Kirsten Dunst is almost too beautiful


Kirsten Dunst showed up to the MET Costume Institute Benefit Gala taking the costume part way too literally. You’d think she would’ve figured out a way to cover up her ugliness with fashion or makeup by now, but she actually looks worse after getting all dressed up. And what the hell is she wearing? A tent? You could ask Stephen King to imagine a more horrifying outfit and after seeing this thing he’d just curl up into a ball and cry.

kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-01-thumb.jpg kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-02-thumb.jpg kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-03-thumb.jpg kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-04-thumb.jpg kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-05-thumb.jpg kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-06-thumb.jpg kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-07-thumb.jpg kirsten-dunst-met-costume-gala-08-thumb.jpg