Reggie Bush wants Kim Kardashian to lose weight

Kim Kardashian’s mom has been pushing for Kim to lose weight, and now so is her boyfriend Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints. Nothing like getting it from all sides. (Pun intended.) Page Six reports:

“He’s been pushing her to work out hard,” said our source. Sunday, Kardashian was overheard telling a friend at the opening of FUSE nightclub in Nashville that Bush made her run the dunes at Manhattan Beach in California.

“Run the dunes.” Amazing. I’m looking forward pics of Kim doing laps in her heels every time they go out to eat.

REGGIE: What’d you order, baby?
KIM: Seafood alfredo – and a whole cheesecake.
REGGIE: Day-amn! You’re running behind the car tonight.
KIM: But don’t you love my trunk? All this junk inside my trunk?
REGGIE: Woman, what I’d tell you ’bout that stereotypical bullshit? Reggie Bush is trying to save your life!

Ha! I love these kids.

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