Kimberly Stewart has a really good looking butt

August 20th, 2007 // 248 Comments

Kimberly Stewart was spotted running around in a bikini looking really gross, but also hot, but also really really gross. I’m not a doctor (just kidding, yes I am) but I’m pretty sure an ass isn’t supposed to look like this. Actually, I’m pretty sure nothing is supposed to like this. Doesn’t nature have laws against it? In olden times they would’ve put her in a cage and drowned her. Not for any particular reason but, you know, because she’s a woman. That’s kind of what they did back then.


  1. chilichz

    me eyes!!!!!! my eyes!!!!! They’re burning from looking at that shiz! What the hell…in between Tara Reids stomach and botched boob job and skanky Kimberly Stewart’s sudoku-imprinted cellulite of an arse….I feel pretty good about my self! Add Paris Hilton’s wonky eye and beak nose and you got the next villain for the Batman sequel!

  2. Tha-Flash

    Don’t say good looking butt if its not you dumb pricktard!

  3. dangerlilly

    @104 You’re welcome Ali. I’m curious to see how Mr. Wood looks, aren’t you?

  4. Raquel

    What sad, sad people you are. No offense, but if men really are dreaming all day long about a ‘perfect’ woman, what kind of life would that be? Do you really think so low of all men that you honestly think that is how it works?

  5. Erin,
    Tired of you making the white girl comments. I told you you were white, those boys from Compton were using you. WHY do you think they all would drop you off at the house and say “See ya, Snowflake”??? And of course I had to put up with the pain of you crying all day. Damn. What’s the anger, that ya got an ass like this Stewart chick, who looks like she sat on a moving waffle iron. Get back to your homework!

  6. Chuck Darwin

    Dearest hollyj,

    It’s true that humans have the capacity to control their urges, even the men. That control is contained in a tiny ribbon of brain cells, only recently evolved in relative terms, and is easily anesthetized by, say, 3-4 drinks (4-5 for the women), or by prolonged sexual abstinence (men only). For example, somewhere out there in Fishland a real-life abstinent male rubbed one out to the butt close-up picture. Don’t blame him. It’s a very thin ribbon of cells, and in our species, it simply was not designed to provide much in the way of dignity for men.

    Yours truly,


  7. ali

    dangerlilly- yes i am, however he’s probably skipped town.

  8. dangerlilly

    @113 Yep, home to the wifey no doubt.

    @112 Do some men honestly rub one out to the bikini shots on here? It must be so distracting to be a man, how do you all get any work done? lol

  9. Bite Me!

    So an ugly butt trumps a dog killer?

  10. Do_Freebird

    What? for a woman her age she’s smoking hot! I mean she’s nearing 70 and……….

    Wait, you did say Martha Stewart, right? Huh, Kimberly Stewart? Wow – I think even Patrick Stewarts ass looks better than that.

  11. one*eyed*dog

    Maybe its too depressing to read about brutality to animals.

  12. Bite Me!

    This is pretty depressing too.

  13. yoyo

    Who gives a shit.

  14. Cardinal Ximenez

    Thank god almighty that Kimberly and Kim K. can never procreate.

    This girl has an evil case of the curse.

  15. lambman

    Looks like whoever wrote this has REALLY bad taste in women, since they bumped it above the Michael Vick post.

    #93 Sarcasm is the last refuge of those with really bad taste in women

  16. lambman

    ooops I mean #96,

    sorry #93 – you’re still awesome!

  17. Misz

    Rod Stewart is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. digdug

    Rod Stewart wins the fugliest man on earth award.

  19. missyhmhm

    Sorry, but I don’t believe that is KS’s butt. She doesn’t have the silver watch on in any of the other photos but the big one and she also has black bracelets on in the other photos. She certainly doesn’t look “cheesy” in any of the other photos. Hmmmm…real photo? I think not.

  20. missyhmhm

    ooops…sorry, I just checked the photo again and I am wrong…that is a man’s arm with the silver watch…sorry again!!!

  21. GirlPower

    @121. Okay if the point goes over your head because it was said ‘sarcastically” I shall rephrase

    “”"@95″ Whoever wrote this post has horrible taste in women if they think Kim Stewart is “also hot, “”"”

    We all have different opinions. Some people like oranges others like apples. Some people think the sky is blue others think it is purple. The world would be terribly boring if we were all a bunch of sheep without out any individuality.

    “”"121.”Sarcasm is the last refuge of those with really bad taste in women”"”"

    Excuses are the last refuge for those who can’t accept individuality and difference of opinion.

    Just because you have an opinion does not make it the right opinion.

