People Are Seriously Surprised Kirk Cameron Is A Giant Homophobe?

March 5th, 2012 // 80 Comments
Kirk Cameron
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Kirk Cameron
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“Is that guy wearing a pink shirt? I shouldn’t have come here…”

Kirk Cameron believes the fact that a banana has ridges is an “atheist’s nightmare,” so really no one should’ve been surprised at all when he went on Piers Morgan Friday night and not only called homosexuality “unnatural,” but also made it clear that if his kids are gay he’ll beat the queer out of them with a Bible. (And if you’re wondering why not beat them with the God banana? Too dick-like.) Via HuffPost Celebrity:

the “Growing Pains” heartthrob who transitioned from a “teen-idol-atheist in Hollywood and became a devoted follower of Jesus Christ in the middle of [his] career” explained that he believes homosexuality is “unnatural… I think that it’s detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”
On the issue of marriage equality Cameron remarked, “Marriage was defined by God a long time ago. Marriage is almost as old as dirt, and it was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve — one man, one woman for life till death do you part. So I would never attempt to try to redefine marriage. And I don’t think anyone else should either. So do I support the idea of gay marriage? No, I don’t.”
When asked what he would do if one of his six kids told him, “Dad, bad news, I’m gay,” Cameron responded, “I’d sit down and I’d have a heart to heart with them, just like you’d do with your kids.”
Morgan shot back, “I’d say, ‘That’s great, son! As long as you’re happy.’ What would you say?”
Cameron offered, “I wouldn’t say ‘That’s great, son, as long as you’re happy.’ There are all sorts of issues we need to wrestle through in our life… Just because you feel one way doesn’t mean we should act on everything we feel.”

So bigoted Christian is a Christian and bigoted. Wow, what a shocking news story. You know what might have made this worth the attention? If Kirk Cameron answered a question with, “Well, my first reaction was to just pull an answer out of my ass and call it divine knowledge, but then I opened a book and absorbed legitimate facts about history and science before opening my mouth.” I’m pretty sure a wormhole would’ve opened right then and there allowing us to commune with other species across the galaxy, except the Catch-22 is everyone knows wormholes are basically a giant anus and therefore for faggots. We’d be right back where we started.

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  1. Well Technically You're Wrong

    It was pretty fucking gay of Piers Morgan to ask Kirk Cameron if his kids were gay. What the fuck if his kids were gay then it’s fucking safe to assume Kirk Cameron is on hell of a fucking father. Derp.

  2. me

    so much ignorance, ppl. Homophobia doesn’t simply mean “fearful of homosexuals” its is an irration fear of, aversion to or discrimination of homosexuals. What Kirk Cameron has is institutionalized homophobia, which comes from his religious beliefs. Still homophobia.
    Homosexuality is completely natural, you can find homosexuality in hundreds of species on this Earth, yet you can only find homophobia in one…so which seems unnatural?
    God didn’t create marriage. Religious people think that because they believe in God and the holy word, but people from all different areas of the world, and different belief systems have been performing marriage ceremonies for years. Native American tribes who were in the US before the Europeans used to perform marriage and commitment ceremonies all the time, some of them, even between two men or two women, loooong before they were ever told about God or the Holy Bible. I suggest people research history, not only from their man-written Bibles, but from other sources of information (that are far more accurate)

    • Any time someone trots out that “homophobia means fear” shit, just post this:

      noun \ˌhō-mə-ˈfō-bē-ə\
      Definition of HOMOPHOBIA
      : irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals

      It’s the Mirriam-Webster definition.

  3. Kirk is correct about one thing, the Bible is very clear about what marriage is:
    1. one man and one virgin woman, if not proven virgin she is to be stoned to death.
    2. forced marriage between and man and his brothers widow
    3. marriage between one man and multiple women
    4. marriage between one woman and her rapist
    5. One soldier and one virgin prisoner of war
    6. one slave male and one slave female as arranged by their owner.
    7 through a fucking bazillion…(more follows)

    The bible is one fuckton of nonsensical jackassery. The way these christian bigots pick and choose what is the infallible word of god, versus “not required” is the part that means I don’t have to respect shit about their faith. If they don’t respect it enough to FOLLOW it all, then fuck em in the ass…then they can marry their rapist.

    • BE

      As opposed to your “well thought out” picking and choosing to knock it, huh?

      Sorry, this is the United States of America. There’s something about that Freedom of Religion – look it up…

    • vandinz

      No BE come on, explain why we don’t follow these rules? Why do we not have regular stonings in the street?

