Kirsten Dunst is fashiony, I think

January 18th, 2008 // 94 Comments

These are shots of Kirsten Dunst for the latest campaign for fashion house Miu Miu. I came up with some slogans:

Miu Miu: For the pigmentally-challenged lady.
Miu Miu: Cocaine is aww yeah!
Miu Miu: Sometimes you have to climb to fashion. Or lay on the floor and stare at yourself in a circular mirror. We don’t even know.
Miu Miu: Picture the Matrix but as a play starring Kirsten Dunst. That’s how our handbags will make you feel – but with more hula hoop.

Photos: Splash News

  1. The Powermuff girls


  2. Racer X


    /and no she doesn’t look like Billy Corgan

  3. I would like to get my freak on with her

  4. grobpilot

    if she whipped her tits out, I might be slightly more impressed

  5. surroundedby idiots

    no idea!!!!

  6. haha

    oh c’mon Superfish, you know you think she’s hot because she’s showing some skin. You always find hot any woman that shows some skin even when they are uglier than a fart.

  7. I keep thinking Mui Mui, it’s what’s for dinner.

    But that can’t be right.

  8. Bill Clinton

    Ah I can’s stand this pretencious arsty crackhead nasty shit. Fucking aweful. Hillary threw out all my playboys, juggs, and juicy big buts magazines… now they know what classic lady art is all about.

    This is just depressin’ I’m gonna go find the stash I hide in my sax and go inhale. God I’m lonely.


  9. slap-happy

    Congratulations…you are skinny, white and freaky looking enough to be in a Miu Miu ad campaign.

  10. slap-happy

    Congratulations…you are skinny, white and freaky looking enough to be in a Miu Miu ad campaign.

  11. p0nk

    wow… Letterman is hiring zombie-vampire-clowns to replace his “Will It Float” girls?

  12. D. Richards (Masturbator.)

    No shit; Kirsten’s so translucent white, you can actually see heart.

    She’s like a giant salamander!

  13. KickRocks

    Miu Miu: How Much Coke Could A Vampire Snort If A Vampire Could Snort Coke

  14. she’s not that bad!

  15. Frank Booth

    Baby wants to fuck! Baby wants to fuck Blue Velvet!

  16. 23apples

    Miu Miu: when you need that perfect outfit for your cirque du soleil interview

  17. steve

    Vapid cunt.

    by the way, whoever made up the post about Britney’s “Gorilla Butthole” is my new hero. I can’t get it out of my mind.

  18. farty

    Farty fart fart!

  19. The Powermuff girls

    Miu Miu: When clowns just aren’t scary enough.

  20. Whatever

    At least she found a few poses in which her boobs actually don’t look saggy. I imagine if it ever occured to her to wear a bra while in normal situations such as standing upright and/or walking, she might not look as repulsive. Keeping her mouth shut and those crazy eyes hidden behind oversized sunglasses also help. And now I’m done criticizing boring and ugly celebrities for the day.

  21. krystal-ie

    I love these clever comments everyone leaves – even articles on boring celebrities are fun to read – and make my day suck a little bit less.

  22. Ted from LA

    And to think I coveted her tits in Spiderman. Steve, it was Oprah’s gorilla butthole, not Brits (but, I guess if the primate fits…)…

  23. lemonfresh

    if they were going to airbrush her that much, why didn’t they just use a patrick nagel painting for their ad?

  24. Where have you been Cowgirl? I have missed you!!

  25. Cowgirl is hot!!

  26. Hey Mike,
    Well, I haven’t been laying around with my legs adorned in weird lacey boots and a bow in my hair!

  27. teriyaki333

    I’m blinded!

  28. FromOutOfNoWhere

    tacky, no titts, no azz, Girl got nothing.

  29. That is good where have you been laying around?

  30. Auntie Kryst

    Sure these pictures are creepy but not creepy enough! They need the midget from Twin Peaks.

  31. For the first time, Fish actually made me laugh with

    Cocaine is awww yeah!

  32. Mick

    This is horrible news. Why are you posting this?

  33. Bozidar The Perv

    Ass-fisting would be an activity I would partake with her.
    Oh and by the way, it’s her ass and my fist.
    And later, cleaning up that dirty poophole with some of my best piss-drink.
    yummy !

  34. Jimmy Doe (John Doe's little brother)

    Miu Miu: For the pigmentally-challeged lady.

    you forgot the N in challenged, dude, there goes your reputation!

  35. Ilovepalechicks

    Damn shes hot!

  36. The Stud

    Love her fair skin. I bet she’s nice and soft everywhere. Get at me hotty.

  37. granada

    Hey, she was great in “Interview with the Vampire.”

  38. J Soll

    Here’s the amazing thing: between Britney’s zombiewear, Lindsay’s sausage casing and Amy Winehouse’s clown costume, Kirsten Dunst is officially The Superficial’s Best-Dressed Woman of the Day.

    Hang on, I have to answer the door – oh look, it’s The Apocalypse! Well, hi!

  39. Hemlock Queen

    I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys. She looks beautiful, and I love her milky white skin. The sixth pick looks so cool. Great ad shots. No wonder the stupid models get the boot. I’d rather look at a real chick than a skeletor, although she’s slender anyway, but not anorexic. There, now hate on me for liking her. I don’t care.

  40. Auto-Erotic-Asphixiation

    My-My …
    Wonderous how they can just air brush away the pole she’s using and not the clown suit.
    But hell … I’d still hit it

  41. lilly allen miscarried. one less confused celeb child to contend with.

  42. chriso

    I hope they paid the re-toucher who did these photos a shitload of money.

  43. Josh

    If you ever have the misfortune of seeing kirstin dunst in person, gouge your eyes out before staring directly at her. I’ve seen better looking corpses dug out of the ground at Auschwitz.

  44. me

    I don’t understand why every woman has to be leather skin tanned to be beautiful.
    This pictures are awesome.

  45. put the ugly people in the back

    I bet Marilyn Mansons hand is really tired today. Wair what am I talking about it’s Marilyn the freak show not a normal douche so I should say I bet his back is very sore and his mouth is really tired.

    He should date Kirsten after he’s done destroying that other pale blond chick who should know better. The only way that couple could get any uglier is if they threesomed with Amy Swinehouse.

  46. She’s one of those stars that I just don’t understand why she’s famous. I guess chicks dig her since she is in no way threatening to them. I’d rather put my penis in a rusty bear trap (and no I don’t mean Britney)

  47. steve aka Gorilla Butthole

    Hey Ted from L.A…’s even better that it’s Oprah’s gorilla butthole. Now I’m really dying. Crap, that’s funny. Was that you?

  48. mimi


  49. Ript1&0

    I LOVE the set’s lush colors. But her effort is so… contrived.

    You’ve gotta be authentic if you want this shit to work, not just high and thin.

    Plus, yeah, someone already has the “trying to be Dita Von Teese” thing covered.

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