Kirsten Dunst is in denial

Kirsten Dunst says she isn’t obsessed with her weight or working out because she enjoys having curves and looking “sexy” rather than “sleazy.” She tells the Scottish Daily Record:

“I eat healthily. I do Pilates and my mom has a cross-training machine, which I use, but I don’t work out regularly. I like having a few curves. I like being sexy, not sleazy.”

There are a lot of words I’d use to describe Kirsten Dunst. ‘Sexy’ isn’t one of them. Unless prefaced by ‘not’ or ‘very not’ or ‘indescribably not.’ I’m starting to think somebody replaced her mirror with a life-sized poster of Alessandra Ambrosio and she hasn’t figured it out yet, because there’s no way she can look into a mirror, see what I’m seeing, and have the word ‘sexy’ pop into her head. It’s physically impossible, like being sexually attracted to Robin Williams.