    • BE, the fact that you don’t understand that “freedom of religion” doesn’t give you the right to shove it on other people is what makes you difficult to take seriously.

      The first amendment guarantees the government won’t stop you from practicing your religion..that’s it. trying to make OTHER people follow your religion isn’t the first amendment, it’s actually the opposite.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        BE, did you notice that you couldn’t refute what McFeely said?

      • BE

        Nope – CranApple Snapple – As I posted all over here, I LEFT to get some WORK done. That is all. And that is what I’m going back to – sorry folks, I can’t spend this much time in your sandbox right now. As I stated, this is a poor forum for discussion on this. And to all the misquoters (who, by the way, have accused me of “quote mining”). Having someone who’s never bothered to read the whole Bible before knocking it is similar to anyone of you science junkies picking up a reference on theoretical physics, opening it to a chapter and page, quoting the theorem and then saying you “know” it. It’s astonishing how many of the Bible haters will refuse to read it in it’s entirety – but NOT refuse to quote it.

  4. casey

    I think in this day in age if homosexuals want to get married they should. we have people in our society getting divorced so quickly after marriage and yet the christian community does not shun them. people cheating do not get shunned. and yet we are terrified of two men or two woman being able to have the same rights as a man and a women would. as a society we need to evolve.

    that being said, we are never going to change peoples views. kirk is entitled to his own beliefs. what scares me is he is raising a generation that will of course think homosexuality is wrong and damaging and detrimental.

    with all the hate, abuse, and terror in the world it is sad that this is what we focus on. kim kardashian is allowed to get married to promote a stupid show, yet my best friend may never have those rights. our views are so construed.

    i also think GLAAD needs to stop thinking that they are the only ones allowed to have freedom of speech. you may not agree with kirk but to completely blast him for sharing his beliefs during in interview does not mean he is wrong. it is just what he believes. your organization is fighting for freedom and equality but it is not fair of you to blast someone for speaking their mind and exercising their own freedom of speech and expression.

  5. Marcel

    What a closed minded bigot. And no I don’t mean Kirk Cameron. I mean the tool who writes this column. Only one way to think huh?

  6. Why do Kirk Cameron and Barack Obama oppose gay marriage?

    • Cock Dr

      Obama publically opposes gay marriage because he is afraid to come out in favor of it before the election. It is a calculated political position and IMO not at all what he really thinks.
      After the election you can bet he will have a revelation of consciousness on the subject. Lame duck president won’t need them bible whompers for reelection no mo’.

  7. Inmate 12236969

    This may answer some questions on the Bible, Adam & Eve. What the Catholic Church teaches is that the interpretation of Scripture must be done in a literal sense as opposed to be interpreted in a literalist sense. What’s the difference they sound alike they are basically the same word. At first glance you might think they mean the same thing. But they don’t at least not in the world of theology. The Church teaches the interpretation in a literal sense and condemns a literalist sense of interpretation of Scared Scripture.

    I will explain the difference between the two. Now let’s say I emailed you and said, “It’s raining cats & dogs outside. As Americans in the 21st century you know that if you go outside it’s raining pretty dog gone hard. That is the literal interpretation of what the author [me] intended for me to say for you to understand. On the other hand what if you took the literalist interpretation of raining cat & dogs. That means if you walked outside cats & dogs will be falling from the sky like rain. After all that’s what the text says so that’s what it means. The literalist is not taking into account the accepted meaning of that fraise. Not taking in account of what the author was trying to convey. “It’s raining cats & dogs by golly that’s what it says that’s what it means. Not taking into account the time-period, who did the author intend to convey this too, what culture, what is the author’s meaning? What if this email was read two thousand years from now? What would be the best way to interpret this; the literal sense or the literalist sense? The literal sense of course.

    Another example the Church does not teach the Earth was created in six 24 hour days—The Church does not know—it has never taught that.

  8. dooood

    hey fish i think you might want to consider a sister site just for religion, politics and the deceased. lot of savages in this town.

    i can probably straddle this issue, but if i could just point out;
    i’m pretty sure this issue was only brought to light by the bush administration as a distraction issue so that people would stop talking about the war and all the corruption.

    everyone deserves equal rights. imo marriage is just as much made up nonsense as the OT, NT, Qu’ran, bhagavad gita, etc.
    so basically, i don’t think hetero couples should get any bonuses either.
    if people love each other, than they can stay together, its nobody else’s business, especially not the government.

  9. So what all the Christians commenting here are saying is that they want fish to stop but they will make him richer if he doesn’t?

