Kim Kardashian’s ass in a bikini – FROM BEHIND. It’s the apocalypse!

April 1st, 2010 // 257 Comments

Fucking. FINALLY.

Here’s Kim Kardashian on a photo shoot for QuickTrim today and somebody actually took a shot of her ass in a bikini. Unfortunately, I can’t help but feel robbed considering I expected to see an entire civilization living atop of it, complete with little suspension bridges. Next to the airport.

UPDATE: Added some more pics that make up in clarity what they lack in… assery?

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  1. Jestersdead

    First Bitches!!! wooooooo

  2. methinks

    not bad at all

  3. bubba

    oh my

  4. bubba

    oh my

  5. Fat Assssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Big enough for it’s own zip code…..

  6. Jay Popeski

    Bootyful! Fantasstic!

  7. Jestersdead

    Seriously it’s NOT good, but not as bad as I thought it would be. I really hate this nobody, but she is doable

  8. Beebaby

    I wonder if her thighs rub together

  9. oh i know

    how ironic that this is a photo shoot for QuickTrim!

  10. No GayTards

    She is so fine! Her skin tone, her curves, just delicious!!!

  11. eatme

    I’m really not liking the last pic, the…
    “wtf, how did you get behind me with your camera and I KNOW what you just took photos of even though it’s in our contract that there are to be NO ass shots whatsoever because, despite my fame, hotness and peddling of diet crap, I’m super self conscious of my huge ass”

  12. Crusty

    I had already called my therapist in anticipation that these pictures would make me suicidal. Appointment cancelled.

  13. Johnny


  14. Javiera

    I think that giving that she just gave birht, it´s not bad at all, dont´you think??? I´m asking at the staff of the website because I´m from Chile and I dont´understand what you say by “it´s the apocalypse”! it´s not big as jennifer lopez ass..for example.
    what do you think (web site writers).

  15. Georgeo

    Hahahaha!! Look at that lard ass cellulite bucket!

  16. mikeybikey

    good lord almighty, i would DESTROY that.

  17. TheJoker07

    Wow finally! Its as rare as Bigfoot.

  18. AssAssIn

    Don’t squeeze the Charminian.

  19. sandar

    already this sow bitch found another brother in an airport it wont bs long now he’ll be buried in her ass with his meatpole!!! the karTRASHians strike again, what is the fastination wth these F#*@n slut pigface bitches? lets TRASH the karTRASHians once and for all, i can’t take it anymore.
    P.S. the thighs dont rub because she keeps a butt plug in her ass and that maintains the spread in case she has to go a day or two without a dick in it

    • slevels

      y do you u hate someone that doesnt even know you exist, and u came here just to talk trash, i hope your a female bcuz what your saying is what an ugly jealous bitch would say

  20. SALLY

    I have a big butt too and i’m only 5’1. i’m skinny everywhere else but by arse and i’m really embarrassed by it.

    • slevels

      if your skinny everywhere else than you have what I and a ton of other men dream of, dont be embarrassed, you should be proud somen pay a lot of $ for that, everyone always wants what they dont have but trust meyour good and show em what your workin with peace

  21. SALLY

    I have a big butt too and i’m only 5’1. i’m skinny everywhere else but by arse and i’m really embarrassed by it.

  22. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    I hate this fat assed no talent bitch. The only talent she has is deep throating black dicks.

  23. hellcat

    Now that is a beautiful body. So nice to see healthy curves. It ain’t easy keeping that shape in check. Well done, Kim.

  24. eatme

    I’m sure that you look great. Maybe you can post some candids for our viewing pleasure?

  25. Jojo

    Oh yes! So plump and juicy. She is smokin hot. She’s not famous for her talent so stop questioning it. She’s famous cuz she’s hot. Oh yeah, and for the sex tape. Love that video! Every photo op she gets she should show off that ass of hers. It’s what WE ALL WANT.

  26. ILD

    And I always thought she was like Barney Stinson, no matter what angle you shoot her from, her butt is always pointing away from the camera. Guess she must have sneezed.

