Turns Out Kirk Cameron Wasn’t Censored By The Social Media Hand of Satan

July 25th, 2013 // 86 Comments
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Kirk Cameron
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If there’s anything Christians in America go gay for, it’s leaving shitty tips, and situations where they can pretend they’re a persecuted minority despite being the most predominant religion in the country that influences virtually every level of state, local and federal government. So imagine Kirk Cameron‘s glee when it looked like Facebook “banned” the trailer for his upcoming movie Unstoppable and not because it doesn’t have Denzel Washington driving a train. (I’ll nail to you a cross, Cameron!) Turns out the domain name Kirk’s production company bought for the movie used to host assloads of spam which naturally flagged it on Facebook’s end until they could clear it up. Which they did and even took the time to let The Christian Post (via FilmDrunk) know what happened because, amazingly, Facebook is in the business of attracting subscribers. Who saw that coming?

Michael Kirkland, communications manager for Facebook, told The Christian Post that links to the movie’s site had been briefly blocked last week due to a mistake in their anti-spam system.
“From what we can tell, the address purchased for the movie was previously being used as a spam site and it hadn’t been refreshed in our system yet,” said Kirkland.
“We were in direct contact with Kirk’s team on this and reversed the block as soon as we confirmed that the address was no longer being used for spam.”
In an official statement provided to CP by Kirkland, Facebook explained that it uses “automated systems” to protect the social networking site’s hundreds of millions of accounts.
“These systems are so effective that most people who use Facebook will never encounter spam. They’re not perfect, though, and in rare instances they make mistakes,” reads the statement.

A likely excuse, but I think everyone knows massive social media platforms are really another tool of Satan to destroy The Word of God™ which is why the day Kirk Cameron set up his official fan page, Mark Zuckerberg showed up to his house with a lion and made him deny Jesus Christ as his lord and savior. I saw the whole thing. That said, it does seem like this situation really was an honest mistake, so let us now bask in Kirk Cameron’s devotion to spreading truth in an untruthful world by admitting he may have been wrong about the whole censoring thing:

A representative of Kirk Cameron told The Christian Post that due to his schedule Cameron could not comment on this story by press time.

Ha! Just kidding. He’s going to blame atheists and “activist groups” – Read: *stink eye towards homosexuals* – for the whole thing. Because as Jesus of Nazareth once said to his disciples before ascending to Heaven, “And if they’re still having trouble believing, then fuck it, just make shit up.”



  1. cc


    That’s all I have to say.

  2. Kirk,

    You were awesome in Saved by the Bell or some other shitty show from the 80s or 90s. I can’t remember anymore.


  3. Dory

    Shitting on these Christian weirdos just made you my favorite site on the internet, my man.

    • Don’t listen if you do not want to hear Gods truth, simple as that. But God will not be Mocked, so be very careful.

      • It’s still okay if we mock YOU for being a fucking weirdo though, right?

      • Mos

        Okay, I’m not sure if this comment is super awesome satire, or intended as serious commentary about the Deity, albeit serious commentary posted on a website called The Superficial.

        If it is indeed satire, you are awesomely awesome in your awesomeness. Spot on! I laughed my ass off.

        If it is intended as serious commentary, though, you do actually undermine your own point with this bon mot; “Don’t listen if you do not want to hear Gods truth…”

        First, and obviously, maybe less time bibling and more time studying. You need an apostrophe between the “d” at the end of “God” and the “s” that follows the “d”, as the “s” signifies that the aforementioned truth belongs to the aforementioned God.

        Admittedly, not quite as bad as the now meme, “your” and “you’re”, but considering you’re taking God’s name here, perhaps you should use some gooder grammar so your not takin his name in vain. (See how uneducated that made me sound?)

        Also, you tell us not to listen if we don’t want to “hear Gods (sic) truth.” If he is truly the Almighty, shouldn’t he be able to convey to me the truth even if I have my fingers in my ears and I’m going,” Nah nah nah…. I’m not listening to you!!!”

        Then you go on to warn us all that; “But God will not be Mocked, so be very careful.”

        The thing is, you just accused us of not listening. In order to be mocking God, we would have to be saying something mean to Him, or performing some activity that makes fun of Him. Not listening to Him is neither.