  10. Electro

    Lesbian here…Kirk can have his opinion based on his religion..that’s his right…Don’t agree with it, but he is welcome to it. Though it is painful to see him turn into an evangelical thumper from his glory days of pranking with his best friend…um BONER…who actually committed suicide a few years back…Thanks for saving him Kirk…at any rate…my life IS hard, as someone asked above, because of people like him, but I choose not to let it affect me too much, except that it DOES affect me too much because people like him choose what I can and can’t do…Before my time but I am reminded of when blacks and whites couldn’t marry…and when women were not allowed to vote…these are all CIVIL rights and should have NOTHING to do with religion…people got over those too. 8 states down…my faith is in people who seperate church and state and grant CIVIL rights…I wouldn’t wish homosexuality on my worst enemy…and I have a double whammy being female as well. But…I wouldn’t change me for anything…
    Oh and Shasta…you are this lesbo’s hero!

  11. vandinz


  12. K.Cameron is a Douche

    Hhhmmm, Mr Cameron…if marriage is “…for life till death do you part.” then wouldn’t the greatest threat to marriage be DIVORCE, rather than two men who want to get married? Where is your religion fueled hate for all the divorced people?

  13. The Christian

    Christ taught that a man would leave his father and mother and stick to his wife, and they would become one flesh. And what God had put together no man should put apart. Divorce was only granted by God to the Israelites if the guilty party committed adultery. No where did Christ mention God putting men and men or women and women together in marriage.
    The apostle Paul, whom the resurrected Christ spoke with on the road to Damascus, wrote in his first letter to the Corinthian congregation that among the individuals who will not be a part of God’s Kingdom are “men who lie with men.” The apostle further goes on to say that this is what some of the Christians WERE. Whether homosexual urges were still present in these Christians or not the apostle does not say, but the Christians STOPPED the practice, i.e. continuous action, of having sexual intercourse with members of the same sex. Furthermore, God expects heterosexuals to fight sexual urges to engage in fornication. Is he going to expect less of a fight against sexual urges from homosexuals? No.
    And God’s love for mankind does not in any way mean that he condones everything that we do. Like it or hate it, some actions are SINS against God. God will not lower his moral standards just because some or even a majority of human beings find it challenging and difficult to change their behavior to conform to His standards. Remember, the earth had thousands, maybe millions, of people on it in Noah’s day and yet God only saved EIGHT people on that ark. Again, God DOES NOT lower his moral standards because it’s harder for some people to reach those standards.
    It’s just so much easier for people to ease their consciences by doing one of the following: 1) simply ignore the Bible and it’s teachings, 2) try to use God’s love for mankind as an excuse for immoral conduct and keep practicing sin hoping all the while that Christ Jesus ransom sacrifice will cover their unrepentant practice of sin, or 3) simply deny He exists altogether.

    • That’s nice. Christ also asked his followers to leave their families and follow him, and since he wasn’t a Roman citizen he didn’t exactly say that a man could cling to only one wife-flesh in marriage, but whatever – never mind any anthropological history, you go right ahead and believe what you want to and that marriage has culturally NEVER changed.

      Because as long as you keep those beliefs in your home or in the church of your choice, whatever you want to believe is fine with me – arks, Eden, the whole ball of wax. Have at it. Hopefully you won’t hurt your kids too much if they happen to be born gay or dare to masturbate or decide they need to use contraception, or amass so much money they can’t get into heaven.

      However, once you attempt to insert all your little admonitions and moral standards of “sin” into the government I pay taxes to or the schools my kids are attending, or try to tell me who I can marry, fuck or anything else because this is a “Judeo-Christian society” and you know your God wants it that way, and then whine that you’re being victimized because you can’t put a creche on public property, then you can take those fairytale beliefs of “sin” and “moral standards” and cram them up a variety of moral orifices.

  14. Uhhh, Kirk can believe in whatever he wants. Good for him for being true to himself. Although I don’t agree with him, I think it’s cool that he sticks up for what he believes. How is he a homophobe? He never said that he hates gays or would hurt anyone. He was asked very specific questions and gave honest answers. Chill out. Not everything is offensive.

