Kirsten Dunst is legally blind

September 26th, 2006 // 51 Comments





  1. Grunt Big

    Eek my 65 yr. old dad has those glasses

  2. Grunt Big

    He’s a vampire as well…

  3. hamacus

    A butt-ugly, day-walking vampire.

  4. hamacus

    A butt ugly, day-walking vamoire at that!

  5. hamacus

    Pic#1 guys covers neck to stop her vampire bite.

    Pic#2 Oh no! The arrow in the pic marks the next victim…its like The Omen…Run!

  6. DancingQueen

    For the love of GOD why won’t this chick get some new choppers!!!! UGH! HORRIBLE!

  7. C’mon. One Kirsten Dunst story is enough for today. I can only puke so many times…

  8. DiabetesExplosion

    She’s neither pretty nor talented, so why is she famous? Oh right, she sucked off Brad Pitt as a child.

  9. In keeping with her appearence of age I will now channel my grandmother..

    “that young lady is repellant I would suggest you stay away from her type”

    Thanks grandma, no problem with that.

  10. Jacq

    Uh, I KNOW those aren’t knee-high socks…

    Hey Kristen, has anyone ever told you how motherfucking ugly you are? Yes? Oh. Ok. Nevermind.

  11. Jacq


  12. Does she or does she not look like she ruins panties everytime she wears them? I mean totally destroys ‘em – skid marks so thick you can pick out corn, gonorreah tinted vaginal secretions that look like dried guacamole, and herpes-inspired spotting that make the front look like rust-colored polka dot. To be blunt, she just never looks clean, even when dressed up.

  13. Hurry Spidey save her from the depths of decay!

  14. i heard kirsten likes to poop in her pants!

  15. I’m so stupid, I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. All this time we thought that SHE was Jake Gyllenhall’s “beard” but that was only half the story. He was helping her keep her Dykeyness in the closet too. She looks like a typical, Santa Cruz/Venice Beach crunchy Granola Lesbian. (Except most of them have WAY better teeth)

  16. jrzmommy

    She looks like the kid in first grade who you just KNEW had a shitty homelife. She does. If she wore this get-up to my daughter’s school, they’d sign her up for free and reduced meals.

  17. ValeWolf

    It’s crazy how some people let go before aging.

  18. In the first pic, she’s channeling Ray Charles.

  19. RichPort

    Much like the expanses and limitlessness of our universe, this bitch’s hideousness knows no bounds. You can put a moustache on a dog and a cigar in his mouth and that won’t make it Groucho fucking Marx. I’d like to kick her in her nuts.

  20. Dragulf

    I’d still hit it!

  21. HollyJ

    ~ Rated R for adult themes, sexual content, and scary fuckin’ teeth

  22. I’ve seen better looking things slither out from underneath trailor parks after tornado season..

    Newsflash, Ms. Dunst: You’re rich.

  23. TorontoMapleLeafs

    #12…. haha thats horrible… true… but horrible. i wont be able to sleep at night. haha

  24. Nik

    Okay, this is the first picture Superficial has posted of her that has convinced me of how horrid she is. Thanks.

  25. Ummm first I laughed so hard about Paris H wearing gold gloves and being charged. And now this! This night just gets better and better!

  26. checkyourshorts

    NASA is looking for those goggles. For its sunspot research.

  27. marc of teh place

    Very blind. In the second picture she is trying to drink a car. Way to go.

  28. kenzier

    #16. El-oh-fucking-el.

  29. marc of teh place

    Third picture, even.

  30. RhinebeckCowboy

    I think she’s kinda cute. And she’s a multi-millionaire. And you know she’s just cool ‘cos rumor has it Sofia is sweet on her. And she’curious enough to dip her toe in the Lohan-Reid-Hilton party-life and smart enough to pull it out pretty quick. And did I mention she’s in her twenties and rich. Notice how she’s smiling ?

  31. Dirt McGirt

    Who the hell thinks this girl is pretty? I saw her a couple of years back in a Maxim shoot, and she has an okay body, but the face, c’mon.

  32. daveeech81

    I thought that was David Spade.

  33. Mo

    Fugly McFang.

  34. RichPort

    I’d follow her around Rodeo Drive… to prevent her from shoplifting. Dirty looking beeotch.

  35. jrzmommy

    Are hairbrushes against her religion?

  36. gas_up_the_hrududu

    I have three words for this chick:




    She has millions, yet she apparently can’t acquire three things commonly found at your friendly neighborhood dollar store.

  37. ch474

    News flash! Ms Dunst sleeps in her car, a 1974 AMC Matador in 2 tone green and cream, parked in a quiet alley behind a Starbucks. She’s wearing the socks ‘cuz her widdle feeties was cold in the night.

  38. EazyE

    Hmm, meth head or crack ‘ho?

  39. Phaery

    whoa, what a fancy shmancy $1 shirt shes got on.
    i hate this stupid snubbish bitch.

  40. jilco

    talk about dressing down for the ocassion.

  41. Ivana Mandalay

    I can’t think of anything cute or witty to say. I’m dumbfounded at the sheer fugliness of that snaggletoothed, knee-high sock wearing troll.


  42. In that first photo, she looks blind *and* mildly retarded. It’s fascinating, really.


  43. ATX

    She makes me want to vomit on her face…

  44. Swedish_Bikini_Team

    And she’s got buckteeth too, probably from all the blow jobs she’s given to Hollywood producers so they’d cast her ugly face in their movies.

  45. marshmallow-dream

    jrz mommy:

    That kid in the first grade is your kid, you idiot. Shitty homelife? “My mom posts to celebrity websites all day.” You are the blind idiot. free and reduced meals? which one? free or reduced? free and reduced? i’m sure your kids are on that plan since instead of working you sit on your ass at the computer all day.

  46. mrlithium

    if you wanna figure out if a chick is hot or not, just picture them as a grandmother, 60 years from now. kirsten already looks like this, thats how you can tell she’s not hot.

  47. Xineswish

    God damn, what’s with you people? Are you all in some kind of “I hate Kirsten Dunst” club?
    I think she’s pretty. You’re all so used to the typical “Hollywood” look that you can’t appreciate anything that makes someone look unique.
    If you saw her in real life, compared with all the other average-looking people in world, she would look beautiful.

  48. I mean, she was “cute” when she was younger, but man, she’s getting uglier and uglier everyday.

    A real beauty is Kate Moss. A DIFFERENT BEAUTY. But Kirsten, I have to say she’s the ugliest actress working today. So not sexy. Look at her hands and feet. SO FREAKING BIG! Look like a man. URGH.

  49. ha ha….she’s always been so ugly

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