Kim Kardashian’s Miami store vandalized

May 19th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Because I always enjoy an excuse to post some Goliath ass, Kim Kardashian’s new Dash store in Miami was vandalized this morning, according to TMZ:

We’ve learned Dash, the new South Florida boutique, owned by Kim and her two sisters has been defaced just before the grand opening tomorrow.
The Miami Beach store — which sells clothes and other stuff — is now a crime scene. Cops are there trying to determine if someone broke in and if the vandals were specifically targeting K.K.

Of course, the vandals were targeting Kim Kardashian – because they are Kim Kardashian. Knowing her, she either did it for the publicity or simply swung around too quickly. Let’s assume both.

EDIT: Kourteney updated her blog as I was typing this post and is chalking it up to random gang-related graffiti. You mean like a gang of three sisters? Eh? Hmm?

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. first!

    look at that @$$

  2. jimbo

    me likes the “full figured” women ………not the “real” women like Clarkson down there

  3. Although Kim’s butt girdle makes her big fat saggy ass weird but perky; It is a good thing Kim is wearing her butt girdle because she looks horrible without it. There is a picture of Kim on and it shows a close up of Kim with her cellulite saggy butt and cellulite thighs with liposuctions lumps. Kim is nothing without her butt girdles and airbrushed pictures. Enjoy jerking off to a short fat no muscle tone saggy cellulite no talent porn star celebrity!

  4. Dolla

    Theres a Gang of ass all up in that skirt

  5. RIP

    Dolla, I thought you be dead

  6. ultradev

    Looks like 1994 Billy Ray Cyrus has a time machine … he’s in the background of the first pic!

  7. blop

    thats no billy ray in the background, thats Joe Francis! and desperately needs to invest in some powder or blotting sheets because he always looks so sweaty and hence slimey.

  8. Randal

    This is just horrific! Kim, those of us who own a successful business very well know the hardships that can surface within the business itself but when it’s out of our control based on the ignorant and immature choices others make, it’s time to get even!

    Hope the police are able to track down these hoodlums and bring them to justice!


  9. Deacon Jones


    I saw that pic. I started to cry/cut myself.

  10. Lumpy Foreskin

    Jessica Biel = a full figured woman.

    Kim Kardashian = a woman with a pretty face that doesn’t compensate for a fat, ugly ass that is all out of proportion to the rest of her body.

  11. blop

    sorry not Joe Francis, i mean Brandon Davis (apologies to Joe, he’s not at all slimey)

  12. blop

    sorry not Joe Francis, i mean Brandon Davis (apologies to Joe, he’s not at all slimey)

  13. blop

    sorry not Joe Francis, i mean Brandon Davis (apologies to Joe, he’s not at all slimey NOT)




  15. JayOne

    Since when is Jessica Biel considered a “full figured woman”?!?!?! That’s just stupid!

  16. Danklin

    Cops are there trying to determine if someone broke in

    Ummm what? No, they just walked right in the front door. You know, the short hot one, the one with the ginormous ass and the other one with a ginormous ass, feet, and back fat.

  17. A

    Bloody hell! She looks like the Armenian version of J.Lo in the above photo.

  18. Consee

    She is soooooo gorgerous!! What is WRONG with you people??? She is so F-ing attractive!! Fat? Sloopy? Please date men for all the guys out there saying these things! Let the rest of us straight guys judge the hot women out there!

  19. Danklin

    Why does Khloe insist on wearing dresses that make her look like a cave woman that just beat cougar over the head with her club and is dragging it back home for a family feast?

  20. Jake

    Come on, there’s a big difference between a girl with a nice full butt (Beil) and a girl lugging a middle-aged secretary’s girdled dumper (KK). I don’t want to have to do a triceps exercise to spread her buttcheeks.

  21. havoc

    Best ass on the planet..

    God, I would plow that like a Nebraska cornfield….


  22. Andy

    “Best ass on the planet”

    What can you say? Some people also think Olive Garden is a great restaurant.

  23. Seriously?

    You talk about KK like she’s an easy mark but when the fuck are you just going to admit that you ( are under the same web umbrella as KK? I mean what the hell *is* ‘Celebuzz’ anyway? It’s all a marketing scheme.