    • Electro

      Umm…the comments he made clearly state his “dislike” for homosexuals…he doesn’t HAVE to say “I hate homosexuals”…he is just being eloquent about it…

      • Don

        Well ok, There are obviously alot of heated emotions on BOTH SIDES of this issue…. However I will say this…. People seem to be very quick to PASS JUDGEMENT on te personal lives of others….. and that word “Abomination” keeps coming up…. WELL, I challenge ANYONE to go to their BIBLE and look up ALL OF THE ACTIONS that are described as abomination…. TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THAT HOMOSEXUAL SEX IS NOT THE ONLY THING…… HETEROSEXUAL PEOPLE COMMIT ACTS THAT GOD DESCRIBES AS ABOMINATIONS ON A DAILY BASIS……. STUDY BEFORE U START RUNNING OU MOUTHS..

  15. So, here’s how I see this post as having come about:

    “Goddamn, our page views are in the toilet, and the celebs aren’t doing shit. Let’s trot out the old standbys… politics and religion!”

    How close am I?

  16. smoke

    I couldn’t care less about someone’s sexuality. What two consenting adults do in the privacy of the bedroom doesn’t affect me at all. I don’t care for the militants on both sides constantly making an issue of it.

  17. Sprite

    Kirk C has an opinion. It is his opinion, and should stay that way. The problem is he is young and talks too much, and being the star that he is, what he says goes to the public like a fire on gasoline.
    But Kirk C is not alone in this beating of non-church policies. The church has its own list of things it will not condone, while other things happen behind closed doors-we won’t go there.

    The problem with the church, and I feel all religions have this problem, is they are not nurturing and caring and helping the ones that need religion–they condemn them. How are the unsaved supposed to get saved if everyone in the church tells them they are going to hell in a basket???

    Kurt C may thing he is talking up a good story but it is his opinion and he is helping no one by calling names. Quite frankly, I am disappointed in Kirk C, I thought more of his intellect until now.

    It just shows we are all human and if you are damned, you are damned forever because the church wont hold out a hand to help you up and back on the path of being saved. They are too busy calling names and condemning that person off the face of the earth.

    It seems to me that the church ( all of them ) is like a club that members pay dues and pretend to be good people but once they are out the church doors, they slither back to their real life.

    • I do not agree with this at all. I have been a practicing Catholic for 27 years and I go to Mass every week. There are many openly gay men and women at my Church. No one is mistreated because of his or her sexuality. It is said, “Hate the sin, not the sinner”. No one is judging anyone at my Church and people do what they want. Priests aren’t judging people.

      • “No one is judging anyone at my Church and people do what they want. Priests aren’t judging people.”

        Orlly? Are those openly gay practicing Catholic people allowed to receive communion? Because as you yourself just stated, the Pope, who’s the spiritual leader of your religion sees the act as a “sin”. One that the sinner shouldn’t be hated for, but a transgression nonetheless – and one that doesn’t allow you to be in a state of grace. Straights having premarital sex can at least get married and stop sinning, but since the Church opposes gay marriage, anyone who’s gay and wanting to do the same is doubly fucked in the eyes of the Church – and forever out in the cold.

        And if you want to talk outright mistreatment – here ya go.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        You just said they are sinning!! You look down on them for being who they are! JACKASS!

  18. Clown Shoes

    When I see (male) gay couples together I liken it to having parents. You know that sometimes, some place they make out, but it just grosses me out of me to witness it. Bluah.

  19. Believer

    I’m a christian and I’m sad for atheists. If you are right and there is no God, what have I lost? Nothing. You might say I’ve wasted my time, but no, I’ve lived my life in hope, faith, and something to believe in, live for and look forward to. If I’m right, (and I believe I am) that there is a one true God, then what have you lost? EVERYTHING. The cost is just too great. Why choose nothing over something?

    • So basically, you should have faith not from some great internal feeling or sense, but in order to hedge your bets because if you don’t believe in God he’ll fuck you over when you die? Guess why I’m sad for YOU.

      • Believer

        My faith comes from God being in my heart. It comes from Him, not a “feeling”, or anything I’ve earned or done. We all have the right to believe or not believe, but it still makes me sad that so many don’t.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Believer, we have all those things in life also. Hopes, things to look forward to, belief and faith in ourselves and human decency. They are just not imaginary like yours.
      And we do the right thing because it’s right, not to get something from god or out of fear of god.

    • Ms. Whiplash

      Ahhhh, good old Pascal’s Wager. I can’t believe it took this long to come up. Thanks for reminding me to re-watch the always brilliant Christopher Hitchens in the little YouTube video about religious hucksterism.

