Kim Kardashian’s bikini-ness continues

May 21st, 2009 // 151 Comments

These are some more shots from Kim Kardashian’s obviously posed photo shoot in Miami Tuesday. You can tell it’s canned by the lack of butt shots, so let me tell you about the time a paparazzo took a picture of Kim’s ass when he wasn’t supposed to: HE MADE A SHIT-TON OF MONEY!

Really can’t believe I had to spell that out.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Nancy

    She reminds me of my friend in school but short. My friend always called herself fat because of her big hips like Kim. But I thought it looked OK since she was tall, but Kim looks dumpy with those big hips.

  2. Jamie's Uterus

    #50 – Leroy..funny…and oh so true….

  3. Juan

    I bet when Regi bangs weird fat ass that he fantasizes her with no lipo lumps and cellulite and that her backside looks perky.

  4. why?

    a fedora? really?

    do you think she got such huge butt implants that she thought that no one would accuse them of being fake because that would be mental to buy implants that large???

    and really? a fedora? at the beach?

  5. mikeock

    Call me crazy, but I would fuck that so hard.

  6. your mama doesn't love you

    sure you would because you are an ugly fuck!

  7. alisa

    you all are ridiculous … its ok if you dont think shes attractive or dont prefer her body type. but jesus…………. at least admit that she looks good. this is the best shes looked in soooo long… and where is this saggy ass you all speak of? i see a side shot and it looks anything but saggy. you all are so unrealistic as to how a woman should look. stop being unrealistically picky. its so dumb

  8. hold up

    wow…the things I would do to her

  9. Reality check

    AMAZING boob to waist ratio, great tummy. wide hips… yes, but he has the ass and tits to match. i highly doubt her tits are fake, her ass, well i’m not so sure. at any rate. when you stop worrying about plastic urgery and just look at her figure it is really womanly and sexy. at least she doesn’t look manly like britney and kelly rippa, or boderline obese like kelly clarkson. kim k is shapely and is looking the best i’ve seen in a while and i am def NOT a kim k fan, by any means!!!!

    the reason everybody cries lipo is because it’s hard to imagine she could have such a nice shape naturally, but looking at those teenageshots of her, seems she was always stacked and shapely!!

  10. kramer

    Kim Kardashian’s bikini-ness continues

    but still no shots of her ass.

  11. AJ


    Kim’s saggy ass is her backside. There is something unnatural about her fat butt, but I don’t think she has actual butt implants. She has wide hips that usually go along with a big butt, but her butt does not have a natural shape at all. It appears that Kim had liposuction (or liposculpture) on her lower back, upper thighs and hips. This sculpts the butt but unfortunately it is not natural looking. The pics you see of Kim have also been airbrushed to remove her lumpy lipo and cellulite.

    There is nothing wrong with airbrushing pics and plastic surgery, but there is something wrong when a celebrity like Kim lie about it when it is painfully obvious. This is what I hate about Kim that she lies about it. The side profile of Kim’s butt looks weird and unnatural because of her lipo and the backside is droopy and this is why Kim wears butt girdles when wearing tight outfits. Kim lies about her butt girdles. I hate Kim because she is a big fat fake liar!

    This is what Kim looks like without airbrushing:

  12. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Is this bitch finally making good money for us?

  13. Anonymous

    When did they start putting urinals on the beach?

  14. Galtacticus

    From now on we’re going to keep a close eye on all the other bitches shown here! We want to see re$ults from now on!

  15. bosendorfer

    she has little time left to wear bikinis; hardly looks appropriate in one now.

  16. Boogeyman King Dong

    It depend$ but are there any bitches who like a rough-handed treatment? Boo!

  17. julia

    Wide hips? Are you people idiots? It’s called an HOURGLASS FIGURE> Your hips are supposed to be the same width as your shoulders. It’s men who are supposed to have hips smaller than their shoulders.

