Kirsten Dunst is cooler than I thought

kirsten_dunst_drunk.jpgKirsten Dunst reportedly got drunk and obnoxious at the premiere party for Elizabethtown, and allegedly arrived on the red-carpet looking dishevelled, before drinking herself into an aggressive stupour. A source told The New York Post that Kirsten was “drinking a lot and got very loud and obnoxious. She was very pushy.” Dunst’s representative has denied the allegations insisting the claims are “mean-spirited and absolutely false.”

I know I’ve been mean to Kirsten in the past, but that was before I found out that she was a raging alcoholic. It doesn’t matter how troll-like you look, if you can drink yourself into idiocy at your own premiere party, then you’re okay by me. Although it would have been nice if she insulted some important people and then peed in the corner of the room before passing out in a pool of her own vomit. It’s not an exact science, but that would probably decrease her hateability by a factor of two.