    • Unashamed Christian

      Don’t be sad for atheists…it’s their choice, just as it’s our choice to believe in God. I don’t understand the hatred that atheists spew toward Christians either….what for? I don’t hate them because they don’t believe….like you said..if I’ve believed something that they say is a fairy tale…what did I lose? i”m not ashamed of my beliefs and I will not apologize for being a Christian. I won’t try to convert you if you just allow me to be who I am and believe what I believe. Right? As far as Christians hating atheists or gays….those people are not true Christians…but they do have a right to speak what they believe…even if it is in conflict with YOUR lifestyle.

  20. Think for yourselves, people

    When he said “it’s unnatural,” he’s loosely quoting Bible scripture in the Book of Leviticus chapter 18 verse 22 stating “Thou shalt not lie (have sex) with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” This Book even comments on beastiality in the next verse. Things like these defile the body and the land as is mentioned in the Bible, Old Testament and New Testament. For example, in First Corinthians, chapter 6 verse 9, it states “Know ye not that the unrighteous (not in right standing with God; separated from God) shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators (having sex outside of marriage), nor idolators, nor adulterers, nor EFFEMINATE, ….shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you: but ye (you) are washed, but are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God (verse 11).”
    Please people, be slow to anger. Think for yourselves and don’t judge, even if he did.

    • Dramatic Puddle

      They can’t think for themselves. They’re too afraid to think it through and voice an opinion that will result in them being called haters or homophobes. So they’ll all knuckle under and spout stupid shit instead.

      I’d rather stand up for what I believe in and take the heat; sometimes I’m even right. Remember how the Dixie Chicks were brutalized in the press and by society because they voiced a decidedly differing view when the majority had been drinking the Bush kool-aid about Iraq? Who turned out to be right in that situation? The Dixie Chicks. The trendy, PC view of something isn’t necessarily right because it’s popular. These fuckwits are too stupid to understand that.

    • Just Sayin

      So, I’m going to go ahead and completely dismiss the Leviticus reference; 1) because it has been mentioned several times by self-proclaimed Christians in this thread (and countless other places in print, online, and other media) that the Old Testament laws were rendered useless and were to be ignored after the big JC was crucified, resurrected, etc.; and 2) because if you believe that passage, then you have a whole litany of other requirements that I can pretty much guarantee you have failed at least 60% of at one point or another and made no amends with your god. However, I love when people bring up the 1 Corinthians quote. “Effeminate” is hilarious to be somehow immediately be associated with homosexuality. First, it shows that most people don’t even recognize lesbians as existing until they are reminded of it. But, more importantly, it shows a general lack of understanding of both homosexuality AND effeminacy. Webster defines effeminate as:

      “having feminine qualities untypical of a man : not manly in appearance or manner”

      So, if a gay man is a football player that scratches his crotch and spits a lot, is he OK? What does manly mean? Well, again, Webster defines it thusly:

      “having qualities generally associated with a man : strong, virile”

      I know quite a few gay guys that fit the ‘strong, virile’ piece of that definition. And, 2,000 years ago, when Paul wrote those words (or at least we think he might have), what was the definition of manly? Did you slaughter a goat this week? Maybe kill a few Greeks? If not, you might not have been considered manly by the majority of society at the time this was written. Would you be banned, then, from your precious heaven?

      Also, keep in mind that translations of words from the original Hebrew or Aramaic (which Paul wrote in) can lose (or in some cases gain) meaning. To wit, the word abomination in Hebrew actually just means, “not usual”. It doesn’t mean punishable by eternal damnation, or a swift kick to the ‘nads of God. It just means “different”. Not even unnatural. So, thanks for quoting two of my absolute favorite passages (completely out of context) from the Bible used to justify discrimination against a single group of people based on fear and misunderstanding.

  21. CranAppleSnapple

    “If I hadn’t found Jesus I’d be feeling pretty crappy about my crimes.”
    The Onion

  22. it’s his right to have an opinion! i find it so interesting how the world now wants everybody to accept their lifestyle no matter what, but if anyone has an opinion that is negative, they want to go postal on that person! how interesting that this support wasn’t available during the civil rights movement when ppl were gettin the hell beat out of them because they were a particular color! they were hung, shot, stomped, houses burned down, sprayed w/100 mile an hour hoses, jailed, and had laws passed that they could not do every day things like ride on the front of a bus or drink at a particular water fountain! i’m so sick of this! You are responsible for your life and one sin is no bigger than the other! i’m not giving the thumbs up for any sin, but enough w/expecting everybody to be down with you because you feel passionate about something! He is entitled to HIS opinion!

