Kirsten Dunst has horrifying feet

May 4th, 2007 // 90 Comments





  1. Danner

    Disgusting. Yuck!

  2. Freakin NASTY!!

    Hey, Girl on Girl Friday is back at !!
    K I C K A S S

  3. veggi

    taking “wanna poke?” completely the wrong way.

  4. edamame

    What the hell? Maybe they have started filming Spiderman 4…where she got impregnated by Spidey, and while she carries the spider-spawn…SHE turns into a spider.

  5. YouRang

    Jesus Christ! Why in the hell wouldn’t she cover that up?

  6. edamame

    How skinny is her boyfriend? Geez, if he can hide behind her, he must be a freaking twig!

  7. edamame

    Track marks are the new black.

  8. HughJorganthethird

    And the ugly just keep gettin uglier. Good work snaggle tooth.

  9. BarbadoSlim

    Reminds me of sausage pizza for some reason.

  10. edamame

    Maybe her boyfriend needs some dang dancing lessons!

  11. Bugman4045

    Get some freakin panty hose!! Damn!

  12. Did anyone smell todays garbage, it smells better than yesterdays garbage.

  13. Her body is looking totally sick, too. Maybe it’s just the dress, but she looks disgustingly narrow. I mean, she’s still looking pretty sturdy, but something’s off.

  14. Zonnet

    Bizzaro choice of shoes after an acid pedicure… is she blind too? I am hard pressed to think of anyone who is disabled in more ways than kiki dunst. In my native tongue (danish) “dunst” actually means “stench”… makes sense.

  15. CourtneyJade

    this is completely repulsive. i have a hard time believing that those are really her feet. there arent pictures that show her in those shoes.

  16. #2 – Excellent Girl on Girl friday.

    Welcome back.

  17. Wow Just Wow

    Nice shoes but they don’t go well with bed bugs bites!

  18. edamame

    Anybody see the add on the right for The Rejuva Wand?! It’s shaped like a dildo (from what I’m told) what in the hell are people “rejuvanating” with that thing? Hey, maybe Jenna Jameson should be their spokesperson.

  19. I think she’s cute…..The feet thing is strange though….

  20. honeycombs_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    As a foot fetishist this upsets me mightily. Get some ointment cotton socks on those thangs and save the slutty kicks for when your foot herpes are in remission. Blugh!!

  21. woodhorse

    Pete Doherty sprayed blood on her. They are friends.

  22. Dureagonfly

    What could that posibly be…..flea bites???

  23. did she go to a gwar concert??? honestly, this is hideous.

  24. Daffy

    The feet only match her disgusting giant man hands. All that money and look at the fingernails Urgh

  25. Jimbo ?

    WTF kind of story is this? What is next, Brad Pitt has a zit on his ass?

  26. shanonorato

    2 words: HEROIN ADDICT

    One can only imagine what her arms look like.

  27. .
    Oh My God, she looks like she stumbled across her living room to get ready to go out and stepped on every used needle on her way to the bathroom.

  28. FRIST!!!

    Im FRIST!!!

    Holy hell, was she trying to pick blackberries with her toes? Cuz, that would do it. She needs to borrow Britney’s boots.

    #12 Yeah, I don’t know what it is, but today’s garbage smells a little lemony.

  29. Hecubus

    That second foot pic gives the impression she was shambling like a zombie, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  30. NCDave

    Looks like she started her period didn’t have any thing for it so she had to get the hell out of there. Looks like she may have heavy flow.

  31. KatieKates

    That is one snaggle-toothed, hideous bitch. Seriously, is that scabies on her feet? Or maybe her STD has spread to her shoebox-sized feet? Gah. Nasty.

  32. meee

    that’s gross but she has a seriously good body.

  33. Jimbo ?

    @32 WTC is good about it. She is a bean pole? No ass, no tits, no nothing. She is not even that cute.

  34. whoneedsenemies

    She borrowed Shitneys boots.

  35. no1justminda

    She can’t handle the high heels!

  36. D'arcy

    Maybe she was learning how to use a meat cleaver with her feet and had a little mishap?

  37. kamihi

    poor lil rich thing has excema.

  38. Lal

    I really don’t see how they can do enough makeup and physical manipulation in movies to make her look half decent, but they do. Too bad she’ll still always be ugly as sin.

  39. MrSemprini

    Fish! Dude, put a black bar over that, huh? Man, I got old people lookin over my shoulder and passin out! Mind ya, I getting their SS money while they’re out, so, nice job!

  40. whoneedsenemies

    She growing her own stash in her purse?

  41. missthang143

    that looks painful!

  42. xXrebeccaXx

    #34 – you’re right…she must’ve borrowed Brit’s boots…they have to have some kind of flesh eating fungus by now.

  43. jrzmommy♠

    I feel like those VW commercials…….Holy…..

  44. Phazon

    My jaw has still remained dropped after seeing those disgusting things. WTF!! I wish I had seen hooves instead, that would have been better than those hideous feet.

    What’s shocking is I had a friend at school about 5 years ago who thought she/it is hot. :0

    I’m relieved to say he is no longer my friend.

    Anyone that thinks that face is hot needs eye surgery.

  45. Plastic Sturgeon

    Grandma’s sweater: $0

    Dress for funeral, er, party: $1250

    Finding a vien in your foot to inject heroin: priceless.

  46. So her teeth aren’t the only thing that make me want to vomit…

  47. OMG what the hell is that? she should have put on some boots instead. Maybe if her brain was operating at the moment she dressed up, but since it never is… there you go. Ewww.

  48. Truthseeker013

    What #11 said. Jeez…

  49. gas_up_the_hrududu

    That what happens when your cooch hangs low.

  50. ok yeah, she is my favorite actress and i love her dearly but fuck….that is pretty gnarly. wear boots next time kiki.

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