Kim & Khloe Kardashian pretend to be skinny

January 5th, 2010 // 65 Comments

As if their heavily-edited bikini photos weren’t enough, Kim and Khloe Kardashian are featured in a new commercial for QuickTrim that’s basically the Avatar of late night infomericals. If James Cameron saw this thing, he’d probably pistol-whip his entire CGI team to death. Twice.

Also, how the hell does Khloe have a radio show, yet she talks like a monotone Fran Drescher? I’m genuinely curious.


  1. jiz

    I could use some quick trim from either of these fine ladies.

  2. lol@them

    I’d still hit it.

  3. candicane

    these two skanks are disgusting.
    need attention much?
    and their “weight loss” is because of plastic surgery.
    once again, the whoredashians have failed.

  4. mike

    yuck and fake.

  5. N

    To the superficial writer: After all the comments on your other post telling you that those photos weren’t photoshopped, just taken at an angle, you still write it? They were not photoshopped.

  6. jim eh

    I can’t believe this, is this a /b/ troll, like wtf, this can’t be, those 2 fat ugly Sasquatch looking traps are advertising a diet?

  7. youmakemewanna...puke

    sluts r the kardashians!

  8. fuxyslot

    such a relentlessly desperate steep climb to fame, with bulimic vomit and bloody claw marks staining their wake

  9. Lang

    Hot damn! The people who make comments on here are HATERS!

  10. havoc

    Get the results you want.
    Live the dream.
    Have the body you’ve always wanted.
    You have the power to reinvent yourself.

    Take legalized speed….


  11. Tim

    “with bulimic vomit and bloody claw marks staining their wake”

    I am so fucking hard right now…

  12. glace neuf

    i’d hit it

  13. Andrea

    “Hot damn! The people who make comments on here are HATERS!”

    Well, not all of them. One is clearly a sucker.

  14. JiggaJay

    Id tear it up even w/out the diet shit. I mean really, who doesn’t love a fat ass and big tits??

  15. jose

    whats disgusting me to is these two spoiled brats cant even endorse a product while going on a serious fitness regimen. How hard is it to kick ass in the gym for 3-4 months and watch your diet if youre getting paid handsomely to do so. All this effort to make these girls APPEAR fit, why arnt they actually fit from any angle. They are soft and spoiled and never had to truley work for a single thing in their ridiculously superficial lives. For fucks sake their whole worlds are about being in the media and you keep that ass tight? I dont care about genetics or body types, if you limit your calorie intake and spend time in the gym everyday, WORKING OUT, you will get in great shape.

    To me this is more of an advertisement of how Quick Trim DOESNT work. The company cant even pay two women to get in shape on their product. Two women whose careers revolve around looking good. Kim looks pretty close to fit but Kloe is not in shape.

  16. Pseudopodia

    Fish has such a crush, he’s like a 9 yr old with these girls.

  17. MARYN

    I think they are beautiful, with or without diet supplements

  18. Boogeyman King Dong

    Da clip goona be a huge success!

  19. Joe Blow

    You’ll forgive me if I don’t pretend to care about those two coal burning skanks.

  20. missywissy

    Kim’s body is very beautiful. Even though it got famous for some black guy taking a leak on her.

    The girl needs some training in how to walk!

    She is very beautiful. I don’t see how anyone thinks she’s fat. I would love to have a body like that. Just not getting peed on.

  21. I will be going to my local target to purchase quicktrim so I can look like my two idols the Karcrashian sisters.

    Read it then weep!

  22. Darth

    How many credit crunches do we have to make for a flat stomach this time?!

  23. Ha ha. I was totally waiting for her to pick up a telephone and say breathlessly, “Call now…”

  24. Kim is too lazy to do the thousands of side leg lifts it takes to bring in those thighs. Yes, I know she has crappy genetics but so does Jennifer Aniston and she works for it. Kim will probably just go with lipo. She’s a lazy, do-nothing bitch who is a pathological liar, to boot. I’m glad that guy is cheating on her.

  25. dude

    if you look close enuff, you can see harpoon scars on Kim’s thighs.

    Khloe: Chewbacca in drag. GrrrrrrrAAAAWWWWRRRR

  26. Christina

    Neither one is fat or overweight, but neither one looks particularly in shape. Maybe that isn’t fair to say, since they aren’t claiming this shit makes you toned or whatever, but I agree with #16…they should’ve spent a few months in the gym really toning (not becoming stick-skinny) and then this might be somewhat believable. But they couldn’t even do that. When your “job” is to be on a reality show and you get paid a shitload of money for that, there’s no excuse for not being in shape when that’s a huge part of your supposed appeal. They’re both pretty (though I think the prettiest sister BY FAR is the one who just had the baby….what’s-her-face) and neither is fat or overweight, but they don’t look that spectacular because they don’t seem to have much muscle mass.

  27. McHuge

    The commercial is a knockoff of the old TrimSpa Anna Nicole commercials, and they stole “Live the Dream” from Xenadrine Xtreme.


  28. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Does Kim do anything else but take off her clothes and pretend to be sexy? She continues to say how shy she is, yet she does this? The girl is a piss whore, how shy could she be?

