Kim Kardashian’s ass crack will end you

April 9th, 2010 // 456 Comments

Continuing to understand her singular contribution to society, Kim Kardashian let the paparazzi photograph her ass in a bikini again, and this time with a clear view of her mile-long ass crack that literally defies comprehension. I’m staring into it right now and I’m pretty sure my brain’s about to collapse on itself. Sort of like looking into a black hole only to see the entire universe resting on the back of a turt- No, wait, that’s Kourtney. Can someone get her out of there?

Photos: Splash News

  1. Jake

    mmmmmmmm what a bodacious booty

  2. I hate to "Click Here"

    The Grand Canyon is very jealous right about now.

  3. Jen


  4. Duke Nukem

    She must have lost some weight and thus feels ok with shots of her ass now. And I must say, I’m impressed. A huge ass, yes, but she’s pretty toned considering the size of that behemoth. Definitely a unique looking body.

  5. Philipp

    good thing we have her sex tape so we can see everything lol

  6. Gweb

    It would look even better covered in man pudding.

  7. Mark

    I would lick her crack from front to back.

  8. Bob

    She’s so hot!!!! god what I’d give to bury my face in that ass bururrrhrhbhurrrrr nom, nom, nom….. =)

  9. voood good very good

  10. Crusty

    ok ok ok, we’ve fulfilled our collective need to see this chick’s ass crack. can we please get back to focusing on her motorboat quality boobs?

    Thanks for listening.

  11. One of the masses


  12. One of the masses


  13. That is unreal O_O what does she do to get it like that?

  14. Oh come on now!

    You guys really need to move to LA. if you come to the Glendale/Burbank part of California you’ll realize that asses like these are a dime a dozen. Armenian girls pretty much rule the scale when it come to a LA 10, and they beat every single skinny white ass every time.
    I feel blesses that I have the eyes to see this every day of my life. i love my Armenian girlfriend and her outstanding backside!

  15. doogie

    She is so hot.

    Too bad her pussy pry looks like roof beast after a couple of huge dicked, std infected animals tore into her.

    Bitch is dumb.

  16. doogie

    She is so hot.

    Too bad her pussy pry looks like shredded roast beef after a couple of huge dicked, std infected animals tore into her.

    Bitch is dumb.

  17. Fish = Perez

    I think Perez bought out There is no other reason for the writer’s obvious disgust with female body parts.

  18. jamie

    watch more crack pics of her

  19. wizeguy

    new implants ….overdue …
    the original ones were ready to hit the floor …

  20. hg


  21. Rogue

    @ 14 … yep. ‘Tis true.

  22. Vo

    She looks better than ever. A break up can do that sometimes.

  23. KK

    kim whoredashian, half naked. what a big surprise.

    i wonder how many papps she called this time to take pics of her.

  24. mow

    nothing more than a plastic whore

  25. She’s a goddess, perfect in every way and how she got that way is unimportant.

  26. Tony

    i do a lot of airbrush work. from a quick review of picture 7 id say it has work done on the stomach above the swimsuit near her crotch and on her legs. Also on the bottom of her butt where it meets the leg there is an unnatural indent She most likely had them taken, touched up, and released herself. Unless the paps are into airbrushing now.

  27. ugh

    seriously the most vapid, talentless waste of space ever. aren’t her 15 minutes of fame up yet?

  28. suckhole

    Who wrote this, and is he mentally retarded, or just gay?

  29. G. Whizz

    It’s so unusual to see her frolicking in liquids that DIDN’T spew forth from the penis of a 4th rate rapper. The whore’s ass is nasty and she’s handled more black penis than a prison urologist. You’d have to strap a 2×4 to your ass and wrap a snow tire around your dick before you mounted that gaping crevice. Plus she’d probably try to eat you right after.

  30. sally

    @14- is this why everyone thinks i look armenian too? i have a BIG butt, but i’m skinny everywhere else and i’m not armenian, i’m latin. i always get asked if i’m an armo. maybe this is it.

  31. doofus

    so this is what 10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag looks like….

  32. yuck

    everything about this skank is FAKE.

  33. guest

    I agree with #26 Tony. These pics and all of Kim’s so called “candid” bikini pics are all touched up. I have seen some black and white pics of Kim(these are on the internet) that had not been photoshopped yet. It a full baithing suit zebra print I believe and Kim has a huge dent in the side of her right thigh. There is no dent in these pictures and therefore touched up.

  34. Tina




  35. Photoshop Police

    26 and 33 are full of crap. no-one who actually retouches photos calls it ‘airbrushing’ any more.

    ’nuff said.

  36. netstarman

    If she farts we are all done for. Screw the earthquakes her ass-blasting will take out San Diego in a instant.

  37. Somebody’s PISSED at Reggie. Only way to explain it.

  38. havoc

    THAT is the most awesome thing I’ve seen today.

    What an ass……


  39. MR. T

    #14 & #21 yeah but who the fuck would want to live in a shithole place like California? The State is going broke, they tax anything that doesn’t move, horrible smog, world’s worst traffic…everytime I have been there most everyone was rude, gangsters on every corner…just to look at some armenian ass? Plenty of other asses to look in a lot nicer places…..

    • Raph

      That’s just LA. LA is its own little world inside of California full of polution. Not the best representation of California. Northern California has all the nice clean air and beautiful scenery, fresh clean water, natural nature list goes on.

  40. Nick Manning

    I don’t care what anyone thinks. I just came when I saw that ass! Arahhhhhh Dropping FUCKING LOADS!!!

  41. Tony

    Sorry 35, guess iv been doing it too long. Is digital retouching accurate? Or photochopping?

  42. Nick Manning

    I don’t care what anyone thinks. I just came when I saw that ass! Arahhhhhh Dropping FUCKING LOADS!!!

  43. I think she either let her bikini bottom slip off to the side intentionally so we could see her crack or it moved in the water or something and she was slow to fix it. You can plainly see it’s way off where it should be (not that I’m complaining, but…) When’s she gonna post some nude pics of herself? Or some more porn? :)

  44. RonnyB

    OK, we all saw the sex video. That being said – mount up boys!!! You won’t be the first to ride that horse but there’s still a little buck left in her.

    OK, she aint Aphro-freakin-dite. But hey, I would do her just for bragging rights and you know you would too.

  45. Khloe

    Can you imagine the absolute STANK that is created from that HUGE ass?????

  46. toolboy

    DONE! Ahhhhhh. Now, where the hell did I put my cheetos…..

  47. TekMoney

    God damn… she’s on a roll, isn’t she? I hope she stays single for a LONG time if that means we’ll get more Kim K flesh! FUCKING EPIC!!! XD

  48. The Ass Man

    Jackie Guerrido has a similar epic ass.

  49. Omar

    Wow, she’s incredible. Looks like the chicks from a Frank Frazetta painting.

  50. turd da third

    EWWWWWW thats not an asscrack its a freaking endless landing strip for cockroaches..

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