Kirsten Dunst’s ‘Big Boobs’ in a Bikini

Back in August, Kirsten Dunst, who apparently hangs around chicks as pale if not paler than herself – Well played, Lady Snaggletooth. Well played. – couldn’t shut up about how big her boobs are, so here they are in Vegas over the weekend, and I’m not entirely sure I’d call those things “big” considering they’re nowhere close to their prior majesty in Spider-Man 2. *adjusts taped together glasses, fiddles with pocket protector, yells “Pretty Lay-dee!”* Then again, I’m looking at this post through a mirror, so all I see is a floating bikini and wondering why the hell I paid money for these. Oh, no, wait in one shot the bikini attacked a plate of fruit someone left out. And now it’s in some chick’s hair. Haha! This thing’s hilarious.