Kim & Khloe Kardashian are full of shit

November 30th, 2009 // 157 Comments

Kim Kardashian posted the rest of the obviously Photoshopped pics from her QuickTrim photoshoot on her blog today. Of course, since Kim has the intelligence of a reality star who followed the footsteps of Paris Hilton, she included non-airbrushed pics of a fully-clothed Khloe and herself that slap you in the face with how edited the bikini shots are. Unless these two know some sort of sorcery that makes Khloe’s Chewbaccian ass deflate at will, there’s no way in hell these two legitimately lost weight.

Also that would require work, I rest my case.




  2. Jimmy

    These two are in line as 1st place winners of the “Attention Getting Whore” contest. Without any talent or skills, they merely exist. Seeing these two is like viewing a canker sore for the 1st time – it’s unwanted and full of unwanted garbage!

  3. F2

    Look at the f’n flippers on Kloe. You couldn’t push that thing over.

  4. silly

    i chalk it all up to camera angles. its way higher so it makes them look disproportionate and “leaner.”

  5. PD

    ROFL, whoever ‘shopped those pictures is lucky as hell their boss is retarded and blind as shit to find their work acceptable enough to print, post, and publish.

  6. hmna

    Worst. Photoshop. Ever.

  7. stfu

    They’re really in front of the pyramids, just photoshopped in a bedroom

  8. minx

    @31 Chicken legs, really? Compare Khloe’s messy thunder thighs in the clothed pic to her alleged legs in the bikini pics. It’s like night and day.

    @ 18 You too, check your eyes. You really think that Kim’s face got narrower because she lost a few pounds? Come on, that face looks like a fucking baguette in the first three. You’re a moron.

    @32 That’s Khloe’s own hand, but you’re on the right track. That’s where they very obviously chopped off some inches from her waist. She does that in both pictures though – grabs the life out of her back fat to pull it away and hide it. They also took these from high up and stretched them out.

  9. Sport

    #28 says it all. Nailed it.
    Go away media whores you have no talent.

  10. #18 is dumb

    @#18 – kim DOES actually have breast implants, and yes, when a person with implants loses weight, their breasts can get smaller. if they are indeed smaller (which i am not even sure of), it means she has lost some of the NATURAL breast tissue around the implant. judging by the pics she posted of herself as a teenager, i am guessing she had some c cups that she wanted to upgrade to match the size of her hips and ass. she is one of the few people that i think implants are appropriate on. note that losing weight has actually brought out the SHAPE of the implant more (at the top especially) since they aren’t surrounded by fat to soften their outline.

    in other news…i don’t like those abs on her and her tan looks like that strange body-builder grossness. she looks when she is toned but with a little less muscle bulk. and when her face matches her body.

  11. lol

    lol these pics r fuwcking retarded.. they even look nasty fotoshopped


    You’re all taking it wrong. Myself, a professional photographer for over 30 years, can see what is right and what is wrong.

    You blow-hards take every chance when opportunity knocks, no, not knocking KIM and KHLOE!!! Look closer… the photos in the bikinis were NOT photoshopped but the photo with clothes on WERE.

    Glad I got this straight, now I’ll sell you snake oil @un-believable prices. Honest Indian!!!

  13. arghh

    so since they do all this/so often..
    then why for the love of god, don’t they photoshop that ugly mug’s (khloe?s ) head or at least half of her jaw so she would look normal sized and I would not be disturbed when I come across photos of her and Rumer Willis.

  14. Lola

    it’s because they have the camera looking down at them from an upward angle so they have that lollipop-figure going on. They’re not really fat normally anyways, eh

  15. Amaranth

    that giant next to her is so hideous makes me want to punch her face til it reaches the back of her skull

  16. hard boiled pegg

    The sluts are so loose they need to fuck black guys to feel anything from tween years of whoring themselves around… disgusting stinking whore x 2

  17. Alexandra

    look at Khloes back fucking leg! somethings missing! kims tits are different and her face looks like an upside down triangle.

    From a professional photoshop artist that does this every bloody day; take a good look at the “almost beautiful!”

  18. oh

    I never realised what a monster Khloe is… shes hugeeeeeeeeeee

  19. Wow both are looking so hot i must say. Really so sexy. I like kim very much . She has got so nice figure i must say.

  20. meh

    they are among us, they are here to control us, we are doomed! run ruuuuuuuun ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

  21. Really so sexy. I like kim very much . She has got so nice figure i must say.

  22. I never realised what a monster Khloe is… shes hugeeeeeeeeeee

  23. msnasty


  24. 1derwoman

    Well, having worked in the photography industry, I’ll share that it’s a well known trick to photograph a large person from farther away and higher up, it makes them look smaller. These photos however are not the result of trick photography, this is obvious photoshopping. Kim is stunningly beautiful, but looks like a cardboard cut-out here.