    • RazorRamonHardGod

      Well aren’t you just the village idiot.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      I don’t think YOU fully understand anything you just wrote.
      Those times in the past were BAD. People learn and improve, and hopefully stop hurting others. Acceptance of differences is a good thing.
      The rest of us don’t want to go backwards, but there’s probably some mud hut in a swamp you could move into.

    • NY*NY

      seriously? it’s because of opinions like HIS that led to all of those awful things you described. opinions that are discriminatory, like HIS is what led people to get beat up, houses burned down, jailed, laws passed so they could not do every day things like ride on the front of the bus… ummmm HIS opinion is that HUMAN BEINGS should not be able to get married… kind of like how HUMAN BEINGS were not able to sit in the front of a bus. and just like what cranapple said– we as a society should try to move forward and better ourselves, improve, and learn the difference between discriminatory practices and an OPINION. his OPINION is what is leading our fellow neighbors and friends to be treated incredibly different from others. it makes me sick.

  23. Jobes

    I’m with Kirk on this. God never intended men to fuck each other. Anyone that approves of this better take a look at themselves because you might be gay too. This nation has gotten soft. All these fucking bleeding heart liberal go “Aww but he should be free to love who he wants to love” Fuck that, you’re a man. You were meant to be with a woman. Its sick and immoral that you want to put your penis in another man’s ass. If it were meant to be, men could also reproduce.

  24. Noakley

    Hmm… Why would Kirk speak out on this charged topic during such a political time? In my opinion, he’s either currying favor for a current candidate or testing the waters for his own campaign. Either way, we’ve all been used.

  25. NOI

    Publicity IS publicity, no matter even if he needs more dicks in his mouth

  26. Lay off the politics for a while. We need to get back to bitch slapping celebrities. These captions don’t write themselves ya know.

  27. Turd Ferguson

    I hope Kirk has realized his brother-in-law is gay.

  28. I am so over the hillbillies (and yes they come in every color) saying that sex is only for reproduction. If that is the case, why would your God make sex feel so damn good. Also any women who is going through menopause or a woman who is unable to have children should no longer be allowed to have sex right?…sounds legit. As a straight woman my opinion is that heterosexual marriage and sex should be outlawed too….nobody is fucking up the country more . I am almost ashamed to be part of the group….Damn……

  29. Dramatic Puddle

    Hey Fish, if I want to see promotion of the gay agenda, I’ll go visit the site of that idiot fag, Perez Hilton. If you’re into the gay that’s your own thing, but considering the fact that you exercise your right to free speech and write offensive shit all the time means you are the last person who would be calling Cameron any names. He has his own beliefs, and he has the right to express them without being bullied by the likes of you and the liberal idiots who blindly support a trendy gayfest. I come here for your edgy humor, not to have the gay agenda shoved down my throat.

    And no, I don’t give a shit if any of the rest of you like it, approve of it, or want to be cyber bullies because you don’t have the stones to take an unpopular stand.

    • lala

      I think Fish is as entitled to having and voicing his opinions as Cameron is. And why is it acceptable for you to call Perez Hilton an idiot fag, but not for Fish to call Cameron names?

      I don’t see how you voluntarily coming to this site equates to someone shoving something down your throat.

      Why is everything always turned into a libtards vs repubidiots or whatever discussion?

      And how is being in favor of gay rights the popular stance? What country are you living in?

      I realize you don’t give a shit, but I felt like saying something because I was so confused with basically everything you wrote and needed some clarification.

  30. liberalsarescum

    I think sticking my cock in smelly, hairy assholes is unatural as well. In fact the very thought of it makes me want to throw up.

    so what?

    • Electro

      This is largely a part of the problem why people have issues with homosexuality….the sex. It is NOT all about the sex people. We love, we have emotion, we have break-ups, good relationships, happiness, kids, jobs…we care about the issues of the world too. Just because YOU cannot see yourself, or any other male having sex with another male, does not make it wrong. Wrong to you? Fine. I accept that…it’s YOUR opinion and YOUR disgust…but…it does not make it wrong. People like you need to realize there is a LOT more to gays than sex. A lot more. As for all the religious aspect of this…your opinions are based on a BOOK!!! Seriously??? I have NEVER been able to fathom the whole believing in God thing…I was raised Catholic…I went through the whole pomp and circumstance of it…1st confession, 1st Communion…etc etc…but when I turned about 14 I started asking questions…where is the proof? You give me a book and some words and some documentaries? What you people have is FAITH. Faith in something because you NEED to believe that there is something after this..something that will make all the pain and heartache you go through in life worth it. Believe me, it’s a nice thought….But IN MY OPINION, and I am sure it is shared by numerous other people, religion was CREATED as a way to control people. I do think it is THAT simple. Don’t do this, don’t do that…oh let’s throw this in there coz eww, a man with another man is yucky…come on. At any rate…as I stated before, Kirk is entitled to his opinion, however derrogatory it is to me and the other millions of gays…I am just fine with him batting for the Hetero’s…we don’t want him…

