Kirsten Dunst is fashiony, I think

January 18th, 2008 // 94 Comments

These are shots of Kirsten Dunst for the latest campaign for fashion house Miu Miu. I came up with some slogans:

Miu Miu: For the pigmentally-challenged lady.
Miu Miu: Cocaine is aww yeah!
Miu Miu: Sometimes you have to climb to fashion. Or lay on the floor and stare at yourself in a circular mirror. We don’t even know.
Miu Miu: Picture the Matrix but as a play starring Kirsten Dunst. That’s how our handbags will make you feel – but with more hula hoop.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Ript1&0

    PS = I think what this needs, really, is less hula hoop and more cowbell.

  2. Ted from LA

    Steve aka Gorilla Butthole,
    I did not coin the term, but wish I did. I don’t have very many butthole jokes in my repertoire, but I am considering going to a Butthole Comedy Training Center in southern Texas. Have a good weekend you bunch of degenerates. Packers vs. New England in the Super Bowl.

  3. Ted from LA

    Ang at #24 coined the term on the “Dr. Phil Regrets Telling People Britney is a Fuck Up” thread Steve aka Gorilla Butthole.

  4. Milosh

    The photos are average, but your blurb has to be the unfunniest thing I’ve ever read on this blog.

    Testing out a new writer?

    Or just had a big night last night?

  5. CJ

    Skin is flawless. Creative….and provocative even though she kept her clothes on the whole time!!! No doubt it was a lot of work, but it looks like a fun way to kill time.

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    I’ve added you to my blogroll.
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  7. Nikky Raney

    maybe its some artsy thing
    reminds me of an america’s next top model photo shoot. lol

  8. Jesse

    I absolutely LOVE that this casper chick is going to be on top on this site throughout the n i g g e r d a y handout-holiday weekend.

  9. What is she doing???????? I think she is more active here than she did on !!!!!!!!!

  10. Nanina

    hey… it’s nice to finally see another blonde who has a bit of an odd color scheme going on (if you were guessing, the other one is myself)… some blondes don’t get along with the light blues and whites and ecrus and whatnot ;-) well i was even told a few times that kirsten and i look alike, but, lucky for me, that was in a time when she used to clean herself up nicely and look genuinely pretty (yes, there was such a time).

  11. Sort of reminds one of that famous Marilyn Monroe Photograph

  12. CrackedLcd

    She looks flawless in these pics. Too bad she doesn’t look a half as good in paparazzi.

  13. BigFatDynamo

    Wow, #58, I didn’t know that ignorance like that still existed. Good for you for diminishing the gene pool.

    Hey, where all the white women at? – Miu Miu

  14. Yourfairytale

    These look better than Lohan’s ads. She looks like a freak!

  15. korina_jebediah

    PEOPLE CMON duh!
    it’s obvious the photoshop work done here
    hey, nice try with the illusion of seeing the reflection of kirsten (a well known vampire)
    ha, nice try indeed.
    And fish, i feel dirty, i actually covet the pics.
    Now if you excuse me, i have to sacrifice some virgins.
    As i pose like a Miu Miu girl.

  16. Dixyland

    she’s still fucking hot

  17. Lowlands

    I’ll guess she finally admits that she’s just another circus curiosity who’s jumping through a hoop.

  18. Sauron

    Talking about local culture,it looks a typical Hollywood hoop jump to me.Landing on the back in this position.

  19. WhoCares

    I hate this bitch.

  20. blahblahblah

    the ad campaign looks like a cross between cirque de soleil and alice in wonderland

  21. bbw


  22. kirsten dunst

    47. im pretty sure that the reason shes famous is because she actually DOES have talent. but yea i mean youre right, she doesnt even look like every other fake la bitch walking around so i mean, how the hell could she be famous. it really is mind-blowing isnt it.

  23. She is sooo sloppy

  24. MoronicShitney

    Well I like her, but those boots are disgusting.

  25. Better than you

    Okay so Kirsten Dunst is not a sultry, drop-dead gorgeous figure in Hollywood. But why do you all have to attack her skin color? Why should she spend a multitude of time absorbing carcinogenic, DNA-mutating rays that are EXTREMELY detrimental to her health? Not everyone was born with dark-pigmented skin, please fucking educate yourself once in awhile. It is not healthy to expose any type of skin (especially fair skin) to prolonged sunlight or stupid fake tanning beds. You people are so pathetically stupid, she is actually augmenting the quality of her life by avoiding the sun’s harmful rays. For all you completely idiotic dumbasses who thrive off of those radiant ultraviolet bulbs year-round – have fun with melanomas, premature wrinkles and squamous cell carcinomas in your near futures. =)

  26. fo'sgirl



  27. Tricia


    What’s the matter? Secretly got your feelings hurt by the comments here because you’re just as colorless and bland as Kirsten in real life?

    You can get off your high horse and keep your tanning lectures to yourself, thanks. We are all aware of the dangers of over excessive tanning. There is. however, a nice balance in between bland milk white skin and cancer ridden fried tanned ones. You know, like a healthy, human-like shade? One that doesn’t make you look like a literal walking corpse?

    And before you bitch about how I must be one of those ‘stupid fake tanning lovers’ , I am actually considered rather fair, not blinding white, not a fried darkness, just nice, so I do know what I’m talking about.

  28. Chelle

    Sassy and classy! Very unique…as a fashion major i’d say fabulous!

  29. a little gothic. I checked her sexy photo at the STD dating

  30. whitney

    she looks like she belongs in a tim burton movie.

  31. not ignorant

    Before actually trying to comment on any of this, everyone (including the author) should familiarize themselves with the work of Mert & Marcus. Of which this is actually their second campaign for Miu Miu. (they used lindsay lohan for the first) But why would you notice that? it’s not like they haven’t been shooting editorials for W, Purple, i-D, Vogue, Another et al nearly every month for the past two years. But hey who cares about artistic relevancy when there’s celebrities involved? (this is a cordial invitation for all of you to pull your heads out of you asses….)

  32. loserlulu

    i wonder if she can spell W-H-O-R-E…

  33. Mr Vastad

    Hahaha, I love the 2nd slogan

  34. fo'sgirl


    you should shutup too. Seriously

    Uptight assholes… . . . . Here’s a cordial invitation for YOU to get YOUR head out of YOUR ass and take a moment to chuckle. But I can see you now ….with your slick hair, and your little pebble glasses analyzing everything you see….one of the “that’s a beautiful plastic bag” people. God. Get over it.

  35. She and Amy Winehouse should have a 2 girls 1 cup moment…

  36. Lisa

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  39. cliff

    This makes me think of Dario Argento’s “Susperia” I keep thinking someones gonna smush her face through a window and hang her from a stained-glass skylight.

  40. Shallow Val

    Why if it isn’t the corn-toothed troll herself? Nothin sexy ’bout that, no sir…..she ruined Mary Jane for ever.

  41. Shallow Val

    Gotta give it to Prada for being inventive and creative…..with the clothes I mean.

  42. Tits McCholo

    WOW! They cleaned her up good! I thought she was looking shitty as hell lately. Go SNAGGLE! Awww YEA!

  43. Sarah

    I think she looks lovely. You are all probably fat asses who are jealous of everyone you pick on. This is one REALLY pathetic site. Walk outside and rub your eyes. Yep, those are real people you see! Why don’t you try getting your own lives and stop picking apart others.

  44. Ms. J

    She’s a no-neck monster

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