Kirsten Dunst looks like a stripper

dunst-not-stripper.jpgAccording to the always insane National Enquirer, Kirsten Dunst was mistaken for a stripper and offered $500 to let an old man squirt whip cream on her body and lick it off.

Kitten-ish KIRSTEN DUNST, standing outside Chateau Marmont Hotel on Sunset waiting for her limo, recoiled in disgust as a Dirty Old Man slinked up beside her and whispered creepily: “I’ll give you $500 if you’ll let me squirt whipped cream on your body and lick it off!” Kirsten shrieked, “GROSS!” She immediately turned and walked away, but the guy skittered along behind her, whining, “Wait. What’s the matter? I come to watch you dance every weekend!” Kirsten whirled and asked the 50-ish horn-dog what he was talking about