Kirsten Dunst Is Banging Creepy Ass Todd From ‘Breaking Bad’

“Stay over there or you don’t get to touch my big boobs.”
“Right back atcha.”

Kirsten Dunst recently broke up with Garret Hedlund who apparently lacked the key feature she looks for in a man: Slowly morphing into Brendan Gleeson. So here she is making out with Jesse Plemons who will always be Todd the “dead-eyed Opie piece of shit” from Breaking Bad to me. Although, according to IMDB, he’s literally been on every TV show ever, so real nice, Kirsten. I hope you’re happy with your little whore. *wipes tears* We were supposed to make spider-babies, you bitch! *shoots web out of penis, swings away*

Based on a true story.

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Photos: FameFlynet