Kim Kardashian’s Dancing with the Stars partner is in for some heavy lifting

September 10th, 2008 // 113 Comments

Kim Kardashian and her partner Mark Ballas headed to practice yesterday for the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars and, Jesus Santa Claus Christ, I thought she was supposed to be toning that thing down – not trying to land aircrafts on it. Someone toss Kim in the Persian Gulf. I want choppers landing on that ass by 0800.

Dedicated to our men and women in uniform. I got ya covered.


  1. John McCain

    I am first I am first the first time I ever did anything right

  2. yeah id catapult on that ass head first,,,if ya know what i mean!

  3. Uncle Eccoli

    That thing is hideous. It looks like a freaking cartoon.

  4. Chenush


  5. Scott

    Her poor dancing partner. Worst part is that for lunch she had the national dish of Armenia (5 types of beans mixed with pubic hair).

  6. Chenush


  7. ew

    i love how she was supposed to be toning it down and yet she is holding what looks like a McDonald’s cup….

  8. Pat

    She missed a lot of her steps, her partner collapsed during an attempted lift, near the end she fell on him and farted on his head, and on the way out she plugged a toilet (again).

    All in all, a good day.

  9. silly pants

    A picture of a lion? Wow, you’re more retarded than I initially thought. And that’s quite a feat to accomplish. Congratulations fucktard.

  10. @9 trust me, he takes that as a compliment..

  11. hodges

    i can’t understand the constent dissing of K squared’s ass. It is awesome. I’d be all over that in a new york minute.

  12. hodges

    I’d lick every one of the shit-stained little toilet paper pellets clinging to dark curly hairs surrounding her perpetually sweating asshole.

  13. haha

    she be lookin a lot better then before..can’t wait to see her on dancing with the stars.

  14. haha

    she be lookin a lot better then before..can’t wait to see her on dancing with the stars.

  15. Racer X

    Two thumbs, up. Fine holiday fun.

  16. blah

    Her ass reminds me of my black lab’s ass; all big and wide. I’m half-expecting to see a tail sticking out of her end. Hopefully she doesn’t end up w/ hip dysplasia one day (yeah, like I care).

  17. Cadillac Jack

    Fake!!! That’s the same ass from Never Back Down.

  18. Jo

    Please, her butt only looks big when she’s wearing clothes. Have you ever seen her do a side profile shot in a bikini….that’s because she can’t wear her padded butt….

  19. CJ

    That’s not an ass….it was supposed to be her twin.

  20. jeffery dahmer

    eating her would resurrect me to in bundy fashion

  21. hahah look at those 2 morons psychoanalizing the picture i put up to seperate me and the fakers,,,lucky for your employers you two have the I.Q. of lint!

  22. I just wanna wash it — is that weird?

  23. havoc

    Best ass on the planet….


  24. and why you idiots curious about roughness anyway?

  25. Bigheadmike

    She just going to embarrass, no pun intended, ok yes it was, herself.

  26. Prof

    LOL “heavy lifting” yeeeah that was funny, but seriously I would still fuck her!

  27. Ed

    meh. First requirement for a nice ass is smooth curves, and she’s lumpy unless she’s wearing some type of “foundation garment.”

  28. Everyone and their mother seems to appear on “Dancing With The Stars.” I guess there really is no good point to my post. Just bored I guess like I always am when I come to this site.

  29. Ted Mosby

    Forget about finding corn in there, you’ll find a few cobs.

  30. Blowup Doll Lover

    All of my blowup doll’s curves are perfectly smooth.

  31. veggi

    Why is her dancing partner white? He’ll have to touch her, and everybody knows Kim exclusively prefers used-to-be-and-still-should-be slaves. Probably they tried but as always, they couldn’t find one who was willing to work hard, or even show up on time.

  32. Fumus

    Kim is so sexy, I love kim kim kim…choo chhooo chhhaaaarooo!!

    In other news, someone made some posts using my name yesterday on the CA VMA story. I am the one and only Fumus. So please…no autographs or copycats.

  33. cltsig

    MMMMMMMMMMMuuuuuuddddddddddd – Shark.

    Picture how Ed McMahaon would say it.

  34. Mia

    How sad that Kim has to wear a butt girdle that I normally see on old ladies. Too bad she does not have the discipline to push herself away from the plate.

  35. Yum

    I have had anal sex with my girlfriend 3 times and enjoyed it everytime. I love her. But I have to say I would not only cram my cock in her ass, but also eat the shit out of it — she is that HOT!!!

