Kirsten Dunst always looks great

February 26th, 2007 // 55 Comments

God, Kirsten Dunst is sexy. And I’m glad she doesn’t follow lame trends, like having straight teeth or looking pretty. Seriously though, how did she even attend the Academy Awards? Doesn’t direct sunlight burn her skin? You’d think she would’ve at least taken bat form.


  1. louisatheelf

    Kirsten looks cute as always. Refreshing to see someone look slightly more natural than the overdone, botoxed beyond all buggery things that usually step out onto the red carpey.

  2. didey23

    she is a sweety

  3. biatcho

    arazzmatazz and a cucucuchoooo… fucking snagglepuss. cactus snatch evennnn.

  4. llllllllll

    Why do I get a feeling the person who wrote the “witty/funny” text for this one was the new writer Superficial was seeking? oh lord, good stuff there wood fingers

  5. marme

    Are you fu*king kidding me? Shes haggard and has the saggiest tits in hollywood.

  6. sarah

    do you even like girls? shes a total babe.

  7. I like the mop on her date’s head.

  8. jrzmommy

    She fell out of the ugly tree and clipped every branch down….badly.

  9. Stink

    Brushing your teeth is so 20th century.

  10. Wow Just Wow

    She is sooo uninteresting.

    She looks like a suburban vampire librarian.

  11. RichPort

    I’m sure that dress looked great on the mannequin. I just wonder how they got that on her without her snaggleteeth pulling the delicate chiffon. Very economical of her to save money on both a stylist and a hairdresser.

  12. dharma

    she sholud stop trying so hard to be miss my dress? its vintage blah blah blah and insted try to be preety

  13. #10, a suburban vampire librarian sounds kinda interesting to me

  14. renestel

    Yeah speaking of wood, she needs to repaint those two front teeth of hers, they’re turning a little brown again……

  15. Sheva

    The shock is that she gets a ticket to the awards.
    Her shelf life expired.
    Like two years ago.

  16. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Ugh, her plaqued out teeth drive me nuts. Surely she has enough money to fix them? LOL@9

  17. Lowlands

    With clothes on she doesn’t look bad,but my heart doesn’t beat faster as well.I know some girls which are looking much hotter.

  18. ShUbBaBuBbA

    its UNBELIEVABLE how ugly this girl is. HOW is she in the movies??? how i asks yer?!

  19. ShUbBaBuBbA

    also, shes gummier than a gummy bear.

  20. She looks like she has a smell that says “I just woke up and haven’t had time to shower…oh, sorry for the morning breath too”

    Then again, her dress is better than Gwenyth Paltrow’s…but thats like saying having bad diarea is better than setting your ass on fire.

  21. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    #3, I SO heard Daws Butler’s voice while reading that! HAHAHAHA

  22. iburl

    She is a 100% fox. You guys that cannot see that are either gay (likely) or have been so damaged by masturbating to airbrushed, silicon-stuffed, botoxified, mannequins that you have ruined yourself for real girls. I feel sorry for you. She’s a babe…. a total babe….

  23. bnawtee

    I think the article’s comments, though funny and outdated (how long ago was “Interview with the Vampire” released? 1994?), isn’t fair. I could stare at Jessica Biel all day long, like anyone else.

    The fact that Kirsten hasn’t had her teeth capped or had plastic surgery to fix some sort of “imperfection” to fit into Hollywood’s label of beauty is refreshing.

  24. kirstendunst

    its honestly redundant to keep seeing how much you bash kirsten. yea, sometimes she doesnt look too hott, but she has natural beauty, something 9 out of 10 girls that appear on your site dont have. her teeth may not be perfect, but who wants to be a carbon copy of everyone else? ki ki likes them, obviously, because she hasnt fixed them. all ive got to say is….watch marie antoinette and try to hold off cumming.

  25. kirstendunst

    its honestly redundant to keep seeing how much you bash kirsten. yea, sometimes she doesnt look too hott, but she has natural beauty, something 9 out of 10 girls that appear on your site dont have. her teeth may not be perfect, but who wants to be a carbon copy of everyone else? ki ki likes them, obviously, because she hasnt fixed them. all ive got to say is….watch marie antoinette and try to hold off cumming.

  26. Scoop

    I’m getting tired of hearing the intentionally nasty comments about her by this site. Newsflash: She’s natural and in Hollywood, that IS beautiful. You complain about all the fake looking ones, and you have a gazillion to choose from, but a really natural and pretty one comes along and you give her this kind of crap? How about you post YOUR picture and let us all make the call and the comments roll.