      • Unashamed Christian

        If you are entirely comfortable being who you are it should not matter what Kirk Cameron says. Religion does not control people…we are given the freedom of choice…choose to live righteously, or choose not too. Choosing to live righteously is not necessarily limited to Christians either. We’re not saying we are perfect…we base our beliefs on the Bible that you call a “book”. Some of the verses in that “book” seem to make gay people very uncomfortable. Well…some of the verses in the Bible make ME uncomfortable too because I am guilty of some of those things that are referred to as sin….just sayin…

      • Electro

        Unasahmed…I DON’T care what Kirk Cameron says…I have stated that several times…he IS entitled to his opinion and I RESPECT HIS opinion, regardless of how dated it is. Religion doesn’t control people??? How can you honestly believe that?? You say it is each persons choice to live righteously and choose whether we want to or not, but religion makes people afraid to make certain choices. Your relgion WANTS you to fear God and the consequences of living in a way that goes against your bible. I am a gay female. I have been in a committed relationship for 4 years now. We do not fight, we do not commit what would be viewed as a sin as adultery, we both work, we both cannot understand why people in general are so evil and judgemental, or why people commit the crimes that they do, in fact I am in the process of becoming a sheriff, we both adore and love our dogs, and our families. But according to you, everyone like you, and your religion, that is not good enough because we are together…because A BOOK told you this. My question is this, other than being disgusted by the sexual acts of homosexuals, if you DID NOT HAVE religion, or a book telling you so, WHAT else do you have that says homosexuality is wrong? It is found in over 1500 species, including courtship, love, partnership, and grievance upon the loss of said partner. There is no animal God or book, or other animals constantly telling them that it is wrong…
        So yes, Kirk Cameron can have his opinion, and share it with whomever he wants, publically or not, but homosexuality has been around LONG before Christianity and it will stay long after you are gone…I only hope for the children born now and after that they come out into a world more accepting than this one…though we have come a long way.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Damn well said, Electro!!

        And Unashamed Christian, wake up to yourself! You can’t insult and denigrate a person and then tell them “If they were comfortable with themselves they wouldn’t be upset.” Do you even hear yourself? That’s insane! How about if I hit you with a rock, and then said “Why should that bother you if you’re comfortable with yourself?”
        That is something religious people have always done, attack people for being different and then blame them if they react.
        My sister in law berated me for living with my fiance, and then said “You’re only upset because you know it’s wrong.” No actually, I was upset because this hypocritical fucking bitch was calling me a whore for sleeping with my FIANCE.
        You and your kind should learn that your opinion means nothing to us. You are so intent on criticizing, but we don’t LIKE you, you are not even good human beings, therefore, we don’t want to emulate you. It would be smarter of you to be kind to us.
        You need to read this essay. It explains perfectly why your type will not even make it to heaven, because you fail at being good enough for God.

        The End of Pascal’s Wager: Only Nontheists Go to Heaven (2002)

  31. Dennis

    Whilst I don’t agree with Kirk Cameron’s view points, the superficial as usual, when reporting on celebrities has exaggerated what was actually said for the purpose of entertainment.

    • Unashamed Christian

      Cran and Electro,
      Again…for people who are so comfortable being what they are…you sure are defensive…what’s the problem? Nobody is insulting or denegrating you. Who is criticizing? Where in my post did I criticize your lifestyle? It’s your choice and if you feel comfortable with that…why do you care what Christians think? Why lash out at what Christians say the Bible says? You don’t live by the Bible and you are not Christians so why the anger?
      You don’t like me because I am a Christian and believe in what the Bible says about ALL sin? NOW who is being judgemental? Again I say…if you feel so good about your lifestyle…you have eliminated the need for arguing about what a Christian believes about homosexuality.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        I’m straight actually. And if you can’t SEE what you are doing when you talk down to people, then no one can help you. You are just plain wrong.
        We nice normal people don’t put you down and denigrate you, you do that to us. The point is, you should shut up and mind your own damn business. The example I gave was extremely clear. Try and learn to read and comprehend.

  32. LJ

    Piers Morgan must be scraping the bottom of the barrel if all he can come up with to interview is a has been celebrity who hasn’t done anything of significance since 1995.

