Kimberley Garner and Alice Amelie Doing Bikini Things and Other News

I don’t know who Kimberley Garner and Alice Amelie are, but they sure do love taking pictures of themselves in thongs on the beach. Honestly, it would be really hard to go to the beach with people like this. How would I be able to amply bronze my hogbody if I had to keep getting up and taking picture after picture of them posing in front of the lifeguard tower?


A photo of Harvey Weinstein’s mobile pharmacy has surfaced. It doesn’t change anything, but damn… it’s a lot of pills. [PageSix]

Kyle Jenner’s pregnancy is that chip that fell under the couch… just let it be and you’ll pull it out in a few months. [Celebuzz!]

Chrisette Michelle, who performed at Trump’s inauguration, publicly regrets it and takes her “I told ya so” with grace… sort of. [HipHopMyWay]

Want to watch Taylor Swift write a song? To be honest, it was pretty interesting (but the song is lame). [BreatheHeavy]

I’ve consciously been trying to avoid writing about every sexual harasser that comes out on the hour, every hour — but Brett Ratner is today’s spotlight predator. [Dlisted]

Bella Thorne may be my favorite dumpster-swamp queen, but her theatrical debut is stuck in a bog. [IDLY]

Why is Farrah Abraham talking about hate crimes? [Teen Mom Talk Now]

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