Kimberly Stewart is engaged to Talan Torriero

26-year old Kimberly Stewart has confirmed that she’s engaged to 19-year old Talan Torriero from that Laguna Beach show. The two clowns announced their engagement at an XBox 360 party where she was sporting a 5-carat diamond engagement ring I assume she bought herself, since my mind can’t wrap around a 19-year old tool from a reality show being able to afford something like that. I’ve actually never seen Laguna Beach but don’t you think Kimberly Stewart would have made one or two appearances on the show if her relationship with Talan was so serious? I’m not saying the show isn’t as real as reality can be, but it just seems odd is all. Doesn’t matter though, since their relationship won’t last more than 57 days. Why 57 you ask? Because that’s the number of dooooom. Fuck, I’m an idiot.

Kimberly Stewart to wed