        Lastly, do you believe that God has sent you here to be his personal messenger intended to deliver upon us the cautionary advice that we need to “be very careful?” Don’t you think He might come up with a messenger a little more impressive than you posting under a pseudonym in the comments section of The Superficial?

        Or maybe your post really is just really biting satire. In that case, hats off to you!

  4. So you’re telling me an evangelical Christian made sweeping assumptions about something with little to no evidence?

    Pardon me if I don’t shit myself in amazement.

  5. Is the tape to keep the cocks from getting in?


    He knows that his hands are free and that he can take the tape off, right?

  7. Sheppy

    I like imagining the scenario of when he posted the link…
    “…and submit… Hmm, it’s not working, well I’ll try again…. Hmm. Hey Dave, can you try this link for me? Not working for you either? It must be… must be blocked… OH MY GOD THEY BLOCKED MY LINK! HEY, EVERYBODY, FACEBOOK IS TRYING TO BLOCK MY FILM!!!!!!”

  8. JC

    What the hell is going on with this movie? I see scenes of Kirk looking meditative, and possibly crashing some kid’s funeral, and suddenly there are people covered with mud and feces running around in the woods. Does he keep his God footage and his fetish porn all in one folder on his computer?

  9. Widdershins

    I hope he paid for this advertising.

  10. Too bad that tape doesn’t cover his nose, too.

  11. Kirk Cameron is still some good looking eye candy, he doesn’t have to sound or act intelligent to be Grade A masturbation material.

  12. freud

    It will all be okay, they can’t hurt you anymore. Posting about their shenanigans gives them the power. Just breathe and let your childhood religious abuse leave your body.

    –A concerned Christian

  13. Wait, are you telling me Cameron and that Screech dude weren’t the first openly homosexual couple on a Network TV show?

  14. Apparently not as Unstoppable as he thought.

  15. Slappy Magoo

    Maybe it wasn’t persecution all those years ago. Maybe the Romans fed Christians to the lions because they were insufferable dicks. I’m seeing it.

    • Bob Bobson

      Look up the facts. The Christians weren’t prosecuted under the Romans. They never fed them to lions in the arena etc. All this stuff was only written down hundreds of years after the colosseum and other arenas ceased to exist. It’s the same crock of shit as the bible. Written hundreds of years after the supposed events.

      Christians are the dumbest fucks on the planet that see prosecutions of themselves whenever they can.

      • freud

        Someone’s been reading The Myth of Persecution by Candida Moss. What is your opinion on the rebuttal?

      • It is amazing you hate God that is Holy and Good. And out of your mouths comes vile, hateful language that you love.

        Evil People can not understand the righteousness and goodness of God, they are deafened to his words and blinded to his righteousness. Their judgment awaits them for their willing rejection of Christ and mocking of his truth and his people.

      • STFU you idiot.
        Only crazy people like you need to be reminded of “gods” punishments and “hell” to keep you in line..that says nothing to me about how great all you christian whakos are,because I can do what you do just by using common sense..no little black book.Isnt that amazing? Normal people don´t need the 10 comandments to understand what´s ok and what´s not ok,and they don´t need to be told that they´ll go to a fictional place under the ground if they don´t behave themselfs.So you think you´re going to an amusement park in the sky just because you spew christian crap out of your pie hole? Puleeeze.No one is more judgemental and delusional than you people.Always pointing your dirty fingers at everyone else,looking at others down your noses and trying to recruit people using the fear of “god” as bait.Quit being as ass.What are you doing here (The superficial) anyway if you´re such an amazing,spiritual and holy person?? You sure arent going to find any sheep in here.Piss off.

      • Or maybe He wished some of His followers would lighten the fuck up and stop being such intolerant douche nozzles like you & Mike Seaver.

      • Mark

        The irony in that statement is unbelievable. For a christian to tell a nonbeliever that they ‘can’t understand’ and that they are ‘deafened’ and ‘blinded’ is either incredibly sad or incredibly funny. Maybe both. I would explain why I said that but I’m sure you would be deafened, blinded, and not understand.

      • I’m sorry, I agree with your position, but I had to downvote you for going all pedantic on an obvious joke.