  22. Ewww, cellulite arse, sick bag please.

  23. Misz

    No. 124 :(

    I love you Rod!!!!!!!!!

  24. Bite Me!

    @127 I thought opinions were like assholes?

  25. lambman

    #127 – So differences of opinion are good, but I can’t have the opinion that anybody who thinks Kim Stewart is hot has bad taste in women? Nice logical phallacy you’ve gotten yourself into.

  26. no1justminda

    See fellas, even your super hot skinny model babes get cottage cheese cheeks too! Your worlds are just crashing down now aren’t they? *Hands you all a tissue*

  27. HOLLYmorningWOOD

    OK morons – for all of you that keep saying “9 out of 10 women have cottage cheese” – NEWSFLASH – only 1 out of 100 of those think they look so hot they wear a bikini that crawls up their ass. This HOE has no class – and NO CLUE – she thinks she’s hot – she just looks like a Dannon factory explosion –

  28. WallyIsAFuckingDoucheBag

    #131 ‘phallacy’ LMFAO

  29. jim duke

    Who the hell is Kimberly Stewart??? Matha Stewart would look better in a bikini than this skinny chick (with ass dimples)

  30. WallyIsAFuckingDoucheBag

    is a ‘phallacy’ when you lie about the size of your penis?

  31. digdug

    Where is Wally?

  32. Hollywood Agent

    This one of Rod’s daughters, Kimberly, is an ugly dog. There is nothing attractive about her at all. Even if she has plastic surgery, she would still be a bow-wow.

    Also, she and the rest of his many children must be close to being penniless by now, with his four or more ex-wives/concubines that he has to pay alimony to, and all the child support he has to pay each ex-wife/concubine for the 10 or so kids he has. This guy is broke ladies. When was his last major hit or record released. There is no way he can get a bank loan with his credit. I also heard that he is short, about 5′ 6″.

    Finally, I am sick of hearing his songs playing on the background tape in all the supermarkets that I visit. It’s bad enough that they play “Hungry Eyes” and “Constant Craving”, to try to brainwash us into buying more that we need.

  33. disgusted

    you know you ass is in bad shape when you can see it from the front!! EWWW

  34. GirlPower

    @131… whooooooosh… right over your head.

    I made a comment in a sarcastic tone, and you reply:

    “Sarcasm is the last refuge of those with really bad taste in women”

    As if this is a well-known, truthful fact. When it’s simply illogical.

    It’s like me saying if anyone who thinks Kim is ugly failed second grade mathematics.

    Totally irrelevant to the what was said and what is being commented on.

    I simply rephrased my sarcastic comment, that didn’t need to be said any differently. It had it’s point. But just went straight over your head. As you decide you need to reply by twisting it into something absurdly illogical.

  35. @78 that is so so not true re: men. I would look at the thing that looks like a sock filled with 30 pounds of play doh pictured above and be turned off until I’ve had at least 7-40 beers in me. Then like either sex, anything goes.

  36. Frankencute

    What I don’t get is why do women that young have asses that look like that? It’s pretty much the norm for women and men after a certain age, but she’s way too young to have an ass that looks that bad. She needs to lay off the fries and get on a treadmill.

  37. lori

    Everyone gets cellulite sooner or later. Some it’s sooner. Fat, skinny, young old, it will get us all if we live to a ripe old age. I’ve seen men with it.

  38. Sierra

    #125 That’s some guy’s arm in the top picture, genius.

  39. dangerlilly

    @142 Seriously, she’s only 27 and her ass probably looks only marginally better than Rosie O’Donnell’s.

  40. Bleh!!

    Does anyone else notice that her boobs look awkward from the front? It’s the shape… Methinks they are implants!

  41. Cleo

    Who knew Kims ass could cause such a stir.

  42. jacs

    an ass is an ass
    of course of course
    who could deny an ass at all
    unless of course that ass is made of dimply cottage cheeeeeeeeese

  43. TR

    I think her front actually looks worse. She’s pretty fugly.

  44. corndog69

    How fucking old is she, like 50?

  45. digdug

    In pic number 3….That’s a man, baby!
    Ok guys, who would you rather bump uglies with, Kim or Mena?

  46. corndog69

    How fucking old is she, like 50?

  47. dragondance

    This is what happens when you don’t mix a little coal in the woodpile once in awhile.

  48. lmao

    why is there a distance of like three feet between her waist and her hips? is that normal on giant women?

    i think the close-up cellulite pics are photoshopped. but she’s still gross.

  49. Binky

    ‘If you don’t like my body -
    And you don’t think I’m sexy -’

    Blame my dad. – It’s in the genes !

  50. whatever

    Cushion for the pushin, yeah!

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