  25. yeah that’s butt pad on the bed. i have one of those because i’m petite. either kardashians are wearing them to make their asses pump to the nth level or they put it on purpose to convince us their asses are not “that” huge after all. whatever – it’s not working.

    LMAO at kim’s pic. that body belongs to a female body builder or fitness model for sure, HAHAHA!

  26. kenortega

    The karadashian’s are full of shit. That wouldn’t stop me from ejaculating on Kim”s face, after a couple of rounds in her ass.

  27. Amy Cee

    It’s the angle yall. The camera is on the ceiling!

  28. Impy C

    You would think that if you’re going to photo shop yourself you would at least make it look somewhat realistic but these are all disgusting, like a real life Paris Hilton. Gah, weren’t these girls liked for curves and not concave stomachs and pin thin legs?!

    Imp C

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  30. Beckey

    You can definitely tell the photos were manipulated in some way. Just look at how small the brown box on the floor is in the first picure and how big it is in the second. Also in the first picture the bed looks smaller and further away and in the second it looks very close and large. The weird thing is their bodies look the same distance from the camera. And anyone knows that picutes taken from a height makes everything smaller.

  31. Donkeh

    If I’m not mistaken, isn’t Kong’s hand right on Kim’s ass?

    I think the TRUTH in this photoshoosting is in the fact that they bumped the color heavily on the bikinis on the bed. Now go shopping.

  32. cfgthrty

    Looks like Kim is messing with Sasquatch!

  33. Jessica S.

    Def. photoshop users. MLIG!

  34. Hey

    These arent very good pictures but they are sexy anyway!!!!

  35. kellie

    God, Kim is always sucking in that flabby stomach….even in the PHOTOSHOPPED…AND YES THEY ARE…photos here…she is still sucking in. Shows what she’s good at…sucking. Grossssssssssssss whores

  36. Lisa

    The photos are obviously NOT photoshopped and they definitely both lost weight. All of the obsessive, hating comments are just weak.

  37. Lisa

    The photos are obviously NOT photoshopped and they definitely both lost weight. All of the obsessive, hating comments are just weak.

  38. Lisa

    And who’s the really intelegent person who said there is a butt pad on the bed? It’s called a bra. Maybe you’ve heard of those?

  39. Lisa

    And who’s the really smart person who said there is a butt pad on the bed? It’s called a bra. Maybe you’ve heard of those?

  40. Lisa

    And who’s the really smart person who said there is a butt pad on the bed? It’s called a bra. Maybe you’ve heard of those?

  41. Lisa

    And who’s the really smart person who said there is a butt pad on the bed? It’s called a bra. Maybe you’ve heard of those?

  42. Lisa

    Yes, I had a spelling error- bring on the obsessive online freaks.

  43. Fai

    For all of you who think these pics weren’t photoshopped, take a closer look at pic #2. Kim’s last 3 fingers are cupping air the same way her first two are grasping Khloe. Why? Because in the original photos, she’s got her hand around *all* of Khloe. Clearly they airbrushed her back fat out.

  44. Vanessa Bardot

    They both look amazing in and out of the bikinis. Near one of these women are fat in any way. Kim is short and very curvy. Khloe is tall curvy girl.

    How in the world do you people get fat from curvy?

    Are we looking at the same photos? It is almost as though North Americans are so brainwashed by the media by constantly seeing underweight celebrities and models that they come to accept those images of women as normal and ideal even though they are often sickly and unattractive.

    So, when women come along who are curvy and fit people who have lost all common sense and reason through media brainwashing are no longer able to decipher what is normal and attractive from abnormal and unattractive.

  45. Jamie Lynn's Uterus


    Curvy = Fat

    Its a law of Physics. Read up on it.

  46. Vanessa Bardot

    To #96
    “Curvy =Fat” if you are a gay man dear.

    But if you are a straight man you like and want full breasts and a shapely ass on a woman.
    If you are a sane woman not afflicted with body dysmorphic disorder (i.e. anorexia, bulmia) and self hatred you love having breasts and an ass, and also love seeing other women who have womanly assests.

    So, either you are a gay man or a messed up broad with an eating disorder.


    Amazing what spray on tan does. Great abs.. lol

  48. flaky

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  49. Aims

    My sisters boyfriend does photoshop professionally, he pointed out all the areas that have been retouched. You can tell its been photoshopped. She used the same body shape and cut it out and pasted her photoshopped head on it. Her body is the same here as it is in the other picture with her alone… she just flipped it and made a mirror image of the already photoshopped body…

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