Kirsten Dunst’s ‘Big Boobs’ in a Bikini

October 24th, 2011 // 99 Comments

Back in August, Kirsten Dunst, who apparently hangs around chicks as pale if not paler than herself – Well played, Lady Snaggletooth. Well played. – couldn’t shut up about how big her boobs are, so here they are in Vegas over the weekend, and I’m not entirely sure I’d call those things “big” considering they’re nowhere close to their prior majesty in Spider-Man 2. *adjusts taped together glasses, fiddles with pocket protector, yells “Pretty Lay-dee!”* Then again, I’m looking at this post through a mirror, so all I see is a floating bikini and wondering why the hell I paid money for these. Oh, no, wait in one shot the bikini attacked a plate of fruit someone left out. And now it’s in some chick’s hair. Haha! This thing’s hilarious.



  1. She strikes me as someone who would take the Itty Bitty Titty Committee’s rankings a little too seriously.

  2. Kirsten Dunst Bikini
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    Apparently this friend of hers wanted to show her up forcing Kirsten to hit her with a large plank thereby flattening her entire front side..

  3. Kirsten Dunst Bikini
    suck it
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    Dam I thought I was pale… I guess not so much!

  4. Kirsten Dunst Bikini
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    Apparently where she comes from, the temperature outside in Las Vegas leaves much to be desired.

  5. Michael Booblay

    These are actually pretty OK. Not big-huge as advertised, but big-OK. Plus not fake.

  6. Lynx

    Did she make a lot of $$ from the spider-man films?

  7. RoboZombie

    They’re not bad…too bad they are attached to HER though.
    Cues up Procul Harem’s “Whiter Shade of Pale”.

    • better pale white than orange fake tanned or burnt freckled skin. It sucks she doesn’t choose to dress up and do her best on her appearance but she makes the perv news anyway. She’s a good actress and looks like a nice comfortable screw. When you wake up next to her you are not going to get a big shock like 95% of the “models/Hotties” on here. I would love to spend 3-4 minutes with snaggle tooth.

  8. m.

    Maybe not big, but these are above average for a skinny girl (who doesn’t have fakes). If she was Christina Hendrick like thick, they would be a lot bigger (of course not as big as ms Hendricks’ fabulous mountains, but I’m not 100% sold that she doesn’t have fakes).

  9. Drundel

    Wow, those looks surprisingly good.

  10. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    I think this is the first time in 100 years she showed her body off instead of her fangs.

  11. Uncle Phil

    And the last lingering bit of my heterosexuality just walked out the door.

  12. phildo

    Big enough for me lol

  13. She’s not THAT pale… just bad light.
    Look at the photo with her next to the walrus in the striped bikini.
    I like those perky titties, and always love me some Kiki!

  14. Willie Dixon

    I’d totally hit on her sober.

  15. Lemmiwinks

    She looks a lot better than I expected.

  16. Umm

    What is she? C cup? In a runway show then yeah, that’s ‘big boobs’. IRL that’s what we call false advertising.

    • kate

      Given she’s so thin, she’s probably a D at least. Cup size is not a measure of volume.

      If you think that’s what a C cup looks like you’re either fat or sleep with fat chicks.

    • Blondie

      She is more than a C cup, buddy. You may spend so much time trolling this site looking at fake tits that you’ve forgotten… Wow, this is what REAL girls look like. Untanned, with natural breasts. Not sure what it’s like in America, but for the rest of the world, this is still what girls look like! Of course, when one undergoes surgery for breast implants and liposuction, the body is distorted beyond its natural proportions and the rest of the world thinks a C cup is small! The saddest thing is when young girls lose their confidence and get breast implants in the hope of becoming more popular! What they don’t realise is that they’re only popular with the kind of perverse losers that they would never be with in the first place if they had some confidence.

      • Girl

        WORD. I have E-cup boobs, and when i tell people that (not that i go around advertising my bra size- but when it comes up), people are always shocked. When you are skinny and have a narrow ribcage, your boobs don’t stand out as much as a thicker girl with the same proportions. I think that Kirsten probably does have at least a D cup. It’s crazy how many people are unaware of A) how bra cup sizes work, and B) what a real woman’s body looks like.

      • Artofwar

        …So why don’t you tell us what a “real women” look like since apparently there seems to be a multitude of extraterrestrials roaming about.

        (Me thinks) this new-age phrase “real woman” is code for “sloppy and homely” because you never hear gorgeous, slender, well proportioned women use the phrase—Hmmm….Artofwar

      • Hear, hear, Blondie! I (as well as most guys I know) would rather fondle tiny naturals than Tupperware grapefruits.

