Kirsten Dunst is almost too beautiful

May 8th, 2007 // 195 Comments

Kirsten Dunst showed up to the MET Costume Institute Benefit Gala taking the costume part way too literally. You’d think she would’ve figured out a way to cover up her ugliness with fashion or makeup by now, but she actually looks worse after getting all dressed up. And what the hell is she wearing? A tent? You could ask Stephen King to imagine a more horrifying outfit and after seeing this thing he’d just curl up into a ball and cry.

kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-01-thumb.jpg kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-02-thumb.jpg kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-03-thumb.jpg kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-04-thumb.jpg kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-05-thumb.jpg kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-06-thumb.jpg kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-07-thumb.jpg kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-08-thumb.jpg


  1. jenniferc


  2. Jimbo ?

    WTC!!! I agree with you Jenn.

  3. Her dress is trying to make it’s escape, how unfortunate for everyone watching.

  4. She looks like a flapper from the 1920′s.

  5. redsonja1313

    Well at least she took care of the nasty rash on her feet, but for god sake, hire a stylist and get the to the dentist for invisiline. Those snaggle teeth were totaly distracting in Spidey 3

  6. 4 – I think she actually looks like the re-animated corpse of a flapper from the 1920s … or maybe just a regular corpse.

  7. unicornzrawk

    Shes pregnant with that dudes baby, and since boozing didn’t kill it, she’s trying to hide it with that tent dress!

  8. Biznitch

    Bring it on..bitch

  9. CHA

    oh kirsten…you could be attractive if it weren’t for the teeth, the nasty makeup, the dress, and the weird (sometimes scary) smile. and by attractive, i mean not hideous.

  10. sharpei dude

    That reminds me…I’m going camping this weekend!

  11. ceelo

    dude is standing on her dress. tut.

  12. LilRach

    Poor Kirsten. I like this chick cos she never let Holliywood go to her head. Everyone was taking the piss out of Jessica Simpson in the last post because all she really has is her boobs that get her attention. At least Kiki has actually accomplished things and is keeping it real. yeah she’s no beauty queen but she deserves the recognition unlike some certain hollywood trash/bimbos.
    leave her alone man!

  13. NicotineEyePatch

    Decent of her not to tapdance in a puddle of blood before this gala event.

  14. Donkey

    Spiderman 4:
    Battle of the Ferocious FUG Fiend

    Also known as

  15. Donkey

    Dude is also doing the “gay-Hollywood-cowboy bunny hop” in pic #6

  16. Lobo

    David Schwimmer needs to cut his hair and lose the cowboy boots.

  17. 15PiecesOfFlare

    If she ain’t looking good at 25, it won’t be any better at 40.

  18. ph7

    She needs to snort coke and fly to NY to fuck Jude Law.

  19. HollyJ

    Her left eye has wandered away from her right one.

    I can’t believe that in addition to being a pigmentless pumpkinhead with yellow shark teeth she’s also walleyed.

    How can one person have so many bad chromosomes?

    Are her parents related?

  20. who says you need skin pigment to be a total fox?

  21. sweetnsnooty


  22. wedge1

    What’s wrong with her eyes? She looks like the meth has kept her up for 3 days straight?

    Now for some extra news on famous meth addicts:
    Tom Sizemore, on probation for a drug rap, was arrested Tuesday for investigation of possessing methamphetamine as he sat in a car outside a Bakersfield hotel.

    He and another MAN were at a hotel. Tom has moved from Heidi Fleiss to blowing his meth dealer for his fix. Crashing as hard as LiLo.

  23. I think the black thing on her head is an attempt to match her BF, Cowboy Bob, hair style. (At least he lost the stetson)

    (Oh link is the new terror warning. Canadians are spying on everyone using quarters and nano technology. Grab the gonads and be afraid, very afraid.)
    (I mean this terror warning has to be worth at least 25 cents. Well ok 21 cents American)


    “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”

  25. stephox

    Hahahahaaa, I love the expressions on the photographers’ faces in the background. Straight up laughing at the girl.