  33. Unashamed Christian

    Kirk Cameron is a Christian and bases his beliefs on the Bible. He has every right to express his opinions based on his beliefs. It’s funny how the LGBT community is okay with bashing someone when those beliefs don’t coincide with their own. In other words….we’re okay with you, as long as you don’t express your religiously based opionions on our lifestyle…therefore, making us uncomfortable because underneath it all…we might feel as though what Kirk is saying just might be true after all. Hey…if you don’t believe in the Bible, if you are not a Christian…what do you care what Kirk Cameron says? Right? If you are 100% okay with being LGB or T…what difference does it make that this Christian man does not think your lifestyle is okay based on his biblical beliefs? Funny, the same community that screams about discrimination, has no problem lambasting someone for opposing their beliefs. You can’t have it both ways…this man believes in what he believes…it makes you uncomfortable…get over it. Not everyone in the world thinks its okay to be a homosexual. As a Christian, I think the Bible is very clear on this lifestyle. Do I go around condeming gay people, hating on them or bashing them? NO! I have many gay friends and some gay family members. I love the sinner, hate the sin. I cannot apologize for believing in the Bible and what is says about homosexuality. If what it says makes you uncomfortable…hey…just don’t read it…don’t believe in it. But don’t tar and feather people for what they believe….YOU didn’t like it…why do it to a Christian?

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Unashamed Christian, wake up to yourself! You can’t insult and denigrate a person and then tell them “If they were comfortable with themselves they wouldn’t be upset.” Do you even hear yourself? That’s insane! How about if I hit you with a rock, and then said “Why should that bother you if you’re comfortable with yourself?”
      That is something religious people have always done, attack people for being different and then blame them if they react.
      My sister in law berated me for living with my fiance, and then said “You’re only upset because you know it’s wrong.” No actually, I was upset because this hypocritical fucking bitch was calling me a whore for sleeping with my FIANCE.
      You and your kind should learn that your opinion means nothing to us. You are so intent on criticizing, but we don’t LIKE you, you are not even good human beings, therefore, we don’t want to emulate you. It would be smarter of you to be kind to us.
      You need to read this essay. It explains perfectly why your type will not even make it to heaven, because you fail at being good enough for God.

      The End of Pascal’s Wager: Only Nontheists Go to Heaven (2002)

  34. rican

    The Situtation carefully peeks from behind the curtain, lest anyone from the Jersey Shore cast see him wearing his real clothes.

  35. Happyjoy

    Whats wrong with having strong Bible based opinions? If gays can go around parading their pride in a free country, Kirk can certainly have his opinion! FreedoM!!!

    • Unashamed Christian

      Happyjoy…that’s my point! What’s with all the spewing of hatred for a man who is a devout Christian and believes what the Bible says about homosexuality. Kirk Cameron didn’t write the friggin Bible. If you don’t like what the Bible says…don’t read it. If on the other hand you are of the opinion that the Bible is a fairy tale…what’s with all the fuss? Right?

  36. dontchangefornoone

    I don’t get why he can’t have his own opinion. There is no right or wrong answer, but when someone comes out against popular opinion, they get slammed.

  37. Bill

    Of course the “world” is against the Christian, so nothing new in these messages. It is to be expected and already written in scripture of the unbelievers. Cameron has the courage to support his faith, which the “world” will denounce. Those who deny Christ, he will also deny on judgment day.

  38. mjviking

    OMG… I love reading this stuff! I’m gay…I love having sex with my partner, and it doesn’t feel the least bit un-natural to me. I don’t give a shit what conservatives or Christians “think” about my life. It works for me…..

  39. Demon Days

    I think its sick that the GLAAD people or what ever want to track him down at every public occation he has and make extremely clear that he does not agree with homosexuality. Shoe’s on the other foot now, eh? never thought I’d here of gay people holding up signs like the homo disagree’ers do saying ”’GAY HATER”. Oops, Im sorry, I didnt know that the freedom to practice any religion and the right to free speach didnt exist anymore. And no, I refuse to say ‘homophobe’ because phobe means you have extreme fear of something and people that disagree with homosexuality are not afraid of gays. And whay the hell is it with people here thinking theres something extremely wrong with him or that he’s a closet gay because what he’s saying? He’s CHRISTIAN. Christians believe homosexuality is a sin, and that it is wrong. The dont necesarily hate gays but disagree with it because shoving your dick up another mans ass is against human nature.

  40. Jodie Minear

    Being gay is an abomination nuff said…

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