      • Kat

        She has a small D or a large C (in American sizes, they do differ in different countries), and they’re not small but they’re not BIG either. (They look just right on her imho.) I personally have G’s so I haven’t been a D since high school, but I know other people with D’s, and if she really did have full D’s then they would be HUGE on someone with such a slender frame (she’s not only skinny, but has fairly small bones). And unlike what Girl said, it usually takes a smaller cup size to look big on a slender girl if you get the right band size (some girls just up the band size instead of going up a cup size). But what really makes them look big is how wide your shoulders are and she has narrow shoulders so she’s going to get more bang for her buck with her cup size.

  17. Sensei John Kreese


  18. Sheppy

    Very respectable I’d say :)

  19. Richard McBeef

    translucent cave fish aside, she looks a lot better than what I imagined.

  20. The newest trend in skin: roadside snowdriftouflage

  21. maybe they’re just cold..? i’ll take em any way i can get em

  22. Chico Rodriguez

    Too pale to see where my jizz is leaking out of !

  23. Kirsten Dunst Bikini
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    I think this is just photo trickery. She is in the shade here but if you look at her in the sun you see she is not that pale. Either someone had there white balance set to auto or the sun likes to mess with the Dunst.

  24. Kirsten Dunst Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Get me a bag. I’m going in.

  25. Snarky the Lurker

    These photogs are all amateurs. I have 5 words for you – “Butt,” “Shots,” “are,” “always” “necessary.” My god. Get with the flippin program.

  26. Kirsten Dunst Bikini
    Chico Rodriguez
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    Needed cameltoe , now I Does anyone have any topless shots of her ?

  27. zomgbie

    charlotte gainsbourg still >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> kiki dunst.

  28. Kirsten Dunst Bikini
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    Val Kilmer has a suprisingly nice rack

  29. TumTum

    I’d fuck her silly and enjoy those titties. Just sayin…

  30. Kirsten Dunst Bikini
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    She looks good!

  31. Venom

    She is always solid. A very sexy vampire.

  32. Kirsten Dunst Bikini
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    Now that thing to the right is an honest American girl. Ttny boobs, a gut and huge chunky thighs.

  33. kimmykimkim

    Hmm, I’d play with them.

  34. Kirsten Dunst Bikini
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  35. arnieblackblack

    2 lovely titays – ah, ah , ah, ahhh (done in a sesame street the count style)

  36. arnieblackblack

    My co-workers are a-holes and earn f**k all cos they are a bunch of c**ts.

  37. See Alice

    She looks great !

  38. Kirsten Dunst Bikini
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    “the dunst” officially claims that you are “THE DOUCHE”

  39. ace11

    Not bad

    not he best…but not bad

    7 on a scale of 1-10

  40. Doc

    If you cover up her face, her bod looks a little like Lindsay Lohan circa 2008 when she was going through her skinny, unhealthy, shrinking boob phase… they were still nice, just not as perfect as they were in 06…

  41. Kirsten Dunst Bikini
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    What are u guys talking about? Kirsten is a beautiful big-breasted woman! I’m only up to pic five and she’s got me so horny I’m jacking off! I can’t be the only guy who wants to have sex with Kirsten Dunst, can I?

  42. Kirsten Dunst Bikini
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    You can see the shape of her pussy in pic 12!!!!!!!!!! What a goddess!!!!!!!!!!

  43. kulit

    for some reason, i have a fondness for kiki. fondle her titties that is. she’s a-ok in my book.

  44. Kirsten Dunst Bikini
    Hugh Gentry
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    her boobies are amazing

  45. jim eh

    I’d do her, then again I’m getting pretty desperate.

  46. The Everlasting Know-It-All

    Damn. I think she’s yummy. Nice skin, all natural, and no dumbass ink all over her body.

  47. I don’t think I’d call her breasts “huge.” I would, however, call them Lulu and Sophie!

  48. Kirsten Dunst Bikini
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    Why are there no pics of her ass? Does Kirsten have a nice ass? She looks pretty damn hot from the front!

  49. tlmck

    I’m sorry, but that is just all kinds of ugly.

  50. BernzOoOoMatic

    I would pound her so hard she would be speaking tongues or something like……”OH, BERNZEEE! CARNE ASADA TOO GRANDE.” Or some shit. I dunno.
    She isnt the greatest looking but she isn’t ugly and has a decent body.

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