    Furthermore, her ass is clearly real. I know women with the exact same body type, and God bless them! The woman’s gorgeous –just because where you come from the girls are plain janes with no waistline and no ass doesn’t mean the hourglass figure is not the ideal.

  18. RJ

    Kim does not qualify for an hourglass figure because her hips are the biggest part of her body. Kim’s measurements must be 36-29-40. Marilyn Monroe has the classic hourglass body of 36-23-35. Kim has a pear shaped body because her hips are the biggest part of her body. Short chicks like Kim do not look good with big hips. If Kim was tall then her big hips would not look as bad. Diffrerent strokes for different folks because some guys like Kim’s short stout body , big butt and wide hips.

  19. Dread not

    Yeah, Kim, we get it. You’re dating Reggie Bush, whoopie-fuckin’ doo! Jessica Biel did this photo shoot like two years ago, and let her ass be shot, like bambi during deer hunting season. Sooner, or later, babe, you’re gonna have to score some talent, somewhere. I hear the devil is always lookin’ to make a deal. Oh, wait, you have to have an actual soul for that. Sorry, Kimmy, looks like you’re SOL!

  20. julia

    RJ/#68: You DO realize that an hourglass figure means your bust and hips are the same size and your waist at minimum 12 inches smaller? For example: 38-26-38, 36-24-36(the ideal), or 34-22-34?

  21. Reality check

    #68, there is NO way Kim’s waist is 29!”!! you measure the waist at the smallest point of the tummy, right under the ribs usually and i can clearly see how tiny her waist is in that area. more like 26″ or 27″ at the most! take side by side shots of marilyn monroe and kim k and no way at their smallest points of their waists is marilyn 6″ smaller, bullshit. they lied back then as much as they lie now, don’t believe everything you read. if marilyn monroe was alive today people would call her a fat ass too.

    kate moss is said to have the EXACT same hip to waist ratio as marilyn monroe, even though she is skinny. you can be an hour glass at any size, skinny or fat. anyways, kim looks good if you just take these pics at face value, but in the end she doesn’t do it for me. give me rachel bilson or megan fox body over hers any day of the week dude!

  22. Reality check

    agree with #70

  23. effyeray

    Hey chick that writes for this site…. How much do you make per KK entry?

  24. Meg

    you guys are soooo effing RETARDED!!!! I sense that the skinny bony bitches that are reading and seeing this are dreading the fact the VOLUPTIOUS is now coming back in. Sorry bitches but being belimic and annorexic is no longer in!!! She looks AWESOME! id do anything to have her body any day than to have NO boobs NO ass and NO curves whatsoever! THIS IS WHAT A REAL WOMAN IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE!!! OPEN UR EFFING EYES!!!!!!!!!!

  25. jennyjenjen / J Cubed

    @26… I’ve been suspecting the same thing.. And without calling a fellow superfish follower out.. I think we all know who it is..

  26. Binky

    Scouting Report :
    - Throws like a girl
    - Catches like….. Reggie Bush

  27. Dayna

    Kim is just a fake person overall! i think her body is real regardless of what people say but she’s very short, 5’3 i believe so it must feel awkward.
    Anyways she’s a fake whore who will pose for cameras anywhere for her insecure butt! haven’t you notice she isn’t seen w/o sad!

  28. Dan


    Don’t you get it? Skinny chicks and fit chicks are rare in the US. Most chicks in the US are fat like Kim or obese. Fit chicks are hot because they work at their hot sexy body by eating right and exercising regularly. Kim has fat induced curves with liposuction and breast implants and airbrushed photos. She looks like a short fat chick with wide hips and thank god for airbrushing all of Kim’s cellulite and lipo bumps. A real fat women that loves to eat and not exercise looks like Kim, There are also the rare fit real women that look hot and sexy. Fat chicks like Kim are every where in the US; big deal.

  29. Elzbieta

    i would KILL to look like her. i can’t understand how men find women who look like kelly rippa attractive–she’s more ripped than you’ll ever be. kim is exactly what a woman should look like.

