Kirsten Dunst is kind of a bitch

Kirsten Dunst currently stars in the adaptation of Toby Young’s novel How to Lose Friends & Alienate People. However, Toby was banned from the set after he made a suggestion about Kirsten’s acting. I mean, what the hell does he know about her character besides, I dunno, everything? DigitalSpy reports:

“[Dunst] overheard me giving the producer a ‘note’ on her performance in a particular scene. At the time, I didn’t think of it as a criticism, more as a helpful bit of advice, and the producer took it in that spirit. But Kirsten overheard this exchange and interpreted it as a complaint about her acting ability. It was after this, apparently, that she took Bob [Weide, director] to one side and asked if I could be kept at arm’s length in future.”

After banishing the author, Kirsten returned to doing the scene her way: Hanging upside down yelling “EEK EEK!” into a boom mic until someone gave her a mango.

Photos: Flynet