Kim Smith is easy on the eyes


Remember Kim Smith? She was a former Guess model who also did some Victoria’s Secret modeling and appeared in a few movies like Van Wilder and Catwoman. I don’t really have a good excuse to post these pictures of her at the Meet the Robinsons premiere, I just thought you’d need something to wash your eyes out after that Natasha Lyonne post. Although after Natasha Lyonne I could’ve put up a picture of the Elephant Man posing nude with some burn victims and it’d be like looking at the cast of Batwatch.

kim-smith-meet-the-robinsons-02-thumb.jpg kim-smith-meet-the-robinsons-03-thumb.jpg kim-smith-meet-the-robinsons-04-thumb.jpg kim-smith-meet-the-robinsons-05-thumb.jpg kim-smith-meet-the-robinsons-06-thumb.jpg kim-smith-meet-the-robinsons-07-thumb.jpg kim-smith-meet-the-robinsons-08-thumb.jpg kim-smith-meet-the-robinsons-09-thumb.jpg