Kim Kardashian will get naked again

December 3rd, 2008 // 46 Comments

Like any sophisticated woman of poise and dignity, Kim Kardashian wants it to be known she would definitely get all kinds of naked again and be airbrushed by the folks at Playboy. It really is amazing to learn she doesn’t live at Buckingham Palace. From her official blog:

There are a bunch of reports about me on the web claiming that I said I would never do Playboy again. They’re quoting me as saying, “It was a one-off. I don’t think I’ll do Playboy or anything like that again.”
First of all, I have never used the term “one-off.” It’s simply not in my vocabulary.
Here’s my thinking: While I’m not planning to pose for the men’s magazine in the immediate future, I definitely don’t want to close the door to the opportunity! I absolutely love Hugh Hefner and the rest of the Playboy team and appreciate the opportunity to work with them!
Never say never,

Dear Kim,

I own a camera, an assortment of shag furniture and, once I sneak back into the zoo, a polar bear rug. In case you were curious.

Surprisingly tasteful,

The Superficial Writer

P.S. Did I mention my balls aren’t old? Don’t be alarmed if this creates feelings in you that you yourself don’t quite understand.

Photo: Playboy

  1. The gorgeous one


  2. Ascil

    First!motorboat…brrrrr..bbrrrrr.. <3 First!!

  3. HMMM She looks good but….I dont like her body.

  4. AJ

    I think it is great that a short fat chick with big hips and a big butt can be in Play Boy and enjoy all the airbrushing they do to improve the body.

  5. Welll said kimmy!

    -this reminds me to check out your pics again in the very first playboy i brought in a long time!!!!

  6. Producer

    Kim’s Kid: Mommy why are you famous?
    Kim: We did a reality show years ago and this is how I got famous.
    Kim’s Kid: All the kids at school say you did porn with your black wanna be thug boyfriend.
    Kim: Um finish your breakfast.

  7. Producer

    Kim’s Kid: Mommy why are you famous?
    Kim: We did a reality show years ago and this is how I got famous.
    Kim’s Kid: All the kids at school say you did porn with your black wanna be thug boyfriend.
    Kim: Um finish your breakfast.

  8. havoc

    That’s all the photos we get?

    Well hell…..


  9. Lola

    And this is interesting news why exactly? This skank being naked is about as interesting as Britney’s “comeback”

  10. ew

    this girl has no respect for herself. how trashy.

  11. Ram Punchington

    “First of all, I have never used the term “one-off.” It’s simply not in my vocabulary.”

    Yeah, neither is “shame”, “class” or “Don’t pee on me.”

  12. Douchie, it would be more convincing if the wookie, I mean woman you choose to be your beard didn’t actually have a beard.

  13. Dirk the Magnanomous

    Man, I bet she sleeps good at night knowing how many 14 year old boys she is helping to jerk off to her pictures today.

    A real humanitarian she is, not letting those poor boys suffer from “blue balls”…

  14. CaptainMorgan

    Break out the wide angle lens….you might have to dust it off. SInce when does Playboy put fatties in there? This would be right up Daisy’s ass….re: ps

  15. hahah sling blade got jealous im talking about kim

    whats a wookie?

  16. Hurry up backwood boy, im on limited time!!!!

  17. Honestly, I wish all urinals had tits that yummy…

  18. Becky

    I like to eat just like Kim and my mom is into fitness and eating right. My mom tells me that men don’t like short females with big hips and a big butt and I tell her that Kim Kardassian is short and has big hips and a big butt like me and she gets famous men. And then my mom told me that Kim’s did porn and only freaky men like her and men with a fat fettish for short females. This was the wake up call I needed and now I am down to 123 pounds thanks to mom!

  19. Superevil

    And I still couldn’t give 2 fucks.

  20. I bet Becky’s posted weight has a mulitplier of at least 1.75.

  21. naughty but nice

    Santa, all I want for Xmas is shots of:

    A) lying stomach down w/ legs together with stockings of some type
    B) standing whilest bending at the waist
    C) her chocolate starfish displayed as she spreads cheeks
    D) frontal of cupping her breasts in her hands showing full breast areola also
    E) D must also include open mouth showing tongue

  22. Kahlee

    Dear mr superficial writer, I am sure that Kim and the rest of the female population is swooning at the thought of your non-old balls. xo

  23. Becky


    At one time I weighed the same as Kim which was around 165 pounds.

  24. Pablo Volare

    I think you got jacked… or jacked this sucker.

  25. Jamie's Uterus

    This is news to blog about? Some fat ass untalented Armenian urinal said she would grace the pages of Playboy and show us her various body parts?

    How desperate, sounds like there is no offer, and she wants one. I suspect she’d even do it for free, much like when she was urinated on by a D list rapper.

  26. Particle)Man

    pix or GTFO

  27. Bahahaha, I wanna see her titties!!!!

  28. just a girl

    she’s fat short legged and so commune.
    new sex star?
    give me a brake

  29. jimi

    Like Paris, she looks retarded. And I don’t mean to insult the mentally challenged of our population.

  30. Ricky

    Honestly, short fat chicks with breast implants do nothing for me. So she eats a lot to maintain her large bottom half. She’s like the average American, she overeats.

  31. jennyjenjen

    @28 learn to spell..

  32. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now? ?????????????????

  33. sara

    um is it me or does her swimsuit under her elbow and over her elbow not match up…?

  34. RAWR!

    I would eat shit out of her big beautiful ass. RAWR!

  35. LargelyGay

    Look at those tits.
    What a president lover though.

  36. Stiles

    Big fu@king deal, I saw that last week. Except it was our Thanksgiving deep-fried turkey.

  37. Kim sucks 'em all off

    Keyword: AIRBRUSH

    Kim is still an untalented, uneducated, boring, desperate, fat flapjack ass, human urinal and there is nothing interesting about eother of the kardashian skanks!


  39. Mr. Jones

    I don’t get it. Even with all the airbrush, her legs still look like greasy sausages sweating and popping in the pan.

    Not sexy. Not sexy at all.

  40. Keil

    Basically you can be short and fat and do porn and be in PlayBoy lol!

  41. Jim Ludington

    Kim “Whore” Kardashian I would still welcome in for cherry plucking (ho! ho! ho!, who wouldn’t know). Her ASS I’d plug in a miili-second, mostly because she had her pussy lips all cut-off by the butcher. I observe most celebrity whoes demand no pussy lips on themseles at all. It’s a shame!!! Do you think when God created Adam and Eve, she immediately wanted her pussy lips no more? Usually, I get the pick of the litter with lips, at least, down to her knees. What else would I want to feel slopping in and out around my “WHOPPER” while banging a woman/women to death, until they beg for more? Playboy hasn’t been able to give me a woody since other magazines started showing pink, way back when…. If she gets hard-up to spread, and I mean really spread for a mag, please have her show me what there is to go for. Last but not least, Kim “Whore” Kardashian, please dump your razors, completely. The hairier the merrier!

  42. black & beautiful

    Here’s another term that’s not in Kim’s vocabulary: “Hard white cock.”

  43. Jim Ludington

    I’ve looked fairly closely, is the “WHORE” gypsy?

  44. Glue

    Daddy must be proud about what his cash is accomplishing.

  45. CATHY R


  46. Kinky-Vixen

    I think Cathy R is a little jealous, as well as the rest of you haters!

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