Reggie Bush wants Kim Kardashian to lose weight

July 16th, 2008 // 143 Comments

Kim Kardashian’s mom has been pushing for Kim to lose weight, and now so is her boyfriend Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints. Nothing like getting it from all sides. (Pun intended.) Page Six reports:

“He’s been pushing her to work out hard,” said our source. Sunday, Kardashian was overheard telling a friend at the opening of FUSE nightclub in Nashville that Bush made her run the dunes at Manhattan Beach in California.

“Run the dunes.” Amazing. I’m looking forward pics of Kim doing laps in her heels every time they go out to eat.

REGGIE: What’d you order, baby?
KIM: Seafood alfredo – and a whole cheesecake.
REGGIE: Day-amn! You’re running behind the car tonight.
KIM: But don’t you love my trunk? All this junk inside my trunk?
REGGIE: Woman, what I’d tell you ’bout that stereotypical bullshit? Reggie Bush is trying to save your life!

Ha! I love these kids.

NOTE: In a rush? Here’s the butt shot. The Superficial: Working for you.


  1. Dave

    She needs to lost 40 pounds…and that ugly sister as well

  2. Dave

    She needs to lose 40 pounds…and that ugly sister as well

  3. Dal

    Yep… that’s an azz.

  4. tp

    That retarded excuse for a dress is hideous.

  5. No way, she needs to keep that phat ass.

  6. Reggie don’t like peeing on no damn fat chicks!

  7. simplicity

    Still dont care about Kim or anything regarding Kim.

    Next topic please :)

  8. havoc

    Reggie and her mom are wrong.

    She’s perfect. The majority of women in this country are upset because they don’t look like her.

    Her mother is just jealous.


  9. sixpack

    That last picture makes we want to bite into it like Chucky. AArgghhhh!!!!

  10. wanks

    lose 20 lbs….but none from the top!

  11. sicasso

    Skankariffic! Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush, ready to stick it to the gene pool that spawned their own vacant souls.

  12. A

    She doesn’t need to lose any weight. I think she looks great. She has a great body and a great ass. What’s wrong with that man?

  13. Fugyoself

    And then Kim said, ” Reggie, I’ll lose the weight if you stop being an over-hyped non-entity in the NFL”.

    @Havoc: just because you like the flabby no tone goat-man tranny face look (or the cock) doesn’t mean that anyone else does

  14. Frank

    The clothes she wears definitely maximize her attractiveness…but you’re crazy if you don’t think she would look hotter if she lost 15 pounds and toned up. Her gut and thighs are not attractive…which is why they are generally covered up. She looks fine here…but naked she would be a mess. Her BMI places her into the overweight category and she is one of very few women that can pull off looking good with a BMI like that. Even so, she’d look better if she slimmed down.

  15. moka

    i am no kim fan, but she is super fine like that. she shouldn’t care about her mom’s and boyfriend’s opinion. if he don’t like her like that, she should get another man, i’m sure there’s plenty out there for her.

  16. Doc

    I have said it all along that being 30 pounds or more overweight like Kim is unhealthy and can lead to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. The more fat one has, the more saggy one will get as they get older. Reggie probably noticed that Kim’s big fat wide square ass is sagging more rapidly. I have doubts that Kim will successfully lose at least 30 pounds because she is highly addicted to food and it shows on her fat body and she has no self disicpline which will be a big problem for Kim to lose weight and get fit.

  17. infinetpartners

    She definitely could lose a few pounds. She keep gaining weight too – she’ll be two sacks before we know it. I probably wouldn’t hit it unless she is into A2M and then I would consider it.

  18. infinetpartners

    She definitely could lose a few pounds. She keep gaining weight too – she’ll be two sacks before we know it. I probably wouldn’t hit it unless she is into A2M and then I would consider it.

  19. P-Daddy

    I’d love to lick her from the rooter to the tooter!

  20. michelle

    she looks good. they need to leave her alone. many women in this country would die to look like that.

  21. havoc

    Ladies, its okay if you don’t look like Kim.

