Kirsten Dunst dating Drew Barrymore’s leftovers (Oh, how the snaggle-toothed hath fallen…)

August 26th, 2008 // 47 Comments

Justin Long has apparently rebounded from his break-up with Drew Barrymore and landed in the pale-white arms of Kirsten Dunst, according to NY Daily News:

he duo “were making out hard-core while waiting in line for margaritas,” says our spy. “They were holding hands and were all over each other.”

I don’t think this is proof that Justin and Kirsten are a couple as much as it is proof she drinks the blood of the living. On the plus side, no more smug Mac ads that make me want to stab Justin Long in the face with Bill Gates’ glasses. Thanks, Nosferatu!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Spanky

    She used to be hot before she lost so much weight. I would still let her suck me dry though. I mean after all I am a guy.

  2. gobats

    The vampire comments are really funny.

  3. Randal

    Kirsten’s celebrated love affair with marijuana have always left me so concerned for her.
    Now, hopefully, she finds renewal in the arms of a tender lover.


  4. Roundhouse Kick to the Face

    I don’t care what anybody says. The porno sex tape I’d make with her would win awards.

  5. Angus

    Right this minute, Kirsten’s snaggletooth is ripping through Justin’s last-ever erection.

  6. I just wanna know where did she get that dress

  7. Gabriel

    I’d fuck me some Kirsten Dunst. Like the Vikings always said as they moved up on a new village to pillage, ‘We’ve come for your daughters!”

  8. Captain-Insano

    #3: Yes, because everyone knows weed is highly addictive. No, I’d blame her loss of weight and overall dead looking complexion on the fact that she doesn’t eat and snorts a ton of cocaince.

    Randal, i don’t have the words for what a tool you are.

  9. HolyHell

    There’s just something about her that makes me want to smack her in her face….. And those sunglasses make her look like an insect…

  10. Boston_Freek

    Leave Randal alone, do you hear me??…..LEAVE (*sob*)…..RANDAL….(*sob*)…….ALOOOONE!!!

  11. Lauren

    He tried to teabag her and her tooth popped one of his testicles.

  12. Shep

    I’d like to know who photoshopped these pictures to make it look like she walks among us during the day……… nicely done


    Kirsten Dunst is STILL a hell of a lot better than Drew Barrymore. Fuck me – did ANY of you people see her in Marie Antoinette??? Jesus, that body is beautiful –

  14. Pat

    “that body” is a chalk outline, on her best days. with tits that belong in National Geographic.

  15. Pat's Fat

    Pat’s fat.

  16. Spanky

    Don’t everyone hate her. You all know that you would jack it all over her face if given the opportunity.

  17. yeah baybee

    You’re a loser if you think she has a hot body. It’s all a Hollywood tapejob. Everything is sagging down in real life

  18. Tim

    Speak for yourself, Spanky. I’d do that only if I couldn’t find any other way to make her stop talking, and even then I’d have to think of a different (hot) chick.

  19. karch

    Both these girls suck in my book.

  20. Mardi

    Yeah man, those Mac commercials make me want to break through the TV and kill both Justin Long and John Hodgeman.

  21. Ted from LA

    I take the chick in the background in the black with the big tits anyday over almighty whitey.

  22. Spanky

    As far as she has fallen off of the charts she would be an appreciative screw. She probably would not even mind if you pulled it out and spewed it on what is left of her boobs and then made her go get the warm towel to clean you off.

  23. Anonymous

    What I wonder is…was this kind of crap rumbling around in the minds of people before the advent of the internet gossip blog, or does the medium bring it out and like when the police go on strike, or an other loss of authority happens, the mob mentality rules?

  24. Anonymous

    In other words, none of you cowards would say this shit for real.
    I’d like to put you all in a spot light and have you figuratively ripped apart by wild dogs and see if you still spew the same shit.
    By the way, I’m not Kirsten Dunst or anyone else in her position.

  25. Will fall on deaf ears/eyes

    Is this really what we’ve become as a society?

  26. Spanky

    #23-25. Yes this is what we have become. Now go get me a warm towel and clean my mess up before I have you deported.

