Kirsten Dunst in a Bikini

May 24th, 2010 // 43 Comments

Here’s Kirsten Dunst at Hotel Eden Roc yesterday and how the fuck did she not explode after direct exposure to sunlight? I should be looking at a pile of ash and sunglasses, not pale, ample breasts that suggest dark magic took place. I should probably keep an eye on this. For the sake of the children. Yeah, those guys. *stares intently*

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  1. Bryan

    First. She looks VERY good.

  2. cardinal ximenez

    Honestly, with a bag over her head and a fake tan… that would be… well… dare I say pretty hot.

  3. EL

    From the neck down, she looks like a sex doll I once owned before my girlfriend made me sell it on eBay

  4. albino banger

    i want to lick her spine bumps

  5. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  6. Rasputins Liver



    ….looks like any average ok lookin’ chick her age you could find hammered in any college town bar. Not hot, not bad. Just average, somebody a guy’d forget he banged when he woke up the next day.

    Time to move on, folks. Nothin’ to see here.


  7. nadsak

    Looks VERY good to me. I inspected the ass shot for about 5 min. and could not find a drop of cellulite. Thumbs up from the Nad.

  8. Bart

    I’d french kiss her after she sucked my dick after I’d fucked her in the ass.

  9. Duke Nukem

    She’s legit hot. Even seems like she’s been working out a bit or at least watching what she eats compared to older pics. lol at whoever said she’s “average girl in a college.” An average girl at college is fat. You put them in a bikini this size and I guarantee you Dunst is in the top 5-10% of women her age.

  10. Incorrect

    Fuck you and your advertisement video at the top of the page, Superficial.

  11. Deacon Jones


    Depends on what college you’re talking. Minnesota? Yes. West Coast and most of South? No.

  12. Blorf

    Is that a c-section scar?

  13. Killitwithfire!

    looks like she has a hard time with movement. photos are pretty unflattering. kinda like if Cornelious and the Bumble had a kid. that being said, I cant get through that movie without pleasuring myself at least twice. So yes, I hit it.

  14. Sport

    Aniston runs circles around this chick at twice the age.

  15. Kangaroo

    White hot.

  16. Kiwi

    Hey, I’ve got that exact same swimsuit!

  17. SO RIGHT

    “Time to move on, folks. Nothin’ to see here”
    # 6 — HILARIOUS!

  18. Cash

    She was so cute in “Tiny Soldiers,” and I had the biggest crush on her back in the day. I guess we both grew out of it. Oh well.

  19. bar room hero

    Chicks in MN are hot (natural blondes FTW!). Minneapolis/ St. Paul is also included in the top 5 fittest cities, and has been for years.

    She looks pretty good.

  20. Ron Chi

    Looks like she’s rocking a c-section scar…

  21. nasty

    I’d push her feces with my pole.

  22. Dweezel

    Eh, that’s just going to be a dent from whatever shorts or pants she just took off. It can take the body an hour to revert to normal after wearing clothes. (Things you learn when you take a nude figure drawing course. Woowoo!)

    She looks good, dent or not.

  23. yowillie

    Great ass.

  24. Langdon

    She’s looking great. Hope she shows her tits before they get too saggy.

  25. Tek

    Don’t laugh… but once upon a time I used to think that Kirsten was pretty hot… in a cute sort of way. And she used to have a sweet pair of tits too (don’t let these pics fool you. I’ve seen her walk around w/o a bra and she makes Britney look like a perky 15 year old). I mean, c’mon… she was pretty damn hot in Spiderman 1, but god damn did she look awful in Spiderman 3.

    That said it looks like she’s gained weight and is looking do-able again. All she needs to do is get rid of the bleached hair and enjoy the sun a bit and I’d pull a Parker on her.

  26. Looks awesome.

  27. Note to self

    @ 12 and 20….NO..that’s NOT a C-section scar you pack of dumb fucks. They don’t do C-sections up THAT high on a woman’s stomach, they do them lower so that if the woman wants to ever wear any LOW-CUT item such as a BIKINI, the scarring won’t show. Dummies.

  28. captain america

    just buying “Hustler Magazine” isn’t a better thing for your PENIS & BALLS, folks?

  29. Puffy girl, can’t say I like her very much…

  30. Mancuso

    She looks arguably better than I expected.
    Then again, I’m probably prone to forgive her for anything based on that single nippletastic wet dress Spidey scene.

    (BTW, that shit don’t work – I tried to sneak up on my wife by crawling down from the ceiling and all I got was a shitstorm of screaming and a twisted neck…)

  31. HighRule


    your vagina’s showing, and it’s sortuh chubby

  32. Chew My Yeasty Beaver

    @ 27

    they don’t include those marks on a blow-up doll, don’t be so hard on these kids

  33. joe

    She needs to trim up that pussy hair….

  34. That he has a hard time with movement. Pictures are very unflattering. Kinda like the Cornelious and Bumble was a kid. That said, I think through the movie at least twice myself can not get without being enjoyable. So yeah, I hit it.

  35. She looks very beautiful in this gorgeous black bikini. I really like this actress, I am glad she came back because she wasn’t recently much in a public life.

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  40. nacho ass

    she could be more white?

  41. mikesby
    Commented on this photo:


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