  30. kurt


    ha! ha! love it! i thought reggi was the water boy that they let play once in awhile. he is not very smart and must have a big saggy butt lipo bumps butt and cellulite fettish.

  31. BJ

    I asked my retared cousin what he thought of Kim and he said she was short and fat but has nice hair so there.

  32. Ed


    Nobody thinks Kelly is hot except fat chicks. OK Kim is chubby but at least she is not obese. I prefer fit chicks with nice muscle tone and a sexy tight body. Kim looks soft and her hips are too big for my liking.

  33. Sport

    She is merely a prettier Heidi. Just another person famous for being famous.
    Get a job Kim.

  34. arroyo

    Her stepfather must be proud.

  35. timmy the frisky virus

    She may be dumb, vapid, and have continual mustache problems, but she at least isn’t covered in ugly and/or idiotic tattoos.

  36. lesliee

    Are you kidding me? This woman looks amazing, she’s curvy, she’s not fat! She has large breasts, a thin waist and big hips. Isn’t that what guys are supposed to likee?

  37. She’s an ENORMOUS FUCKING COW! Seriously cocksuckers, are you fucking blind, or just into farm animal bestiality?

    To the fat chicks and ass pirates who are offended that others have to point out the obvious, keep that buttplug lubed, ’cause it’s the only action you’re getting this millenium.

  38. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Just waiting for the outgoing tide to sweep her ass out to sea…….. where a pod of killer whales will attack and feast on her bloated blubbery corpse for days. (Mentally conjuring up old National Geographic photos of a floating sperm whale carcass with scores of large bite marks in it’s blubber left by days of feeding frenzy.)

  39. ………………LIFE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL INDEED, folks!!

  40. Reality check



  41. Reality check

    oh and i think beyonce has a way worse body, she is this large (actually bigger) and has smaller boobs and trunk like solid man legs and people think she is so hot and sexy. i just think people have a personal issue with kim cause she is as dumb as a brick, but i’d take her over j-ho, beyonce and britney (her current body) anyday.

  42. Now those are woman’s hips, not like the hermaphroditic ideal shoved down our throats by the fashion industry.

  43. Emma

    I can’t believe the negativity about these pictures. I don’t care if they’re airbrushed, Kim is looking good. Amazingly good. She has obviously been working hard and those hips are to die for. Gorgeous face, gorgeous unique body.


    I like how she looks at the camera while she plays catch. Get over yourself bitch!

  45. -So. # 92 . Gr8 points all. I suggwest a different color font for letters on your site. Very cute bunny with hedgehog, (Oh – by the way – Inside job ?)
    -So.Qwim on the beach. We like hat. Rewind me swite-wee of Charlie Chan.
    -So – Cannes ’09 – Yachts with $ 320 million gross people and felllow travellers on board , dodging and ignoring Slum Dogs who pulled in their cash.
    “There is no law that says filmmakers should create social welfare organizations to change the world. By making a successful film, they’ve raised an issue. That’s a way to change society.”
    So off to Cannes – bring on the truffles.
    Cliff Notes : – So …..
    Looks like the revolution won’t be beginning in Hollywood Knee….

  46. # 96 Cliff – at this rate all these Hollywood pansies could be the first ‘to go.’
    I’m not exactly seeing any Paul Reverves (sp?) here – that type of thing.
    Like. Did none of these singers, dancers, and former members of Glee Club ever pass Physics ?
    (I must admit , at the time I never gave it much thought)
    Walk on.

  47. bob

    haha i think its funny that everyone calls her fat, and shit. she looks like a normal person just with a bigger ass.

    i like it.

  48. Venom

    Kim is hot and 90% of you dudes don’t have any girl as hot as that so quit with the she is fat crap.
    If she walked in the club you would be dying to get near to her and hope she notices you.

  49. Darth


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