Kim Kardsashian is blonde and other news

August 10th, 2009 // 93 Comments

- Kathy Griffin brought Levi Johnston as her date to the Teen Choice Awards. Was this an object lesson for the kids about cougars’ old age making them infertile so you don’t even have to bother with a condom? Because that’s what I picked up. [PopEater]

- Halle Berry is pregnant again? But how?! We haven’t made love since that time I wrote the words “Halle” on a bagel. [A Socialite’s Life]

- Ashley Greene was caught making out with Chace Crawford this morning. Was that before or after she leaked nude pictures of herself? [Lainey Gossip]

- Natasha Henstridge is making me reconsider women over 30. (But 35′s the cut off. Seriously.) [Celebslam]

- Milo Ventimiglia shirtless. In case you’re into that sort of thing. (Read: The bare chest of a midget fucker.) [Just Jared]

- Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt keep the sparks alive. Until later that night when they realize that wasn’t a lumpy pillow it was Maddox the whole time. “Ha ha! We need to start giving these kids away.” [PopSugar]

- Dane Cook booed at the Teen Choice Awards. Wow. I suddenly don’t fear the future anymore. It’s going to be okay! [The Blemish]

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  1. Saints

    We would like to express our pleasure that Reggie is no longer being dragged around by this attention whore. Now that he is able to concentrate fully on finding the endzone, we will be booking our hotel for the Super Bowl.

  2. jrtj

    she looks like j lo. so pretty

  3. Upinya

    Tired, so very tired.

  4. hd

    Her eyes are very very charming.

  5. lissa.

    She looks good like this-the skin tone, the lighter brown colored contacts..she looks carmel-ly. Very pretty.

  6. Alana

    She looks hot!

  7. Alana

    She looks hot!

  8. farty mcshitface

    she still looks like shit. and you can’t polish a turd!

  9. Nameless

    If Megan Fox can jumpstart her career because of simliarities between her and Angelina Jolie without any actual real talent; Kim K can do the same with JLo with her big ass and fake dye job.

  10. TheJoker07


  11. chloe

    beautiful. & less make-up makes her look look younger.

  12. Smith

    She is looking very hot, charming. I am a big fan of her. I love her dance. take a look

  13. Balls McCoy

    I don’t like it…

    I LOVE IT! Very hot w/ blonde hair!

  14. No GayTards

    Sexy as F#&K!!!!!

  15. LTS

    Here’s what changed: Instead of saying to myself, “other than being attractive, why is this black haired hoochie a celebrity?”, now I say “other than being attractive, why is this heavily highlighted brown haired hoochie a celebrity?”

  16. Bo

    Useless celebrity #231, move on….

  17. Kelly

    Pretty sure that’s not a wig clearly GROWING from her scalp # 23

  18. Emi

    She looked old

  19. Emi

    She looks old

  20. Emi

    She looks old

  21. Rough Daddy

    I will go on record saying that, Date Cook totally Jinx Jessica Simpson’s career…

  22. Rough Daddy

    And my spelling…

  23. Without a buttshot, it’s not interesting.

  24. Dread not

    I didn’t recognize, Kimmy when I first saw these pics. I thought it was Bouncy Knowles, for a split instant. Then I realized, “holy shit! That’s Kim Krashthatassin! That’s exactly what I’d do to her, especially with the blonde drapes. Daddy like! Kim’s insecure meter red lined and she’s gone into her “what will make me feel good and sexy again?” mode. Nice.

  25. duh


  26. TRICIA

    she got more plastic surgery done on her face.

  27. michael



    can she go away? she does nothing for society and has no talent.

  29. jamiek

    she looks like plastic.

  30. Well I guess this means more black men will be likely to hit on her since all black men like the white wimminz, esp blondes. But she just looks like a shemale version of J.Lo, except with more plastic surgery which seems to be more obvious now.

  31. Galtacticus

    That totally changed her whole look!

  32. J

    ew she looks like that fug E news anchor

  33. Darth

    Isn’t it time to take her finally serious?

  34. Gando

    Who’s this delightful blond nymf?

  35. I really like this new blonde look, I wonder if she dyed your asshole hair as well, oh well hopefully I will find out when I ass fuck her hard, while smoking a cig

  36. I really like this new blonde look, I wonder if she dyed your asshole hair as well, oh well hopefully I will find out when I ass fuck her hard, while smoking a cig

  37. Rudy

    The only rich man Kim can get now are old ugly men because no athletic man like Reggie wants a big saggy fat ass who eats too much. No athlete wants to see his chick take off her girdle and watch everything go down south!

  38. Go Reggie!

    Ha! Ha! Reggie dumped Kim because he got sick of her fat saggy cellulite wide ass! I bet Reggie is sleeping with tight hot chicks with nice small shapely butts! Go Reggie!

  39. clpierced

    Kim looks frickin hot here! im glad she isnt with reggie anymore. black guys cocks look purplish. its grossss

  40. minty

    she looked so much better as a brunette!! she looks too fake here. part of her appeal i think is that she has always looked somewhat “exotic”, but now she looks like every other girl in hollywood.

  41. jamiek

    she has never looked exotic or good. just fake.

  42. ugly


  43. chloe

    i don’t see any plastic surgery except the boobs. just gorgeous, crisp, & clean-sans the ton of eyeliner.

  44. I can’t remember anyone who has ever tried as hard as she TRIES.

  45. Her Name is Kardashian not Kardsashian. ;)

  46. Simon

    Poor Kim got dumped and her only hope now is some fat ugly old man with a lot of money because she loves to spend money but has no true talent to support herself. Kim should really start a girdle line because her ass looks better when wearing a girdle than having it go down south in flabsvilles.

  47. look at my junk

    does this work?

  48. ugly

    chloe, you’re obviously not looking at her face.

  49. censoring comments now I see

    facts are that she looks 100% better with lightened hair.
    If given half a chance I would bang her like a jehovah witness at your front door.
    I would give her some juglove and splatter a quart of sticky goodness all over her silicon mountains
    I would stick all kind of kitchen utensils up inside her pooper.
    I would take pictures and show them to the world bragging my ass off.

    But this still does not cover up the fact that she is inherently a nobody.
    Her daddy set a murderer free. Big deal. Why is she really given this type of media attention?

  50. Natahsa Hensridge? Check out this list of women who hae gotten hotter with age

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