Kim Kardashian’s euphemism for a vagina and other news

April 19th, 2010 // 74 Comments

- Sandra Bullock was cheated on with a chick with a swastika on her hooch. She can calculate whatever she wants. [PopEater]

- Larry King is NOT getting a divorce. [Dlisted]

- Megan Fox has been practicing her “pretend face.” [Lainey Gossip]

- Anna Paquin is apparently a gymnast. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Carrie Underwood just made the Baby Jesus cry. If Country Music Awards count as penises. [HollywoodTuna]

- Kate Beckinsale definitely works out. [Popoholic]

- The Case for Ke$ha [TheFABlife]

- Eddie Cibrian heckled at the Country Music Awards. [StarPulse]

- Daniel Craig’s third time as Bond delayed “indefinitely.” [Just Jared]

- Lauren Conrad is hawking Reese’s Peanut Butter cups now. [PopSugar]

- Lindsay Lohan fires back at Dr. Drew. [Celebslam]

- Taylor Swift was also at that penis thing with Carrie Underwood. [The Blemish]

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  1. Birdman


  2. plat blondie

    WTF. what a cunt.

  3. Lady

    Wow… this is so not the same Kim from three years ago:

  4. antoine bugleboy

    Why is she holding it up like that? Is she about to feed it to Khloe or something?

  5. A.

    What a brainless shrew. I hope that cat dug its nails into her flesh just like she did to the poor creature.

  6. superficial sucks

    hey shit for brains, your links don’t work.

  7. superficial sucks

    at least, the one to celebslam doesn’t.

  8. xylus

    I can has golden shower?

  9. #2 what afuck cunt .p.s kim suck black balls ha ha

  10. Zenus

    Dear Kim Kardashian,

    I hope that you read this because you probably go on sites like this to see the pictures of yourself. You probably dream in your head that every woman fantasizes about being you or looking like you when in reality you make our sex (the female) appear to be something that is nothing but a walking pussy. You, Kim, are a walkng pussy just like the image portrays you to be. You create your own reality and the reason you get so much attention is due to the fact that you are completely ignorant of how spiritually dead you are to the world. You live in people’s most disgusting thoughts and vile parts of the human heart. You are a disgusting person. You will not be remembered in the hearts of your generation and you have defiled what a woman is truly all about. You are lucky that Chloe and the rest of your family stands beside you because they are the only ones that make you look good. You vile, disgusting, and material drive soul who lives in the depths of satans testicles. Please stop taking pictures like this, you look like an asshole smells after having a case of diarhhea.


    Your Father

    • jenjen

      HAHAHA i could not have said it better myself.NO kidding she is a dumd ass whore her spoiled ass personality and being a conceited idiot makes her the ugliest person I have seen in my life.Fucking nasty centaur go away!!She can lose all the weight she wants and have the best makeup hair clothes and it still wont help her be attractive.

  11. Wee-Wee Poohpooh

    What’s Kim euphemism for “I like it when I’m bathed in the foamy yellow urine of a 4th rate rapper-wannabee”? Why does she have the exact same “me so sultry” expression in every single photo? Why is anyone interested in the life of this worthless gutter whore?

  12. Clamhammer

    I’m all for beatin up the pussy, but seriously……..

  13. Movieskank

    That’s fucking disgusting, you are not supposed to pick up a cat by the scruff of its neck. You can hold it in place by its scruff if it’s on the floor, but never pick it up. The only time it’s safely done is by THE MOTHER CAT when they’re kittens.

    sorry, /end rant. I hate this cunt. As much as I hate batshit crazy animal rights groups like PETA, i hope they go after her for this one.

  14. Theron

    Jesus christ she is so fucking sexy
    i would love to just lick her from head to toe
    ooo baby

  15. Love

    Make a REAL wish!

    8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will b granted..


  16. Sport

    #11 you are my hero. I feel your rage. DIAF Kim.

  17. hall

    @11 YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!! im pretty sure almost everyone that knows about this waste of space feels the way u feel!

  18. sloppyfart

    #11 you are such a gash

  19. kimmy

    @19 what does gash mean?

  20. O RLY

    @ #3 You’re right. That was 3 years ago, and she lost weight.

    @ #11 Seriously? How sad was that?

    @ #14 Relax, that doesn’t hurt the cat.

  21. CindyR88

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  22. farttits

    That isn’t a prop you stupid cunt, it’s a living being and you’re causing it pain. Put it down before you injure it.

  23. farttits

    @21 Yes, it does in fact hurt the cat you fucking imbecile. She isn’t supporting its feet and all of the hanging weight is being put on the cat’s neck/spine. If you don’t actually know what you’re talking about do us a favor and shut your ignorant mouth.

  24. Sandra Bullock looks like she’s definitely going to get rid of Jesse James. She’s reportedly moving forward with the divorce, and is back in California for that reason specifically. Sources tell PopEater that Sandra is going thr.

  25. bop

    what a stupid bitch
    let go of the cat
    i wish someone would hold you up by the skin on your back

  26. Nameless

    Don’t worry…the cat isn’t being hurt. She’s just waiting for it to piss on her since she named it Ray J.

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  28. Luis


  29. missfortune

    @#11 – I think she’s vain too but JC, no need to sign it “your Father.” Seriously, go get some ice cream or good finger bang.

  30. Rhialto

    Is she trying to annoy Reggie Bush again?

  31. Darth

    I guess somebody is getting a flashback and the cold chills #31.

  32. Balls McCoy

    That’s the hottest pic i’ve ever seen of KK. p.s.- all of you crying about the cat. You’re fucking idiots. Learn something before you comment.

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  34. R4

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  35. captain america

    If somebody is allowed to say these things:

  36. The cat is fine. It’s being supported by its skin, not the neck/spine. Someone needs a lesson in cat anatomy.

  37. wrecked 'em

    My dick is so hard from looking at Kim, that that cat couldn’t put a snag in it if it used it as a scratching post.

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  39. Beeotch

    Someone needs to hold her up by her labia, just as she is holding up that cat. What a whore!

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  41. cc

    Contrary to popular belief, that is not a good way to hold up an ADULT cat. It is safe for you, that’s what’s important I guess.

    Find someone to piss on your head narcissist.

  42. cc

    @11 perfect
    @ 12 good one too

    Why can’t something bad happen to this bitch?

  43. Pauly

    Why is no one talking about MEGAN FOX? She looks like complete crap!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. could have been a great pic, whatever she is wearing – and then the random cat jumps into the pic. whats the deal.

  45. Gando

    Is this part of some kind of Armenian Ritual?

  46. bimbamboing

    That looks like a Darth Vader cat.

  47. Jessie

    First off , you don’t grab a cat like that. But besides that, she really is drop dead gorgeous. I don’t care if everyone hates her or not. Her personality has got to go, but beauty she does have and a body.

  48. Darth

    As majestic as i am,i was looking for my black PANTHER all over the place (warning:it’s DANGEROUS).Oh wait,how did she find it?!

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