  27. e


  28. hellcat

    @ 14. Javiera
    The writer is being sarcastic because Kim does not show her fantastic ass. Also, it was her sister who just gave birth, Kim has no children.

  29. hellcat

    @ 14. Javiera,
    The writer is being sarcastic because Kim never shows off her ass.
    Also, it was her sister who just had a baby, Kim has no children.

  30. TekMoney

    Gasp… this is truly epic. You know what? Forget Katy Perry’s last post! THIS is the post of 2010 so far!

  31. who dat

    Not a bad body. Too bad about her personality & being an attention whore.

  32. Sport

    not bad looking but still an ego-maniacal-no-talent-ATTENTION-WHORE.

  33. turd da third

    I think I smell buffalo..

  34. Yen Yen

    who this girl? She big! My village could eat for a week this girl. ^_^

    ~*Yen Yen*~

  35. Rasputins Liver


    Annnnd the obsession with pork butt Kardashian continues.
    We read comments on this site and elsewhere about black guys and their apparent attraction to fat, cellulite-ladened chicks, I just gotta say I don’t get it.
    What’s so hot about rippling fat, cellulite, stretchmarks and overall lardiness?
    I agree that super skinny death camp looking chicks or chicks with no ass are kinda…eh…maybe not so hot. But obese, grotesquely proportioned, cottage cheese textured fat broads are appalling and vomitus-generating at best.
    Kim’s ass, thighs and cankles are totally gross, man. The ass is like ten pounds of pure grade A lard on each cheek. The cottage cheese thunder thighs…arrrgh. And those stumpy cankles.
    Ok, some Jabba The Hutt chicks have great personalities and that is important to be sure. And perhaps that sometimes outweighs (pun intended) the mountains of lard. But skipping the personality, on average, what’s even remotely sexually attractive about 200 to 400 pounds of gelatinous fat, cellulite and stretch marks?
    What about it lard chasers? What turns you lovers of the obese on about them being obese? Especially you weird black dudes who apparently dig deep fat fried lard asses?
    Is it some sort of deep fat fried ghetto Oedipal thing?


  36. BEA

    i can c why she usually keeps it covered by sarong, spanx, etc….it’s flabby and mishapen.

  37. Loch Ness Monster

    I’d like to take credit for snapping this pic. It was a tough call since it was either her ass or Bigfoot who just happen to be in the area.

    The ass wins everytime.


    I WANT!!!!! her to BACK that BIG’JUICY’ASS on to my face!!!!!!!!!

  39. Jesse Jackson

    Oh yeah….the ass-pocalypse is here. Don’t run…embrace it….let the doughy cheeks of doom envelope you….nom nom nom….

  40. no_innocent_papparazzi


  41. Bootilicious

    hot** Baby got back

  42. @36 NAILED IT! So unbelievably overrated. Look at the chasm in the right cheek…it looks like it’s made of pancake batter. And it’s only gonna get LLLAAARRRRRGGERRRR.
    Put it all away, Kim. Sell all the swimwear and spare us all.

  43. ___

    Stumpy legs, dumpy ass, poorly toned calves.

    But from the ribcage up she’s pretty hot. Although definitely not as hot as she thinks she is.

  44. NALGON

    This is a HUGE FUCKING DEAL!!!!!

    its not even that good, I see porn stars that trump that ass in goodness all day.

  45. Lenny

    Come on #22, be honest it’s the black dick thing that’s really eating you up alive.

  46. Rough out of the office

    Yep! still the 9th wonder of the world. If you don’t have proof its fake, then quit making up your own news….

  47. GIRL

    Too bad this photo is of terrible quality.. in her favor.

  48. bevo

    If I were a rich, black athlete, then I will drill that ass everyday and twice on Saturdays.

  49. Dave Duke

    Well, now we have it established. The real reason this Armenian blubber butt likes the brothers is because they are the only ones with schlongs long enough to penetrate her hairy twat through those massive crater-filled ass cheeks.

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