  26. Binky

    # 26 Interesting quotes – but most people down there didn’t vote for him Scotty. (When you consider percent of voter turnout etc.)
    And you still have the Queen. Hereditary rule in the 21 st century? You’re in Iraq as well etc. Good to see the nationalists got in though.

  27. Binky

    IE – I agree with what you’re saying, but not painting everyone with the same brush

  28. DrDanny

    Jeez, this pair is a mess. Look at that clown’s boots! They’re filthy, and not even nice boots at that. Who was doling out the fame and celebrity the day these two came to the head of the line, Moe Howard?

  29. chaunceygardner

    That’s the best fucking Kirsten Dunst costume I’ve ever seen! I predict that Kirsten will be the hottest monster costume this Halloween!

  30. That outfit is not retro 1920s, she wore it when it was originally in fashion.

  31. iamsosmrt



  32. fritobandito

    #20 You are Friggin HIALRIOUS!! And totally 100% accurate. You said it better than anyone else, including Fish!

  33. fritobandito

    Wow, VERY long day at work!! How about
    H I L A R I O U S!!

  34. elle

    I don’t know which outfit is worse. Hers is hideous, but I’m sure it’s “designer.” Someone needs to tell him that the tucking-pants-into-your-boots look was never cute. Aren’t guys NOT supposed to do shit like that, much less anyone else with any shred of fashion sense? Britney Spears called, she wants her look back. That and a pack of gum so she can proceed to smack her lips and talk about how fat she is while drinking out of her dip cup and wondering why the coffee tastes so nutty.

  35. LeeLee

    look at that man’s shoes– Is she dating Britney Spears?
    If so, Mr. Spears really needs to wash his hair before going out in public.

  36. allyrising

    At least she’s finally with a guy who is on par with her as far as attractiveness goes. She has done well for herself after the travesty that was Jake Gyllenhaal.

  37. fifi

    Now this is what I call a hobo, redneck with money, and too cheap to hire a stylist! Because, she needs it!

  38. blpressure

    I still love KD even though she looks scuzzier by the day, and what is she doing with that troll of a boyfriend? Do you think she hired him to make herself look better? Tori Spelling can do better than that and she has to be the ugliest bitch on the planet. Dump him and go out with me Kirsten. I may not have an overrated famous band, but at least I’m not inbred.


    fuck up and stop trying to be funny your a wanker wankers aren’t funny they are wankers hence the fact your a wanker

  40. zuzuspetals

    She’s truly gorgeous. self-contained, creative, and original, and those qualities are in short supply in L.A. and in most of this country. I love the dress.

  41. America was established because we were sick of self-righteous morons telling us what to do and think. A lot of people died to preserve that.

    So it’s always a source of amusement for me when some psuedo-European snert who most likely lives in bloody Cleveland with his mother considers the biggest thrill of his 40-year-old virgin life to post anti-American bullshit on a blog about bashing celebrities, populated by folks who could really give a rat’s ass what you think or stand for in a pitiful attempt to gain some semblance of attention by causing unrest. Go get shot for your beliefs, and we’ll give a shit.

    I’ve been reading this crap since I first hopped into an AOL chatroom in 1992, and it hasn’t gotten better. Learn a new tune–that one sucked even when it was original.

  42. blpressure

    Learn a new word that isn’t wanker SCOTLAND. Don’t have a go at Americans, they’re thousands of miles away but can be understood when they speak English, unlike you Scottish bastards who share a border with ENGLAND and I can’t understand a fucking word you say.

  43. Fuck the Canadian French Whorez
    and the small horsedickz they jumped
    off of… country suckz…

  44. lambman

    Can we pass a law that says if your movie breaks box office records you are legally obligated to get your teeth fixed?

  45. #46

    Would it really help her that much?

  46. ck

    Zuzupetals, well said.

    The snaggle tooth is hot and makes her look mischevious. This party is specifically for taking fashion risks, and she did with the shape of the dress. I think the whole thing is fun. For me, Lauren Davis won in the avant-garde category though. Kristen only attempted it.

  47. Sandwich

    Razorlight suck

  48. Courtney

    Wow. She’s totally not even trying. I kind of respect that.

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