Kim Kardashian’s Miami store vandalized

Because I always enjoy an excuse to post some Goliath ass, Kim Kardashian’s new Dash store in Miami was vandalized this morning, according to TMZ:

We’ve learned Dash, the new South Florida boutique, owned by Kim and her two sisters has been defaced just before the grand opening tomorrow.
The Miami Beach store — which sells clothes and other stuff — is now a crime scene. Cops are there trying to determine if someone broke in and if the vandals were specifically targeting K.K.

Of course, the vandals were targeting Kim Kardashian – because they are Kim Kardashian. Knowing her, she either did it for the publicity or simply swung around too quickly. Let’s assume both.

EDIT: Kourteney updated her blog as I was typing this post and is chalking it up to random gang-related graffiti. You mean like a gang of three sisters? Eh? Hmm?

Photos: Getty, Splash News