

    ive always despised her, im glad everyone else is catching up to me, the only movie i saw her in was “Virgin Suicides” and I only watched it because whe was going to kill herself, thank you Sofia Coppola, oh and
    fuck you Sofia Coppola for making Marie Anttonete.

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