Kim Kardashian’s ass still defies logic

October 11th, 2009 // 113 Comments

Kim Kardashian stopped to get some gas yesterday and surprisingly deviated from her standard practice of never letting the paparazzi photograph her ass. Though based on these photos, I don’t see how it’s physically possible for them not to. I’m pretty sure if a pap stood with his back to Kim and aimed across the street, there’d be some ass in the shot. And by some I mean all of it. “What the devil? She was behind me! ‘Tis sorcery, I say!”*

*Note: The paparazzi speak in old English now, and don’t worry, I didn’t believe it either until I realized I wrote it. So it has to be true.

Photos: Fame, Flynet

  1. she looks thin and hot and gorgeous……………………… but lets hear them haters….

  2. although………………….. to her and many other girls: LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS

  3. Tom

    Amazing buttocks. To be admired.

  4. DAT ASS

    I don’t know what she does but I’ll take 4!

  5. vintage Rough

    I think the haters got a case. I heard two of Reggie’s football helmets are missing…

    Howa bout them GIANTS…

    What a formula! skinny arms and hot cures…

  6. Turd the third

    My god that is a huge Honda she has, think she should put a license plate on it and shove the gas pump nozzle up her ass….

    That is one gross looking chick.. unless you have an ass fetish I guess :(

  7. mensa

    Listen, there are some hot chicks on here, but Kim Kardashian is not one of them. And that ass is just weird looking. Why does it look borderline normal in some shots and obscenely huge in others? I still suspect butt pads…

  8. blah

    She’s a total waste of space, does absolutely nothing useful, but how can people really say she’s fat!?

  9. bi chick

    Say what you will, but Kim is a SPECIMEN OF PHYSICAL BEAUTY!

  10. dean johnson

    looks fine in them sausage pants,, but you can believe when she pops outta them, so does the loose flabby ass & all the celulite

  11. D4P

    “Kim Kardashian stopped to get some gas”

    Anyone know how high the Richter Scale goes? Just asking.

  12. Nameless

    Damn, she’s pretty short if she has to reach up to use the touchpad on the pump’s machine.

    She has to wear leggings because she looks like an overcooked sausage about to burst its sack in anything else.

  13. the truth

    her ass is so talked about because it will distract you from her lack of personality & disgusting face.

  14. dave

    Gawddammit. I have to rub one out now.

  15. TheJoker07


  16. Bootilicious

    @ negative bastards; You folks are full of shit. Kim is damn good looking and has a very exceptionally fine ass. I think most of you are pissed because your 2 inch wiener would get any where with a ass like that.

  17. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Truly disgusting.

  18. Mike

    Her ass is a birth defect. Get over it; but then again I’m sure all of you would still be gaga over her were it her head that was afflicted with elephantitis.

  19. me 2

    Her outfit is weird but somehow flattering on her. She must be keeping up with those workout vids she was promoting because she looks like she’s in pretty good shape.

    Her butt IS huge and definitely illogical. Look how thin her arms are, how can those arms and that butt exist on the same being? It’s very weird but, overall, I think she’s looking good here.

  20. She’s smokin’!! I am amazed she pumps her own gas!

  21. ppl

    kim resorting to the plastic face look….welcome to your thirty’s hoe, you look just like eva longoria

  22. mbp

    “What the devil? She was behind me! ‘Tis sorcery, I say!”

    That was funny! But it’s definitely not Old English ;)

  23. rah! rah!

    do you freaks remember that this girl welcomed the golden showers of a marginally famous hip-hop “musician”? seriously. get the fuck out.

  24. Come-Honor-Face

    @1 stop trying to be anonymous, we all know its you Kim, trying to give yourself some sympathy……

  25. clpierced

    people are stupid. leggings are totally pants. heres how: you wear your pants on your legs right? well they are leggings! get it? totallyyyy. well also kim is very pretty, but her ass has got to go. either firm it up (no craters) or get lipo. im grossed out. but i love you kimmmmy :)

  26. Oh ick!

    She’s grotesque. Really.

    Also her butt doesn’t look right. Implants or fat injections. Fascinating in a circus carnival way, but not sexy.

  27. asfawe

    this is what you have to post all weekend? stupid. so stupd

  28. so true

    #24, so true.

    Seems like she sits at the blogs and posts good comments about herself. Comment #1 is sooo defensive.

  29. AmericanWhiteTrash

    #25 you love her? You sad sad person. Worshiping some spoiled narcissistic chick with no talent of any kind other than her big ass.

  30. jh

    She’s only going with 89? She’s worth about $30 MM and she can’t drop the extra 10 cents on 93? She’s going to regret that decision in about 70,000 miles when carbon build-up rears its ugly head.

  31. Jeremy

    She is the Barack Obama of reality tv. Perfect for where our society is today.

  32. yuki

    i wanna go pee.

  33. dr. tuy

    she has had plastic surgery, there is facial reconstruction, lifting and filling. plus, the butt, there is no way there isn’t something in there, its too protruding and full, there is just no way this girl is 100% real, i refuse to believe it.

  34. Elk

    So hot, even when she’s just pumping gas.

  35. Kim Kardashian is so gorgeous!!! Her ass is perfect, i love her…I love all the kardashian girls

  36. Kim Kardashian is so gorgeous!!! Her ass is perfect, i love her…I love all the kardashian girls

  37. Kim Kardashian is so gorgeous!!! Her ass is perfect, i love her…I love all the kardashian girls

  38. Get a clue, #37

    How could anyone with 1/2 a brain like ANY of these disgusting karTRASHian attention whores? Check out the main pic; It looks like she taped 2 big sacks of lard onto her ass. She’s a fat ass mud skank…

  39. Turd the third

    she needs some serious assosuction….about 20 mil worth I figure..

  40. Turd the third

    Turd has also noticed that her ass is so big it ate her cameltoe…

  41. watever

    you know, i kinda liked her face better half a year ago (thereabouts).
    anyway.. what car is that. the rear looks fierce, some lexus thing?

    her body is good, but for the way to big behind and i agree with whoever mentioned leggins. i never got it why lilo and her run around in leggings all the time. i’ve yet to see someone who doesn’t look extremely ungainly in them. though kk pulls it off better than lilo, i mean fat fucking chance, what with all the hobo accessories and flaky nail jobs going for lilo…

  42. Ass

    thats a big ass!

  43. Ass

    thats a big ass!

  44. jarjarbinx

    I would eat that ass out even after a long sweaty night at the club!

  45. JO

    how many fists can u fit up in there

  46. Nasty Hos

    ALL the kardashian women are BEASTS. End of story.

  47. Crassanova

    you fools… her ass is popping out freakishly and deliciously for one reason and one reason only. she’s wearing 6 inch heels (at least).

    high heels cause a woman’s ass to pop out.

    when you’re in high heels, you’re on your tip toes, which creates the optical illusion of having a great ass. here’s how it works:

    1) being on your tip toes forces you to lean forward, slightly.

    2) leaning forward forces you to arch your back in order to regain your center of gravity (if you still wish to walk around like an upright homosapien). otherwise your torso would slope forward and you’d become a knuckle dragging mongoloid.

    so in high heels, you’re essentially bent over with your back arched. this makes the ass pop as much as possible.

    i will write a thorough post on this as soon as i’m not too busy living my life. in the meantime, chew on this post about why girls look better during the day

  48. weekiwachee

    @20 she would pump anything she finds.

  49. King

    the most perfect body
    and a beautiful face
    anyone who hates on her
    is PLAIN GAY

  50. Jimmy

    WoW!!!!!!! That is One Big Ass!!!!!!!!!!! I can sse the attraction by the dark race follk!!!!!

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