Kim Kardashian’s New Quick Trim Body

Because she thinks you’re an idiot, Kim Kardashian posted these shots to her Twitter page today in a blatant effort to shill QuickTrim diet pills. And they’re so not Photoshopped, according to a barrage of QVC-level tweets:

U can get Quick Trim now It works! Check out my twitpics! I lost my last 6 lbs fast & toned up! Loving QUICK TRIM
Don’t kill me @NickSaglimbeni 4 posting snapshots of our shoot, they aren’t photoshopped yet, but who needs it! Quick Trim baby! Go get it!

You know what always makes me believe something hasn’t been Photoshopped? Seeing it photographed on a computer screen. It’s practically like she taped it to a butter churn in the middle of Amish country.

Photos: Twitter