    You can still lead a productive life…..


  22. You're Mom

    Why would anyone make fun of her. She’s SOOOO pretty! You don’t have to be a stick to be pretty, you are all a bunch of jealous jerks.

  23. Maurice

    There are so many fat hot chicks like Kim that know how to look good wearing their special girdles. I have a huge fat fetish and all fat chicks with big fat hips, fat thighs, and fat ass like Kim are hot! If Kim gets high blood pressure or high cholesterol from being fat; she can always take medicine. More pictures of Kim’s sexy fat ass!

  24. JJ


    3 cheers for all you ladies that practice a healthy lifestyle by eating in moderation and exercising regularly to maintain your fine fit bodies unlike fat ass Kim.

    For all you fat chicks like Kim; try Weight Watchers.

    Good Luck fat chicks and Kim too!

  25. Andy


    Since 3/4 of the US population are fat like Kim, most women would die to be able to lose the fat and look fit and hot. Kim is just another fat American and the problem is we have too many fat Americans. I suspect you are fat like Kim.

  26. juicy

    I don’t know about losing weight, I think her body is voluptuous and hot!

  27. Jamal

    Kim is one hot fat chick with a hot looking fat ass! She may not have the classic hour glass shape like Marilyn Monroe, but her big fat pear shape looks delicious!

  28. PunkA

    Let’s be completely honest here. Sure, Kim is a total bitch with a major entitlement problem. She thinks she is owed way more than she deserves. But the fact is, if she actually worked out, got toned and lost a few, she would be one of the hottest chicks in Hollywood. Great features, great curves and imagine those toned up. Truth is, though, she is way too lazy too commit to it. Her show proves what a lazy sack of lard she is.

  29. kk

    oh please. you’re giving america’s teens eating disorders stop being irresponsible!

  30. frederick

    BMI? Weight loss? Fat ass? Bah. What I’m really wondering is why she suddenly has Janice Dickinson lips in the first photo. That’s WAY more grotesque.

  31. Jibbly Biggins

    What the heck you freaks, she looks fabulous and I would kill to have that body!

  32. Bob

    Why does she only fuck black guys? Easy: Because she’s thick and has a big ass.

    She doesn’t want to stop fucking black guys, so why should she lose weight?

  33. Crazy Old Bitch

    Can we please, please chat about how gay Tom Cruise is? I hear he’s very gay.

  34. Gia


    You must be obese if you want Kim’s fat pear shaped body. I am fit and I am grateful that I know when to push myself away from the plate unlike Kim and I have the motivation to exercise regularly. I cannot imagine being fat like Kim at 5’3″ and weighing 160 pounds and her size 40 plus inches hips are huge for a short person. I am 5’2″ and weigh 108 pounds and to be as fat as Kim would be a nightmare for sure.

  35. Racer X

    Reggie Bush has been around too many white people.

    /motto: cute in the face, thick in the waist

  36. Crazy Old Bitch

    #34 and #35 What in the fuck does that have to do with the scary faggotry practices of Tom Cruise?

  37. Bruce Jenner

    Kim has to lose weight. I can’t stertch the doorfarmes aynmroe

    Sorry about my dyslexia.

  38. #34 – It’s a well known fact that you need to add 10lbs whenever a woman states her weight, just like you have to take away 3 inches whenever a guy states his cock size. Kim has been quoted saying she weighs 115, so I’ll say 125. Even 130 at most. Not bad at all. You say you weigh the very specific 108, which has gotta out you at a buck twenty easy… also not bad if it’s in the right places.

    Incidentally, I have a 12 inch cock…

  39. yuristache

    What can you say, Reggie Bush is accustomed to pushing people.

  40. mon ami

    I have figured it out. This is the board where all of the fat-phobes of the internet commune to make themselves feel better about what is ultimately their very fucked up, likely dysmorphic body image.

