Kirsten Dunst likes being ugly

kirsten_dunst_teeth.jpgDespite her mom’s constant nagging to straighten her front teeth, Kirsten Dunst refuses to fix them because she thinks they’re sexy and make her special, saying, “That’s one of the things I like about me. Messed-up teeth are so sexy.”

I think we finally have an explanation for why Kirsten Dunst is so physically unappealing. Instead of taking cues from society and trying to actually improve herself, she’s embraced her worst features and has convinced herself that they’re actually sexy. I’m all for loving who you are, but you shouldn’t delude yourself into thinking you’re sexy when men would actually prefer to drive a wooden stake through your heart. Having messed up teeth is fine, but try to accept the fact that it’s also horribly unattractive. And, in certain cases, may result in your murder.