Kirsten Dunst allowed in public

February 25th, 2008 // 40 Comments

While her colleagues enjoyed the Oscars, Kirsten Dunst earned a brief escape from Cirque Lodge rehab facility yesterday afternoon and decided to shop at a nearby Target. I guess this is her way of getting back at Jake Gyllenhaal. That’s some cold-blooded shit. If I found out my ex was shopping at Target, I’d kill myself. Mostly by playing lots of video games thus leading an increasingly sedentary lifestyle which could heighten the risk of heart disease when I get old. Yeah, that’ll teach her. Just you wait 40-50 years, lady. It’s on!

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. yo mom


  2. Ted from LA

    Congratulations yo mom. This is a great accomplishment. Better than an Oscar really. Target is a great star and thing to shoot at…

  3. Ted from LA

    Congratulations yo mom. This is a great accomplishment. Better than an Oscar really. Target is a great store and thing to shoot at…




  5. Wow…. shopping in the price cut aisle… oh how the mighty fall…

  6. starship

    ehhhhhh Her 15 minutes expired long ago.

  7. p911gt10c


    oh, and #1, you’re a loser.

  8. Jennifer

    She was said to be fond of internet recently. Some of her fans found her on a millionaire&celebs club ‘BillionaireCupid dot com’. She has a personal account there with her pictures, blog…In her friend circle, some other stars can be found there.

  9. kirsten dunst

    fruit rollups in the cart. kiki you know what’s up. lookin cute.

  10. kirsten dunst

    fruit rollups in the cart. kiki you know what’s up. lookin cute, always.

  11. havoc

    You think they checked her cart for rubbing alcohol?

    Fifteen bottles seems a little excessive…….



  12. Vince Lombardi

    Anyone besides me think this when you saw picture #4:

    1) She’s holding that bottle like she wishes it was Cabernet and not a vinaigrette.

    2) She’s looking at the label for possible alcohol content.

    3) She picked it up because the bottle is shaped like a pint bottle.

  13. morga

    I like how in the first pic she’s basically saying “what the hell? you have nothing better to do than take pictures of me at Target?”

  14. Donkey Punch

    She was seen crying after she left the store because she discovered that mouth wash no longer contained alcohol.

    God I hate women that smoke. Such an ugly habit.

  15. 1 MILF Hunter

    Probably bought Pine-Sol for the alcohol and tampons.

  16. Gerald_Tarrant

    Put the troll back in the cage. Not the trolly poster, but the real life troll that is terrorizing the supermarket.

  17. Jennifer vayjayjay

    I hear she go on party site wakeup-in-pool-of-your-own-vomit dot com. I hear she find boozy sucky fucky and happy ending there. I check again affer buzzkill rice cooker come back.

  18. Jennifer vayjayjay

    I hear she find what she rook for on wake-up-in-pool-of-own-vomit dot com. I hear she find boozy fucky sucky and happy ending there. I rook again as soon as buzzkill rice cooker come back. O.K?

  19. stinkyPete

    #12: mostly I thought, wow that chick has skinny legs and zero ass.

  20. Arligt

    Jennifer; you fucking think anyone care? please go and eat shrimps, or do something else that makes your existense a bit more meaningful.

    Numb 18; thats the spirit!

  21. Vince Lombardi


    Check out the cart – 12 pack of Coke, two boxes of Fruit Rollups, and some blue tortilla chips. No wonder she’s got no ass. She doesn’t eat anything.

  22. D. Richards (Unhappy.)

    ‘Hey, everybody, I’m going to rehab! I’m a movie star; I’m a hostess at Olive Garden; I work the night shift at the gas station down the street; I work as an accountant (Frist). You know me!

    Here I go with my new life. No more using drugs and fucking my life up. No, man, I’m through with everything and I’m getting clean. I can’t take it anymore. Step one, step two, three, four. . .

    Boy, this sure is hard work.

    Hey? Hey, when can I smoke a cigarette? Hey?! I’m talking, here! I need a cigarette. Cigarette!’

  23. N.Y. Ted

    See…even Spiderman’s girlfriend has to shop too…!

  24. Ript1&0

    Yeah, seriously. If you thought drugs didn’t help your life anymore…. try sobriety. I can assure you, it’s much worse.

  25. Toto44

    I tried to jerk off to her pics once. Didn’t work.

  26. #22

    FRIST!!! works at a law firm, dumbass..

  27. That’s my ex-husband’s revenge plan, in a nutshell. Have you two been conspiring?

  28. D. Richards

    #26? Did you know that Frist has a degree in accounting? Dumbass.

  29. D. Richards (Also.)

    I know everything about Frist. She’s my ass-tulip. And cheap!

  30. #28

    No I did not. I guess she is multi-talented!!

  31. Auntie Kryst

    I love Target, it’s the only store where you can find the same bad actors in the aisle that sells their bad movies.

  32. hand puppet

    she looks like an adult version of abigail breslin. i hope this won’t be abi’s fate because being a child star seems to fuck up most child stars to some degree.

  33. Tapeworm

    What a dumb cunt.

  34. gio

    Those hoodies trimmed with raccoon dog fur are just plain grotesque.

  35. Hillary Clit

    Fruit RollUps are you fucking kidding me… what is she like 5

  36. Hillary Clit

    Fruit RollUps are you fucking kidding me… what is she like 5

  37. The Laughing God

    That homeless man is asking her how much it would cost to take a trip behind the dumpster.

  38. Janine

    Wow, she needs some sunshine, a tan and some serious vitamins! She looks like a crackhead!

  39. kate

    Has anybody hear about Pop Fiction. This show on E! Its going to be on air March 9th at 10:30 et/pt. If anybody knows about it let me know. Also ive seen these. This show is going to be good. It has to be its so secretive. Ive been hearing crazy rumors about it too!! Heres the link



  40. Jonathan

    Kristen dunst is so beautiful. Here she looks tired, even so she still looks beautiful. man if I was with that women I would have

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