    Hint, losers. Not every woman is going to built like a Paris runway anorexic. In fact, most people aren’t perfect. If you happen to be within your acceptable weight range and can run a marathon, chances are you probably have shortcomings in other areas that make you unacceptable as a human being, such as being a complete and total asshole, a philanderer, or a pedophile. The latter, specifically, given your preference for women who are built like twelve year old boys.

    And for the record, there are glut of unhealthy fuckards out there who aren’t overweight but are sucking just as much life out of the healthcare system with heart disease and diabetes. You don’t have to be a lardass to be unhealthy, but the media would have you believe otherwise, given its ingrained fear of fat.

  41. Don't bother

    Kim, don’t worry about your weight; nothing you do will accomplish anything. You’re a dumb stupid fat peed upon porn star mudshark who’s fifteen minutes is up.

    Do yourself a favor and quit the d list celeb garbage. It’s only going to get more brutal from here on out.

  42. Crazy Old Bitch

    It’s a well known fact that Tom Cruise Holds the worlds record for most foot long double dildos rammed up his ass at one time with 117.

  43. indie

    she does need to loose weight. no she shouldnt look like skeletor, but this bitch is fucked, shes almost thirty… surgery is how she kept her shit like this to begin with. reggie is clever he’s trying to keep her on board, but im certain naked her body is all over the place, and he is an athlete duh he has got to be in shape it his job. yea she looks decent with clothes but ughhh i can imagine. and no i do not want this girls body im happy with my 36c 26 37, 6.1 frame thank you very much, my c cups and apple ass are actually mine. its that fine line of being athletic, kick ass genes, and still being curvy… her genes are fucked, and she is lazy and eats fried oreos who does that shit? just when i thought fried twinkies was insane. neways im really wondering if the man will be stupid enough to wife her…. maybe this is her test…. pisces men are funny that way. ne whooo i pray he gets a prenup, this one “is a predator posing as a house pet”….

  44. Crazy Old Bitch

    Tom Cruise has the largest library of gay porn in existence. What’s more impressive is his ability to recite every line in every movie.

  45. Sizz

    Why, when the subject of weight or diet comes up is there some fuckin douchebag who says ‘Well I weigh blah, blah, blah and go to the gym and know when to stop stuffing my mouth’ Well congradufuckinglations, we’ll have the parade for you later in honour of your complete averageness. Some men like tits and hips and some men are pedophiles. Horses for courses.

  46. melissa22

    #38, if you think Kim weighs 125 you are delusional. I am 5’4 120 and a size 2
    MAX and she looks about 30 pounds heavier then me. You have to remember to add the tits and ass to that 125. I could VERY easily look like Kim and I have but its just a death trap once she hits 30 its all over unless she hits the weights. I work out 5-6 days a week and cant manage to get my waist any smaller then 24″, alot has to do with genetics look at her sister the tranny one and you will see where Kim gets it from. She is not fat but she is also not 115 pounds and 120 is not fat so stop saying stupid shit if you dont know what you are talking about. She looks better the 99% of the other nasty beasts I see on this site.

  47. not_an_ignoramus

    I, personally, would be pretty far gone to say that a woman like this – with the definition of an hourglass figure (see is fat, should lose weight, or any of the other hatred I constantly see spewed on here whenever a picture of Kim Kardashian is posted.

    125 lbs and 5’6″ is not overweight or even heavy for a woman; I know plenty of size zero girls who are just over 5 feet and 95-105 lbs, so tack on 6 more inches and you should be sitting at her weight almost precisely, according to the 100-pounds-plus- each-inch-over-five-feet-equals-five-pounds rule. Do some research on BMI and see if it is actually accurate or means anything; you might be surprised.

    Honestly, anyone who considers her fat should have his or her head examined. As for the person who suggested that this sort of press results in the proliferation of eating disorders, thanks for speaking up.

  48. Crazy Old Bitch

    Fun fact: Tom Cruise once wore out eleven pairs of knee pads in one blow job contest.

  49. mvb

    There aren’t any dunes in manhattan beach.

  50. Rick

    I think they are screwed in the head!!! She is at the height of perfection!!! It get no better that Kim Kardashian!!!!!

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