      • You’re the guy who likes to point out at a birthday party that “Happy Birthday To You” is a copyrighted song and we’re breaking the law by singing it without paying, aren’t you?

      • Spice

        Imagine if someone said “gays/blacks/etc. are the dumbest fucks on the planet”, that person would be CRUCIFIED. But say it about Christians and its no big deal. Makes me want to vomit.

      • Let me see if I can explain this as easily as possible, Spice:

        “Gays/blacks/etc.” – or non-straight white people, I hear you – can’t simply use logic, reason or facts to change their DNA and suddenly become something they weren’t born as.

        Christians, on the other hand, can, but choose not to which is dumb as fuck.

        I hope that cleared things up for you.

      • Spice

        The only thing “cleared up” is that you are intolerant and terribly ignorant regarding Christianity.

      • Ok now insert “Jews” “Muslims” or “Hindus.” Doesn’t sound so good, does it? I have no problem calling out dumbfucks or assholes for what they are, but can’t stand broad, sweeping generalizations that write off a sizable portion of the world’s population as being “dumb as fuck.”

  16. The Illuminati Did It

    Persecution? Don’t forget all the slaughter of wich those fuck tard Jesus freaks are responsible. It’s funny because now they are whining about how violent the Muslims are in the world. Fucking hypocrites.

    • That’s the natural progression of religion. Christians spilled oceans of blood to get into power, then got soft and complacent. Now they’re the comfortable majority complaining about their barbaric little brother religion, Islam.

      Who knows? Maybe in a few hundred years Islam will be in the same position.

  17. Kirk Cameron is such a fucking clown.
    I also love how Cameron has time to pretend to be a victim and a martyr, but when it turns out he is full of shit, he is unavailable for comment. He’s never going to come out and say he was wrong, he’s going to do the usual conservative christian thing and ignore anything that doesn’t fit his fantasy narrative. Because he knows, as long as he doesn’t admit being wrong, the psycho cultists that eat up shit from psychos like him will continue to believe the narrative.

    • Along with the yummy yellow supermarket bananas that were hand-designed by God for the easy peel ‘n’ eating pleasure of the devout.

    • Mark

      Of course that’s what he did. Nothing makes christians happier than to feel persecuted. He got more PR from his target audience lying and claiming persecution than he could have any other way. He’s a scam artist. He knows how to work his ‘followers’ in the ways that best fill his wallet.

  18. The Illuminati Did It

    I’m just wondering when the pictures of him getting spanked by a transvestite come out.

  19. Mike D

    you people have no idea how many things facebook censors. they are just another globalist tool used to spy on all us

  20. Slappy Magoo

    “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?”
    Exactly what I think whenever I have to endure Kirk Cameron on my computer.

  21. Kel

    First Jesus, now Kirk Cameron. Facebook is nailing him to the cross. Where’s the justice?

  22. jep

    If you want to see some horrendous acting, check out Kirk’s performance in “Left Behind”.

  23. Kirk is ate up with the dumbass.

  24. mrs.cilluffo

    Yeah, he’s super into telling the truth. From his FB page:

    ‘Victory!! Friends, you did it! People tried to stop “Unstoppable” on Facebook, and because millions of us joined together as one voice, Facebook has apologized and and welcomed us back! You all just demonstrated to the press (they are all calling me to talk about your amazing response!) that the communities of faith, hope, and love are, well… unstoppable.

    Now can you all talk to YouTube?? They have blocked and labeled the Unstoppable trailer as “spam”, “scam”, and “deceptive”! We did it once, we can do it again. Please share this post with all your friends and encourage YouTube to unblock my UnstoppableTheMovie trailer.’


  25. Jolo

    Liars for Jesus, whattya want from him?

  26. Blah

    This is just a ripped off version of the intro to True Blood

  27. Spice

    I just love how many of you people preach tolerance but when it comes to Christians, you ***hats say how stupid they are, call them names, etc. You wouldn’t dare say anything negative about gays or blacks or any other group. But when it comes to Christians, anything goes. Just shows how truly ignorant and intolerant you really are.

    • “PEOPLE ARE INTOLERANT OF MY INTOLERANCE! *waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah*!!”

