Kirsten Dunst dresses to impress

September 26th, 2006 // 34 Comments

I’d understand this outfit if she was in her backyard doing some gardening, but this isn’t something that’s worn out in public. At least not if you’ve graduated middle school. Or have the power of sight.


  1. DiabetesExplosion

    First! What a nasty muff.

  2. DiabetesExplosion

    I’d love to sniff it.

  3. I hate her.

    I LOVE her socks.

    Seriously, I think she has great legs, but too bad for her, they are attached to the rest of her body. I wonder if I could date JUST her legs?

  4. The interesting part about this picture is the fact that she looks how she should look. Plain, normal, and completely undesirable. I don’t even know how this girl is a movie star especially in the dya and age where looks matter.

    She doesn’t have the look, the talent, or the allure. I obviously hate Kristen Dunst.

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  5. She looks like Jan Brady if Jan Brady went through rehab and was homeless.

  6. A2Bcom

    That’s one thing I like about her, she’s not your typical hollywood upstart. She doesn’t worry about being all made up 24/7.

  7. What a way to start a morning!

    ***pukes all over computer***

  8. Superevil

    That’s mischa barton in a blonde wig.

  9. Jesus, David Spade looks horrible since Heather dumped him…

  10. RichPort

    As I’ve said in the past, someone, ANYONE, please tell me what the fuck is attractive about this skank? She looks like a meth addict under a fucking bridge.

  11. iburl

    sooo doable… if you think otherwise, you are a straight woman or a gay man.

  12. happy_bunny

    Well I like her. The socks and shoes with those cut-offs are pretty googy though.

  13. jrzmommy

    God she’s hot!

  14. ValeWolf

    She looks like those crazy ladies that push super market carts and collects cans of soda.

  15. @3 Angry Ferret Jones

    OMG! I love her socks too!

  16. benni2874

    She looks like she belongs on one of those charts that show the progress of homo sapiens learning to walk upright. She would be right in the middle between homo erectus and homo sapien. Homo skankhomo…did that make sense

  17. JackUup


  18. Crow

    I really dig her. I realy dig the I don’t give a got’damn attitude

  19. marc of teh place

    That doesn’t look like hair. Should get that checked out.

  20. checkyourshorts

    I can only hope, for her sake, that those are orthopaedic shoes.

  21. RhinebeckCowboy

    I think she’s cute as a button. OK, the socks are kindy interesting, but what the heck, she’s got a hot bod – remember those pics of her in a bikini in Monaco ?

    Compare with Paris Hilton: PH thinks setting a style is wearing a leather half-glove on one hand a la Jacko. Kiki’s outfit here is kinda kooky in a young girl way. Kiki can actually sing (what was that movie about a high school production of MND? with martin Short). PH can’t even mime. PH’s life is out of control. Kiki actually earns her own living and seems on the straight and narrow.

    Compare with Lohan: Both had ambitious mothers – Lohan’s has left her with the morals of a crack-whore. Dunst’s pushed her as a kid, then exited stage left, leaving a young woman with a career, good sense and a work ethic. Lohan does random revenge-sex. Kiki actually date’s guys in a conventional manner.

    I wouldn’t touch Lohan or Hilton with a barge-pole. Kirsten is cool.

  22. marie-jo

    I really hope it’s because she’s blind and has some bitch ass girlfriends.

    Flash> you can dress yourself original without looking like the Yeti on a summer holliday

  23. marie-jo

    + you can brew a good pot of tea with those bags

  24. Mo

    I thought it was bad enough to see Fugly McFang from the front…yikes.

  25. daveeech81

    Kirstenaggle Dunstooth is just way too much of a fashionista for this guy to handle.

  26. RichPort

    #21 – So you think Scarlett is overrated, but this poster child for ugly is cute…? I think someone may have slipped a little something in your coffee. You Spiderman groupies are becoming scarier and scarier.

  27. Poster # 21 – I wouldn’t touch any them. All three look like they take the same hollywood diet.

    Kristen really looks huffed out these days.


  28. ch474

    She looks absolutely craptacular

  29. Ossie19

    I think she needs to be living in a cave. Great idea..start making the Kirsten Dunst Treasure Troll

  30. poker_n_d_rear

    i once fucked a dutch foreign exchange student that dressed just like that… ahh memory lane

  31. Swedish_Bikini_Team

    Her posture is horrible too, but maybe this is her white-trash disguise.

  32. Carol

    She’s the ugliest actress working today. So not pretty, so not sexy, she’s a big nothing!

    And where are the curves????????

  33. she’s trying to distract people from her ugly mug

  34. dax

    en esta foto no me gusta Kirsten Dunst tiene una cra angelical ademas de un cuerpo k esta foto no le hace justicia

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