    Just show the titties, I’m bored with you slamming someone you work with.

  24. whodoesntlovefakeness

    I have never seen anyone more fake. What does she do again? Oh yea, take off her clothes.

    No brains, no class, just a whole lot of plastic surgery.

  25. Ty


    So you have a fat fetish and find Kim’s stout body sexy. You enjoy Kim’s lumpy saggy butt. Enjoy yourself. I don’t mind women with a few extra pounds, but she should have some muscle tone unlike Kim.

  26. Roger


    I agree dude. The only time Kim works out is to promote an exercise video. Kim has no muscle definition. She is basically a short chubby chick with a loose butt with massive cellulite. How can anyone be impressed with a chubby chick that relies on butt girdles and massive airbrushing? I guess they have one good imagination lol!

  27. Vince Lombardi

    Do Khloe, Kim, and Kourteney know they have different daddies?

  28. grobpilot

    Why is the bitch in pic #8 wearing a dress with a wetsuit zipper sewn into it?

  29. I would still go balls deep in that saggy ass.

  30. Throbbing Member

    #20, a guy who isn’t attracted to a woman with a gross, fat butt must be gay by definition? You’re an idiot.

  31. Consee

    @ 27

    Yes, because Kim and this woman below have the exact same body type. Do you even know what a fat woman looks like?

  32. Consee

    For any guy out there bashing Kim’s look, who is dating a woman objectively hotter than her, I promise you I will mail you $1000 each. I guarantee you NONE of you have even shook hands with a woman this hot!

  33. It was me… a broke in and ejaculated on everything.

  34. chupacabra

    She’s still got the best face out of the three sisters. I don’t know what happened to that Khole one, but that face hit every branch on the ugly tree… every. branch.

  35. alex

    with a turd cutter that big, you just have to think she drops some pretty massive toilet busters.

  36. Tanzarian

    She needs to do something about that ass, she’s obviously not afraid of all other plastic surgery. It’s just ridiculous, and looking saggy as commented.

    It used to be this big unique, hot ass, now it threatens to consume us all.

  37. Nic


    OK so you like fat short chicks that have an ugly fat butt, lots of cellulite, eats too much, and hates to exercise. If your offer was true, I would definitely sign up!

  38. AJ


    The problem with Kim is she has done too much surgery already. It appears that Kim Kardashian has had liposuction (or liposculpture) on her lower back, upper thighs and hips. This sculpts the butt into looking bigger and perkier by defining it. The problem with this is now Kim has lumpy liposuction on her thighs and lower butt with massive cellulite. Her big butt is just going to get saggier and saggier. Kim already had breast implants and a nose job. It is obvious she did botox on her face. Kim is going to look even worse by next year because she hates to work out and eats too much. Kim will have to rely on butt girdles and massive airbrushing for the rest of her life.

  39. Jimmy Hoffa is in Kim's Ass


  40. she looks noble.

  41. Ralph the Wonder Llama

    - if I ran a melon stand and Kim came by I’d have to suspect her of shoplifting

  42. Ty


    The lady you showed me is obese. I never said Kim was obese. I said Kim is fat. Sadly, most Americans are fat and are in denial. Kim fucked up her body by eating too much and getting fat. Kim use to have a small petite body and then she got a big fat butt and then from lack of exercise and getting too fat; Kim has a saggy butt. Now Kim liposuctioned her thighs and lower back and part of her butt so now she really looks freaky. Kim now has cellulite and liposuction lumps on her thighs and big saggy butt! The only hope for Kim is to continue wearing her butt girdles like in her current pics posted and airbrushing.

  43. viewer

    In some of those pictures Chloe is starting to look like a Wookie (chewbacca)

  44. Christina

    Kim is so beautiful, but so vapid. she’s got a hot body and isn’t fat in reality. she has a different shape from models. to call her ugly or fat is absurd!

  45. Anna

    Damn, Khloe is smokin now….better looking than the other 2 at this point.

  46. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Wherever these three go, a shortage of mustache bleach follows.

  47. Butt Girdle

    I ROCK!

  48. dude

    kourtney is the one i wana bang most of those 3

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