    • Here’s the thing Spice…unlike a lot of Christians who hate gays, most atheists don’t. Oh there may be the occasional uptight atheist who has a problem (an embarrassment to the rest of us) with gays, but most of us don’t. I should hope no one would say anything negative about blacks, white or any ethnicity…all just people living their lives. Christians, however, leave themselves open to our criticism and mirth but being the narrow minded, judgmental, close minded fools that they are. Believe in your fairy tales but just shut up about it and we might leave you alone.

      • Spice

        I do not know any Christians who hate gays. Christians in general do not approve of the gay lifestyle but do not hate gays. You are ignorant and uninformed. And quite intolerant by demanding that Christians “shut-up”. So, in reality it is you who is close minded to others who have different viewspoints than your own.

    • Spice,in general,the only ones who say anything negative about gays are christians.Which is ironic considering you (christians in general) are also always saying that “god” made man in his image…so,technically,your “god” made the gays,you should be a little more tolerant ;) Racisim? What normal person is racist anymore? I´m athiest and guess what?,I dont abide by the ̶f̶a̶i̶r̶y̶ ̶t̶a̶l̶e̶s̶ bible,so I am actually free to have a personality and choose my friends based on other things…not colour or who they sleep with.Christians are cynical and delisional and they are so wound up in earning their tickets to heaven,that they turn into rampant pains in the ass! Always looking over your fences at what everyone else is doing and being judgemental etc.I just love the way christians contradict themselfs CONSTANTLY and then wonder why so many people think they´re crazy.

      • Spice

        Seriously, you know nothing about Christianity. Absolutely nothing. And who said I was a Christian? I was merely making an observation of how Christians are treated. You made the assumption, because you are a fool.

    • Mark

      Christians wouldn’t draw nearly the derision they do if it weren’t for a couple of things. First they claim to hold the moral high ground demanding everyone else play by their antiquated and often bigoted rules. Even going so far as to try and enforce their beliefs through legislation. The article we are commenting beneath here is the other prime example. At the very least Cameron initially jumped to the wrong conclusion. My guess is he was lying, but for the sake of argument let’s assume he was merely mistaken. The article tells us that early on in the process facebook was in contact letting him know what was going on and it had nothing to do with censorship, persecution or discrimination. Did Cameron go back and clear up the misunderstanding? No, in fact he put up that his ‘followers’ protests had made facebook reverse their discriminatory decision. So, whether he lied initially or not, he lied after the situation was resolved. But that’s the way it’s always been. It’s ok for christians to hypocritically betray their supposed values and principles as long as it forwards the message of the gospel or might be financially beneficial to them, right?

  28. Christians just love to play the martyr, don’t they?

  29. good grief

    I just went to his Facebook page. He is not being truthful about what happened. Still saying he was being blocked because of his content and then he claims that Facebook “unblocked him” and even apologized to him because his millions of followers spoke and their voices were heard. Will he admit he jumped to conclusions based on little information and he was wrong? Of course not. He is still claiming to be a poor persecuted Christian.

    • Mark

      Being the poor persecuted christian is going to make him a lot more money than being the idiot that jumped to the wrong conclusion. He can overlook his hypocrisy as long as it lines his pockets to do so.

  30. You write to insult Christians and Jesus himself, Why? One died for your sins and the others try to tell you about it. Where is the crime in that? If you do not want to listen, don’t listen, if you do not want to accept Christ , Don’t then. God gives you those options. But you have to live with the consequence’s of your decision eternally.
    Remember God can take away everything you own and love in a split second. Imagine suddenly you lost everything, no friends, nor family, not property or place to stay,,, what would you do next? Would you believe then? Your a very blessed person to not be punished for what you said about Christ . But wait! Maybe you will be, maybe it has started already for you, but you haven’t recognized it as punishment yet? The Lord will not be Mocked.

    Either here on earth or judgment day, God will have his righteous vengeance. A punishment you brought upon yourself. Remember this.