  27. Wendy

    Ah yes, we’re being called out as cowards by somebody named…”Anonymous”. That’s kind of a clue that you’re being ridiculously dramatic (“society!”) on a waste-time-at-work web site. Wash your hands (your thumb clearly has been stuck up your ass), turn off the computer, and go do some volunteer work.

  28. Anonymous

    No wonder the republicans lead everyone around by fear and bullshit if this is who we are now.

  29. rough daddy

    this chick is nasty, and i thought she was going to display some class amongst the young hollywood when she was younger….id actually would kick her outta bed!

  30. Spanky

    Oh hell. Now #28 is bring politics into it. Whatever you may say about republicans (I am a conservative independent), is anyone surprised that the vast majority of these crackheads in Hollywood flashing their coochies and strung out on drugs are Democrats??

    Now bring me my damn warm towel. My keyboard is getting stuck and I need to clean my hands before I can start again on the S Sands stripper pictures. I can see that you are going ot make me call GW and have you deported.

  31. Harry

    Don’t care about the snaggle tooth. I do care about that fine white skin, and thin bod.

    #30 — a lot of those Hollywood “flashing their coochies and strung out on drugs” are actually Republicans: Britney, Jessica, Heidi, Paris.

  32. devilsrain

    Can someone get this girl a stylist? and a burger

  33. Anonymous

    I rest my case. You’re a sad lot who can only dump on someone else because you hate your jobs/lot in life and clearly aren’t getting any. Sorry Spanky but…it’s pretty obvious you haven’t been near a woman in quite a while.

    btw…She wouldn’t get with any of you…and none of you would last five seconds as entertainers. Let alone be as successful as Justin Long or Kirsten Dunst.

  34. Sid

    #33 – come on, be true to your asslicking celeb-fan calling. It’s “Let alone be as successful as Mr. Justin Long or Miss Kirsten Dunst!!!”

  35. Justin Long's Cat Licks My Ass

    You’re all sad little boys and girls.

  36. pat

    When I first saw the headline, I thought “Kirsten Dunst is dating Tom Green!?!?” Some leftovers are better than others.

  37. NY Ted

    Someone should tell her that there is actually a sun in the sky and sand beaches close to LaLa Land! Or at least a tanning booth. Nothing more disturbing then fucking a chick who looks the color of a KKK sheet! For me anyhow. Fuck you don’t have to look like the Coppertan girl….just get some fucking color on your skin…IT IS SUMMER TIME!

  38. sara

    that dress is APC. I dig it

  39. devilsrain

    33. What the fuck makes you think the majority here would want to get with this girl. In a room of women this girl is average at best.

  40. Republicans Take It In The Ass

    30. Maybe you blow conservative Independents, but it’s obvious that you are a Bush-loving, Bible-thumping, cock-sucking Republican, and a repressed submissive homosexual, with a severe case of self-loathing.

  41. Why do these chicks (Aniston, Dunst, Diaz, Hudson et al.) act like there are only five guys on the planet that they can date?

  42. drreew

    Really a mess~~ My friends are busy with talking about it now at where singer and hollywood celebrities are connecting!

  43. farty_mcshitface

    first off, kirsten dunst is soo fuckin ugly. i don’t care if she is pale. i have seen many hot chicks who were totally fair-skinned. but, she definitely is NOT it. she is one of those hideous women with ZERO muscle tone on her body. and her face is just not right. there is something fucked up about it. it is a pretty short list of women out there who are more hideous than her.
    then there is that fuckin douchey guy justin long. i hate his goddamned mac ads with a passion. few come off as naturally douchey and smug as that shithead.
    i am hoping that shamwow vince runs into him and breaks out a big ‘ol can of whupass!!!
    yeh, shamwow vince is pretty cool in my book!!- i wish he’d run for president!!!

  44. Two years from now he is doing to come out as gay right, because no straight dude actually would elects to sleep with either of them.

  45. Also FAGGOTS looove “LEFT-OVERS”!!

  46. Hahah stab him in the face with bill gates glasses, classic!

  47. ummm...yeah

    lol # 40 well said.
    There is nothing remotely interesting about this bitch,
    lol #43 right on,
    #44 I believe that too.

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