Kindly Myers is Thirsty After Washing Ashore

By the time this is posted there has probably been 100 more celebrities accused of sexual misconduct, Chrissy Teigen caught John Legend pulling a Josh Duggar on OkCupid, and Donald Trump tweeted something ignorant about how the founding fathers started Thanksgiving to combat the Isis (that last one might be the most plausible prediction). Since I’m still on a turkey and booze sabbatical, this is being written from earlier in the week so there is no telling what’s actually going on this Friday. Hopefully it’s not too bad and you’re not reading this while on fire after the bombs dropped (fingers crossed).

Anywhoozle, here’s Kindly Myers drinking 138 Water with the grace of a buffalo attempting ballet. I hope you enjoy it and I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with enough awkward engagement/pregnancy announcements and broken wine glasses to last you until next year.

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