    • “Remember God can take away everything you own and love in a split second. Imagine suddenly you lost everything, no friends, nor family, not property or place to stay,,, what would you do next? Would you believe then?” -

      Um…your “god” does shit like that all.the.time!!.You DO realise that inocent people are being shit on by your “god” every single day? All you high and mighty idiots telling everyone to keep in line or they´ll go to hell,and telling everyone that “god” has a reason for doing EVERYTHING that he does…? So “god” is a pale ass man in a white robe,who´s sitting on a cloud and pissing on all his “children” due to either a test of faith or because they deserve it?? Oh yeah,he sounds delightful! Remind me to go comfort any kids with cancer with your ̶f̶a̶i̶r̶y̶ ̶t̶a̶l̶e̶s̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶a̶d̶u̶l̶t̶s̶ bible,and tell them they they either deserve to be in that situation or because their “god” needs them back up in heaven..I´m sure that´ll make them feel tons better.

      Fucking asshole!!!

    • So your point is love “God” or your getting fucked by him. My my, how benevolent and not at all petty jealousy. Hit the bricks dude. You’re still commenting on a celeb/titty site. You are better than absolutely no one else on here.

      • Christians are the reason I´m athiest.They are promoting a controlling,jelous,contradictive,spiteful,dictator douche who seems to be bipolar, and then they wonder why everyone isnt beating down the church doors to get in and kiss his feet.
        I LOATHE it when they justify everything that happens with their ̶b̶e̶d̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ ̶s̶t̶o̶r̶y̶ ̶b̶o̶o̶k̶ bible…they´re no different than the crazies who claim they were abducted by aliens.We don´t need more churches,we need more lunatic asylums.

      • Spice

        Why do you feel the need to spew such venom against Christians? You obviously have some personal issues. Let them believe as they please and be on your merry way. Show a little TOLERANCE for a half a second for somebody who thinks differently than you.

    • I’m not sure how anyone can look around at the world and think there is a higher being who loves us all.

    • “Everything happens for a reason; it’s all God’s plan. Keep the faith, pray, and be patient, and you’ll be rewarded in the afterlife.”

      It’s almost like religion was invented as a way to keep the poor majority content with their lot in life, instead of rising up en masse to slaughter the rich shitheads exploiting them.

  31. Sheppy

    Man, the god botherer’s are out in force.

  32. Leaving shitty tips? You are wrong, Superficial Writer. That would be the work of the Jews.

  33. Jim

    At least he got the word out to the 4 people that might give a shit about Kirk Cameron or his stupid fucking low-rent movies.

  34. The really funny part of this dumb shit is that Cameron or whoever didn’t even have the wherewithal to simply print out a proper Facebook logo but instead painted it with white out on some blue painter’s tape.

    It’s this type of ingenuity that makes his infomercials for Christ both personally compelling and critically acclaimed.

  35. What did he paint the lettering for Facebook on his face with, the jizz from his gay lover?

  36. Porkpie

    I’m so sick of whiney fucking Christians. We should start feeding them to lions again. THEN they could blubber about persecution and be a bit more justified. But just a bit, because that would probably be more cruel to lions than Christians.

  37. Random Person

    I have read the entire comment reel here with interest, and I have to say I agree with “Spice”. Spice seems to be making a very reasonable argument, that intermittently is sabotaged by “BigScott Rules” who pipes in with insensible doctrine and ruins all the good work Spice has done.

    Point 1: I am not a Christian.
    Point 2: I consider myself an open-minded and tolerant person.

    I agree that many Christians do spout out a lot of intolerant stuff: divorce, gays, evolution….. but I think it is unfair to many Christians to place every Christian in the world under the umbrella term “Intolerant Christian”. It would be the same as saying “all gays are promiscuous”. Some Christians are intolerant. Some non-Christians are intolerant. Some Christians are great people who do charity work to help the poor and have no problem with homosexuality. And it is true – if someone wrote “Jews are dumb as shit” then the vast majority of you would be up in arms about the intolerance of that statement.

    All I’m saying is – some Christians are complete douchebags and very vocal about their douchebaggery. Some are lovely lovely people. Just don’t go shitting on entire groups of people based on a few wankers.

    • Can I just say thank you? I am a Christian (Catholic even) who is absolutely for gay marriage and consider myself very open minded and tolerant. It’s hard enough to fight the battles I feel I need to within my own church and family without the rest of the world automatically assuming I’m an uneducated, bigoted, homophobic moron. Please don’t assume all of us are like that just because we believe in Christ.

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