Kirsten Dunst is in rehab

February 6th, 2008 // 80 Comments

Kirsten Dunst checked herself into the Cirque Lodge rehabilitation facility in Utah, according to Star Magazine:

“She desperately needed help,” a source in Utah tells Star. “She seemed to be intoxicated when she checked in because she was acting really erratic. She was extremely emotional, constantly breaking down in tears.”

How do you show up drunk to a rehab center in the middle of Utah? Unless someone drove her and she spent the whole trip downing booze like a convict on death row. In which case, I only have one thing to say to that: Kirsten Dunst, will you marry me? Obviously not in a church. I know how holy water burns your vampire skin. See, baby, I notice the little things.

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  1. Poor Kirstin and her notoriously shit tits.

  2. Poor Kirstin and her notoriously shit tits.

  3. KH

    Is going to rehab the new Hollywood trend?

  4. Jade

    Oh look, another rich privileged star with a substance abuse problem.

    Is anyone else getting tired of seeing these popular, wealthy, on top of th world people having to stoop to drugs/alcohol just to get by?

    Acting/entertainment is one occupation I will steer my daughter clear of.

  5. I guess she wanted to hang with Eva Mendes? Perhaps they can share a bunk bed at Circque…Yawn. Another “celeb” in rehab….

  6. jason

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  7. fagtown

    #8 is the only comment worth reading. if you like this troll you should kill yourself

  8. Juaquin Ingles

    Nah, can’t be alcohol… I mean you can’t see the bile through her transluscent skin or anything, so her liver must be A-okay.

    Probably snorting Oxycontin… I think that’s why all these assholes wear the glasses, so no one notices the pinpoint pupils.

  9. zim

    Hopefully after rehab she can cut her teeth on some new roles.

  10. caljenna66

    @ 37 – I think she was wasted through “Crazy/Beautiful”, she was NASTY in that movie and that boy was way too fine for her character…ugh…

  11. Jeff

    Hopefully there’s an orthodontist there to fix her fucked up Chiclets too.

  12. we should all be praying that she’s addicted to crystal meth. then it’s only a matter of time before “meth mouth” takes over, her teeth fall out, and then ultimately (hopefully! fingers crossed!)…some expensive dental work.

  13. misery bunny

    I’m thinking it’s occupational rehab. You’d go too if you’d chewed your fingers down to nubs. and acted in marie antoinette.

  14. Modelnexec

    But she said she smokes pot. no one goes to rehab just for pot ..

  15. Modelnexec

    But she said she smokes pot. no one goes to rehab just for pot ..

  16. La Frascatana

    What makes this enjoyable is she used to be so smug — “If everyone smoked pot the world would be a better place!” Now she’s “not in a good place.”

    What happened to the magical harmonious weed fumes that will bring us all together? You mean the dream of the 60′s is dead?

  17. um

    you guys are fucking retarded-her teeth are not disgusting at all. maybe she doesnt get them bleached and prefers to go natural-coffee, nicotine stains-whatever. oh my god its sooooooo horrible that kirsten chooses to be a normal person.

  18. meximick

    a guy i was sitting behind on the LIRR tonight swore up and down to his seatmate that he saw kirsten dunst today wearing fur and loaded with shopping bags. she signed a number of autographs as well. Why in God’s name would he make up this underwhelming celebrity sighting?! I’m torn between believing this working class slob or a tabloid magazine. I choose the slob. Star= bullshit.

    Dude also bumped into Christopher Plummer and addressed him as “General Zod”, which I enjoyed.

  19. tom petty and the lipsinkers

    Now its fashionable to be in rehab..Christ..Does Kirsten even have an addiction??? What is she addicted to… shopping or something..for fucks sake….at least put in a couple of years of being obviously strung out before submitting yourself to rehab Kirsten, thats how the REAL adicts do it…unless your pretending to be an addict for the extra attention it garners! Goddamn these Hollywood fuckers make me sick.

  20. bosendorfer

    she’s ugly. her career’s in the toilet. whoever chose her to work in film had bad judgment. she sucks.

  21. Nathiest

    no one cared and no one is shocked

  22. Superkays

    Rehab? No amount of rehab can stop her from being an ugly fucking cunt

  23. me

    ohh nooooooooo why :(

    she’s THE cutest!

    yesss, she rocks!!!!

  24. you

    i love Kirsten Dunst!!!

  25. Janine

    She looks like a heroin addict to me, pale, skinny and altogether disgusting.

  26. solci

    don’t you know where can I get those gloves in New Mexico?? I

  27. Crazy/Beatiful/BringItOn

    HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU? she’s just addicted to cocaine, yall.

    Jeez… take some notes or something.

  28. Why would they move their Vegas act to Utah?

  29. Cujo

    As someone who has done a lot of narcotics, I can tell you that anyone who has can tell a narcotic addict from a mile away – they pupils do tell it all.
    Another victim of the oxy most likely.

  30. sara betty sue

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