Kirsten Dunst forgets her bra

August 9th, 2007 // 101 Comments

Man, when you’re as foxy and beautiful as Kirsten Dunst is, you don’t even need to wear a bra. And all you people complaining are just jealous that your breasts don’t drag on the floor too. Maybe one day, ladies. Until then, just keep on dreaming and being jealous.

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  1. Markster

    First.. Nice Rack!!

  2. LayDeeBug

    Again? And THAT’s the news.

  3. @1 I am all for that too unless you little tiny boobs hang to your belly button like Kirsten’s

  4. Shallow Val

    Why does she always look like she spent the night drinking and doing lines and just rolled out of bed? Unless she’s working non-stop and jumping from one project to another, I just don’t get it.

    She’s a weird troll, non?

  5. At least she was cute when she was young.
    #5, what do you mean? I drink and snort lines every night, and roll out of bed looking waaaayyyy better than that….

  6. wedgeone

    So much for her wet shirt look in Spider Man. Must have been “digitally enhanced”.

  7. jenny

    The mom shorts don’t help either

  8. Her face kinda looks like Jack Black in that first pic

  9. dooma

    I think she looks cool.

  10. p911gt10c

    best I can recall, she doesn’t wear bras at all.

  11. Britney Crotch Juice

    Nos. 1 and 4….

    saggy boobs are great. that means you don’t have to move as much to get to the individual lady’s sensitive areas. I mean it’s so difficult to move from a nice warm wet spot, back up to the perky hills then back down…..close the distance and the foreplay sojourn becomes a little less stressful.

    if the boobs sag far enough, you can hit all the fun areas with one small lick!

  12. Shallow Val

    #6 FRIST

    Next time at least have the decency to say good bye and leave a $20 and a bump on the pillow before you leave me. Shoot!

  13. justplainconfused

    She’s only 25??????? She must have been partying like a Kennedy since she was 12.

  14. Sorry, you know how it is!!!

  15. Joe C


  16. @6 I will agree with that!!

    PS your yard needs to be mowed

  17. Ok, I totally fucking lost an entire file full of paperwork I was supposed to file, thanks a lot stupid fracking distracting internet bullshit …fucking – ok where’s my crackpipe??? oh yeah I don’t smoke crack anymore fuck!!!

  18. Shallow Val

    (in Homer Simpson voice)

    Mmmmmmm, crack……

  19. norton

    Actually, for a little chick she’s got a pretty good rack. They fall nicely.

  20. Yeah Bite Me my yard does need to be mowed, and yeah val, crack does sound good right now. Ok my boss is back bye bye

  21. YaYa

    This is what smoking does to you kids!

  22. I’d still poke her in the pooper.

  23. FRIST, I got your crack pipe loaded up and ready to go. Just one hit is all you need. And you got mail

  24. flavio

    come on, her boobs are not hanging on the floor. have y’all really never seen a girl go without a bra before? she’s cute, i want to have sexy with her.

  25. We-Le-Surrender....

    1988 called… They want their sunglasses back….

  26. Lux

    I like Kirsten Dunst…she’s not perfect, but I think little imperfections here and there make a person more sexy. The crooked teeth…she looked good in Virgin Suicides. She looks a helluvah lot better then that orange spotted cougar, Lalohan!

  27. ali

    alright i’m not going to lie, i love her. you know maybe she doesn’t care to put makeup on every day or look her very best every time she leaves the house..but doesnt that just mean that shes confident and doesnt give a fuck what people think? she does have natural beauty. and onscreen with makeup shes banging too, you’ve all seen her. you cant transform a busted chich that much. yeah maybe cameras can make you look real bad and show all your blemishes…but america needs to stop this barbiedoll nation. i’m serious. we’re killing oursevles.

  28. Italian Stallion

    I wish I had four hands so I could give those titties four thumbs down. The milks gone bad…………….

  29. Annie Rexia

    Vick must have had her fighting last night. Looks like she lost.

  30. my comment

    Her toes have a serious problem. Especially that big toe.

  31. fuckin’ op’s

  32. wedgeone

    From the neck to the waist, I bet she looks like a lot of the commenters here. The males, I mean.

  33. @33 I take offense to that. My moobs are nice and perky

  34. Bettie

    Does she really think those shiteous glasses actually look good? I don’t want to be a bitch here, but she grosses me out, she looks like she just stinks if you stand next to her, ughhh!!

  35. no big noses!

    Nothing is more ugly than that big-nosed bitch standing next to her. With today’s advanced plastic surgery, no one should have a honker like that. UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. justplainconfused

    @36, Come on, the other girl looks hot by comparison even with the nose. Besides, I like the way she’s looking for daylight in KD’s ear.

  37. Rachael

    Ha ha for some reason in these pics she reminds me of that guy in Lost – Charlie – she has the same nose.

    In the pic where she’s giving the thumbs up she looks fucked up man – she’s all red around teh nose.

    This is one girl who hasn’t let hollywood go to her head. Good on her on guess – she don’t give a fuck

  38. Kamiki

    I quite admire this broad, she really does seem to say “Fuck you” and does exactly what she likes. Good for her.

  39. wedgeone

    #33 – Well, she sure looks better than SCHACK, because Schack is too busy trolling me to work on the pects.

  40. danielle

    she kinda has a druggie double chin.

  41. lambman

    I guess Peter Griffon was wrong about the “Weird face hot body contest, between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kirsten Dunst”

    at least Sarah Jessica does have a hot body


    She forgot her BEAUTY as well. Ugly hag.

  43. You think we could get some fucking support around here?

  44. costamar

    She was hot for about 40 seconds. Then it all went downhill (including them boobs). Now she looks like a wasted lab rat.

  45. Tyrone

    Cuz Tyrone sed so dats why!!!

  46. Starscanfrighten

    #40 – funny. What an unattractive girl.

  47. @40 You are being trolled by schack? I am surprised and shocked that she would do something like that.

  48. Starscanfrighten

    Sorry – I didn’t mean #40 was funny. I meant #44. BANGBANG.

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