Kim Kardashian’s birthday is NOT an excuse to avoid photographing her ass

October 22nd, 2009 // 60 Comments

Kim Kardashian celebrated her 29th birthday again last night at Philippe’s in West Hollywood and for some reason the paparazzi obliged her demands to not photograph her ass. Because people are dying to see what Kim’s face looks like with 800 pounds of make-up. No, really, it’s probably my most popular request besides “Kevin James’ taint.” True story.


  1. Anon

    Don’t need pics of Kim’s ass. Apparently, Kourtney is carrying it under her dress.

  2. saltpeanuts

    Kourtney has a square baby. And, I’d still bang the bottom out of Kim.

  3. Tr8cthis

    Pregnant AND in high heels? Now that’s classy. Her mom must be so proud.

  4. James

    I need to see some ass. What the hell is wrong with paparazzi, seriously, that they can’t get good ass shots anymore. It’s bad enough that Kim has all these mini-photo-shoots that have no ass shots.

  5. Darth

    I’d just realize that she’s slowly turning into a milf.

  6. Rhialto

    Weird,i don’t see any ass in these pics.

  7. Sauron

    Not that i did miss them.But i haven’t seen these curiosities in a long time.What freak is responsible for the pregnant one!?

  8. fffdd

    Her angular face cannot pull off being that skinny. Shes starting to look like a drag queen dude.

  9. She does for ME..hubba hubba!

  10. Xiomara
    Commented on this photo:

    Omg I wanna get it but I dnt know were to get it can yew give me any advice of were to get it

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