  27. biatcho

    Hey Ki Ki’s bestest ever imaginary friend on the whole planet, it’s redundant to post the same idiotic, boring, ass-kissing post twice in the same minute. I fucking saw 10 minutes of M.A. in the cutting room and wanted to rip my fucking eyeballs out, let alone contemplate having sex to it. You’re nothing more than a fucking lemming and probably try to emulate this little troll all the while you preach about not being “carbon copies”. Get a life and some real friends. Oh & your parents are starting to think there’s something wrong with you because your bedroom walls are covered with pictures of “Ki Ki” instead of real boys.

  28. Jenster

    if you people want to lick her snatch and whorship kirstin dunst, please fucking go somewhere sure her fansite has plenty of snatch licking room there. This site’s for the grownups.
    oh and Marie Antionette (howvever you spell it, I hate anything french anyways) sucked
    hoarse dick, thats why it went straight to video there, Kiki.

    God I’m so tired of Kirstin Dunst, between her b-movies and her snagging every celebutards sloppy seconds (shes currently
    “entertaining” Drew barrymores ex) I want to gouge my eyes out everytime i see a picture of her lopsided, baby teeth, stringy hair,
    hobo clothes wearing self.
    *full body wretch*

  29. Natural beauty my ass. This snag chick looks like she wants to be in puberty forever. Next year she’s mugging Abigal Breslin for her gown.

  30. Libraesque

    so so gross, definitely the ugliest “star” there.
    Saw an interview with her. SHe aint purty and she sho’ aint smart. The guy asked her what stars she would like to see that night and she said Grace Kelly

  31. sexybitch

    #28 See, Jenster, she moved you to deep emotion! That’s a true actress, or at least that’s what it said on the Marie Antoinette DVD. You know, the one they actually paid ME to check out at Blockbuster? Good thing, too,’cause I was out of coasters.

  32. 86


  33. Denimpetal

    ewww I never noticed how disgusting her smile is!

  34. jFp

    That dress?
    It looks like some friend of hers made the dress and she was afraid to say no. Kind of like that puffy-shirt Seinfeld had to wear.

  35. fame is funny

    She’s like the girl you think is pretty in high school, but later after you have seen actual pretty girls, you realize she’s boring and plain.

  36. crestlin

    I don’t particularly care for her acting, but I didn’ think she was unattractive until I saw these pics. Kirsten, may I sugges a few things: no one is asking you to cap/bleach your teeth, just brush them thoroughly. If you’re going to dye your hair, maintain it. Learn how to match colors…pastel blue and garnets aren’t working. And while not everyone can have a rock hard body like Ms. Biel, hitting the gym a few times a week can’t hurt. It’ll keep you from looking alike a frumpy 65 yr old grandmother :)

  37. I thought vampires were adverse to sunlight?

  38. kirstendunst

    wow biatcho, solidly put. you must know what im thinking right now too, dont you? dont you!!!!! aw come on. or maybe what im wearing???? go write for a tabloid. youre as good as any writer out there about making shit up about people you dont even know. congrats!

  39. kirstendunst

    p.s. if you guys hate her so much stop spending your life fussing over her. theres a fine line between love and hate.

  40. Carol

    I’m not like that people who just see the imperfections but man, she’s disgusting. I mean, WHERE’S THE NATURAL BEAUTY IN HER?
    Ok, she’s in Hollywood and she’s ugly, but that’s because she’s not a bad actress. Just it.
    Look at her, she’s so man! Her hands and feet, omg, freaking big. And a Babe? She always look with ass clown face, arrogant and so indelicate.

    The worst.

  41. Carol

    Oh yes and I feel sad for Fabrizio Moretti.

  42. biatcho

    kiki, there’s a fine line between being a “fan” of a wannabe starlet and trying to emulate that person to the point where you use her name as your online screnname. kookoo!!

  43. amelie3007

    #7 hehe…that’s her brother

  44. twentytwelve

    She is no natural beauty. She doesn’t even look good with twenty pounds of makeup on. Every time I see her face I’d like to scratch my eyeballs out with a pine cone.

    She should be slaughtered. As well as anyone that finds her one bit attractive.

  45. twentytwelve

    Actually, taking a second gander at these photographs, I wish I looked exactly like her. Maybe then my family would pay attention to me and my boyfriend would want to have sex with me.

  46. punkrockcowgirl

    #36, I think they’re rubies. It’s an awesome bracelet. And I think Kirsten’s cute!

  47. kingnoony

    uglier than a mud fence…

  48. amanduh

    i think #22 has mistaken a ‘babe’ for a ‘pile of dog poop underneith some road kill’. it’s an honest mistake.

  49. grits2005


  50. belle

    Jesus Christ! I understand not “giving in to the Hollywood image” but seriously… Getting your teeth fixed is not giving in, plastic surgery is. And there’s a different, seriously. That’s just plain scary. I mean, she must not brush…at all?? Can you imagine what her breath smells like? And that dress wouldn’t look good on anyone or anything (including the mannequin #11 talked about). And what’s with the boring hair? I’m so confused.

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