  36. Bubba Gump

    Mark ballas is sexy

  37. Yum

    I meant to say I would eat the shit out of Kim’s ass, not my girlfriends… that would be gross. :-)

  38. Jammy

    I hear she has to plan her farts a day in advance……

  39. rough daddy


  40. I would be embarrassed to have an ass that fat. Well, rough daddy would know all about that..

  41. nipolian

    If the Governor of Texas was smart………he would fly KK down to Houston………fill her up with Taco Bell…….bend her over with her ass pointing towards Ike……and blow that fucker back to Cuba.

  42. Eve

    Thats f***** up ya’ll just cuz she has an a** doesn’t mean shes heavy or fat. In a world of anorexia giving us ugly ass models and skeletal actresses its nice to see a woman actually have a classic sexy body. Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Raquel Welch, Betty Page, these are the classic american sex symbols and it wasn’t because they puked up their lunch. Real Women have curves, swizzle sticks are gross. If you fantasize about sleeping with skeletons then you need your head examined. And if you’ve ever seen modern dancers like on so you think you can dance then you know that those girls always got body!

  43. thank you #39 for your help
    and Frist? Kim is the 9th wonder of the world! before you call her fat, get rid of that blubber spilling over your panties!

  44. Bigheadmike

    I see nothing….

  45. she's not even trying

    I love how she thought she’d loose weight. Just like all the fat chicks who start working out a little and then double their food intake. Bitch please the equation is simple eat less and exercise more, how fucking hard is that?

    1200-1500 calories a day and at least 1 hour of real exercise a day, not chatting it up with boys in full make up and juicy sweats pretending to work out at your local gym, but an actual workout evident by sweat on your face and body and the sweat of some dirty steroid freak dripping on you while you make out behind the elypticals doesn’t count skanks.

    P.S. Two hours of working 4-5 days a week is better as it will boost your metabolism.

  46. Doc


    You are the typical fat American in denial about what is fat and what is fit. Sure some guys like fat in the right places on their fat chicks, but a doctor will say it is unhealthy because it is a fact. Most Americans are overweight like Kim and sure the models are underweight because this is what the industry dictates, but the majority of Americans are fat like Kim. This is why seeing a fit female is a major treat. Marilyn Monroe had a natural classic hourglass figure and Kim has a pear shaped figure with breast implants. Most guys fantasize about nice looking fit females and not fat chicks like Kim or underweight chicks. The bottom line is a fit female that eats in moderation (unlike Kim) and exercises regularly (unlike Kim) are the most attractive and desired. How much of a turn on is it for a guy to see a fat chick take off her girdle and release all her flab?

  47. She states that in regard to her own daughter they supported her decision unconditionally in regards to her pregnancy but she does not support access to birth control or responsible s exual education (something that might have helped her own daughter apparently) or giving other women the right to choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy regardless of the circumstances (for all of you so called Christians, talk to the unwanted children brought into this world who are now in the system after years of being b eaten, b urned, r aped, st arved, lo cked in closets…see the damage that the abu*e has done to them & how they will never be able to have any kind of normal life & then try to tell me that ending the pregnancy in the first trimester wouldn’t have been better).

    She’s beautiful & has a beautiful family? Yeah, because the potential leader of the free world should be good looking. That’s the most important factor to consider.

    Resourceful? Yeah, it was resourceful to use state funds for her travel expenses “An analysis of travel statements filed by the governor, now John McCain’s Republican running mate, shows she claimed the per diem allowance on 312 occasions when she was home in Wasilla and that she billed taxpayers $43,490 for travel by her husband and children…State finance director Kim Garnero told the paper the government covers the travel costs of anyone conducting state business and, “I can’t imagine kids could be doing that.”

    I suppose she is the voice of our future, if we want our future to continue to be a spiraling federal deficit, being hated internationally (let’s forget for a moment that European leaders say Obama could help improve this), stumbling economy, a scandal plagued administration, inept leaders who aren’t qualified for the job (“you’re doing a heck of a job Brownie”), continued slashing of social programs, declining education…yeah, I guess she is a voice for the future. If you want that future to be a disaster!

    Let’s vote out leadership that has had 8 years & has run this country into the ground & get someone new to lead this country!!

  48. Hate to get all technical on you veggi a.k.a #31, but no one Kim’s age or close to her age today has ever been the kind of slave you’re reffering to. Get over it. Slavery’s like the old fashion, because it’s dead. Thank God for that. Let the Nappies be happy, and just get over it already.

  49. coffeebean

    #47 – First let start off by saying fuck you asswipe. Second, the only way I will vote for Obama is if does a commercial for the the FDA promoting the health advantages of eating watermelon.

  50. Exsqeeze me???? I have no blubber thanks. God you’re such a fart face!!!

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