    These 2 (well, all of them) are just so beyond disgusting. Why can’t they take drugs and OD like so many others?

  29. Noelle

    Awww yes this shit can’t possibly be photoshopped because for women, the area from tit’s to belly button is naturally over 12 inches long. The previous photos were obvious photoshop jobs, and if they denied it, it’s because then they would be falsly advertising this crappy product. Look at side by side pictures and if you aren’t a moron you’ll see it.

    I’m sorry but if you’re going to advertise a weight loss product being soft isn’t the way to do it…

  30. Kim has an awesome body, its not about always looking skinny.!!!

  31. Simply Bohemian

    I don’t see what the deal is, they are no different than any other media horrors. And let’s be honest people, if no one was watching they wouldn’t have a show or the following. So put your little green eyed monsters away. Welcome to life.

  32. Teacher


    Yeah it’s about photoshop and altered videos and girdles lol! But the bottom line is Kim and her sister do not have the discipline to eat proper and exercise regularly and this is why they are big women (a.k.a. fat). They are the typical big Americans and this is why fit chicks are rare and admired. Now go read a non fiction book.

  33. Ghost

    To comment 14: Swish!

  34. eva

    I’m a girl but I love soft, rounded girls. I don’t like fit, athletic too muscley ones. Soft big breasts and curved hips and ever so slightly that’s a gorgeous woman. What I wouldn’t do to get my hands on one ;) yum.

  35. youmakemewanna...puke

    these sluts will do anything for money…even promote speed that kills your liver.

  36. qman

    sluts sluts sluts

  37. aprilstp

    Why does Kloe have to keep showing us her body? Someone please stop her. And I think that commercial is unintentionally hilarious.

  38. missywissy

    one more thing I about kim (since I have nothing to do but pick on her) she should really go to a voice lessons class and develop a little deeper sultry tone. She looks very exotic, but when she opens her mouth she sounds like a little valley girl. voice doesn’t match her at all.

  39. Winston


    You are in good company because most Americans are overweight like Kim and her sister. I like fit chicks with nice tits that have a toned body where you can see their muscle cuts. It is very hard for women to get big muscles unless they train in the gym 4 or more times a week and make it their career. It is very easy for chicks to get a big ass like Kim; just eat and eat and eat and then put on a girdle to suck the fat in. I wish people would quit making excuses for fat people.

  40. eva

    I’m not making excuses for fat people, nor did I say I like fat people. I like slightly rounded, very curvy girls. Good for you that you like manly stomachs and girls who look like a sticks with big boobs. Also, good luck finding this elusive body. Sticks with big boobs usually had plastic surgery to attain that look. Most women don’t look like that so good luck finding such gals. However, your taste is your taste and mine is mine, so lets leave it at that shall we?
    I’m sure this gal:
    looks like a complete whale to you. But I love her hips and thighs.
    I would give her some proper lovin.’

  41. i like the color it make me like the girl lol

  42. Kev


    It is amusing how fat people make excuses for other fat people or guys that like fat chicks. Skinny just means you have bad eating habits and being fat like Kim means you also have bad eating habits. But a fit chick means she has good eating habits and exercises regularly. My girlfriend is a petite chick with natural 34C tits. She has managed to do something that most of Americans can’t do like Kim; eat proper and exercise regularly and stay petite and fit. Everyone is going to get old, but why get old and fat? Get old and stay in shape and have a youthful looking body. Let’s face it; a fit figure is always a youthful looking figure. I think Kim works extremely hard at her girdles, make up, photo shop pics and like the post says “Pretends she is skinny.” But she really needs to work on her mind and personality and getting fit. Cosmetic surgery, girdles, and photoshop can only do so much.

  43. Sam

    @41 I looked at the pics and Marilyn Monroe had natural tits unlike Kim. Marilyn has the classic natural hourglass shape with measurements of 36-24-35 whereas Kim got breast implants to improve her pear shaped body and her measurements are 37-29-42. She’s a cute big chick but just be realistic about it.

  44. angelica

    All of u people are jealous ugly loosers!!!!!! Kim is a godess!!!! She is perfect from head to toe . She has stunning features and an ultra sexy sensual body.

    The men who diss her arej ust tiny sized dick douche bags who are extremly intimadated by her and her delicious body. The women who diss her are purley JEALOUS!!! You wish you could look a quarter has ravishing. why don’t u diss the other piece of shit hollywood CUNTS!!! Beacause they arent beautiful like Kim, and her gorgeous body!!!!

  45. James

    I agree! She is a GODESS!!! I would get busy and them some with her. She is so HOTTTT. U bitchez are just haten!!! Ugly bitchez.

  46. lilly

    Winston, Your a piece of fucking shit!!!

  47. They are definitely not fat.

  48. Robot

    Well although Kim physically isn’t my type, I also don’t think she’s fat. She’s actually very attractive, just not what I would personally want. But the problem I have here is the fact that she photoshops and gets surgery to claim she’s skinny when it seems even the people in here who find her attractive admit it’s because they like their women a little curvier. So all I’m saying is she should stop lying about how she looks and hit the gym if she wants to be skinner.

  49. what is that looks like???

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