Kim Kardashian wears lingerie (Dance, puppets!)

March 19th, 2008 // 204 Comments

You ever get in one of those moods where you just want to post pics of hot celebrities on your awesome blog all day? If you couldn’t tell by the Jennifer Aniston and Erika Eleniak (I think?) posts, I’m in one of those moods. To wrap this show up, here’s buttlacious Kim Kardashian modeling lingerie designed by Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin. Also with Kim is Aubrey O’Day of Danity Kane and Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton. But none of that really matters because, holy shit, it’s Kim Kardashian in lingerie. I could write the location of the Holy Grail* down here and you wouldn’t even notice. That’s why I love you guys. *sniff* You make me so damn proud…

*Hint: Take a closer look at Lil Jon. Hyeah!


  1. salopia

    Fish, finish up with the naked amy winehouse pic i just emailed you!!!

  2. sexy

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn her ass is fine

    i’d tap that, even if she is a skank

  3. ph7

    Pretty fuckable, I must admit.

  4. Goddamn that chick is hot. I want to see more ass shots

  5. She ‘was’ fuckable, until you remember that some idiot rapper pissed on her face and she is so stupid that not only did she let him do it, she let him videotape it so the entire world can learn what a stupid skank she is.

  6. Jackie Blue


    She has an enormous behind! I would never let my behind get that big. My husband would put me on a strict diet if I did get that huge. I have seen my husbands porn pics from looking at the Internet History on his computer, and all the women are in shape. But some guys are into fat chicks with a lot of junk in the trunk lol! All women thin, in shape, and fat need loving. There’s men for all ladies.

  7. Husband

    Note to self: Clean out Internet History tonight

  8. Spazz

    Wow is it Christmas already?

  9. Angus

    She has quite a tummy bulge when the camera catches her NOT holding it it with all her might (pic2). And I see a dookie-scuff in that butt crack…

  10. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    pic 1 = “smell my finger”

    lol @ 7

  11. Abdo

    WOW!..She’s Smokin Hot!!!!!
    I’m glad that i will see her in Philie
    Wrestlemania Baby!!!!

  12. R.Kelly

    I want to piss on that bitch.

  13. Will

    Her panties look like an extra large! I am surprised she let someone take a close up of her derriere! She is always hiding her derriere on her reality show while wearing a bikini while walking because her sister told her that her derriere jiggles when she walks. Her huge derriere is only going to get bigger and saggy.

  14. Peebrain

    She’s too fat and dumb for my taste, but if you love Kim urine luck.

  15. someguy

    Stupid bitch. She posts these photos and can’t even get rif od the red-eye. I think her ass swallowed (what was left of) her brain.

  16. Dorian

    My friend had a huge behind like Kim and hated the attention she got from the creepy guys. She got her behind lipo-suctioned and now she can wear skinny jeans and no creepy guys staring at her butt to her delight. I know this is a generalization, but why is it that creepy guys love huge butts? My brother is creepy and loves huge butts too.

  17. miggs

    wtf…her panties are yellow on the BACK! Why is that? Wait…oh yeah…ugh.

  18. Auntie Kryst

    What Armenian custom is this? Keem looks to be wearing some sort of traditional gypsy garb. Is this the famous “Protect the village, put the whores between us and the Turks!” dance?

  19. Ted Mosby

    I’ve had that ass and it is lazy.

  20. Jesse

    Nice huge buttocks to go with her tree trunk thighs!

  21. Barack

    The guys who love huge butts are creepy because:

    If the guy’s white – he’s a latent homosexual who has desperately fixated on mom’s huge butt to try to repress the urge to fuck a guy, preferably one that looks like dad;

    If the guy’s black – all n i g g e r s are creepy, what did you expect?

  22. sugar

    Don’t get me wrong Kim is a pretty girl, but I find it very sad and pathetic to be so desperate for attention that she would go and have either the Brazilian Butt Lift or butt implants to get herself noticed. In my opinion she went overboard with the butt augmentation, but that was her intention. She won’t admit that she had her butt enhanced even when there are pictures from just a few years ago when she is out on the town that clearly show she was not born with that butt., because that is all she has to offer. And no I’m not jealous of her because my booty is real. Not admitting it just goes to show how attention starved and insecure she really is.

  23. Why is she wearing a black bra under a blue bra? Isn’t that too many bras??

  24. Lynne

    Um #16 – pretty much every guy loves her face and body – she’s gorgeous. She might not be the best person but she’s definitely one of the most beautiful.

  25. Lynne

    Um #16 – pretty much every guy loves her face and body – she’s gorgeous. She might not be the best person but she’s definitely one of the most beautiful.

  26. leg man

    Look how she has to wear elaborate outfits to flatter the fatness. It looks ok from these angles but I smell a fatty, I smell thunder thighs and a celulite covered bubbly jiggle ass.

    No thanks, I’ll take hot, tight and toned over this makeup covered future whale anyday. Plus me and my penis have agreed to never enter a skank again the dirtiness scare pepe and my brain and I have agreed to never waste time with stupid fucking bimbo’s whose iunimaginable stupidity makes you want to shove your head in a blender. And last of all my heart and I have agreed to longer go for materialistic uber bitches who only like me for my money. So she is a big all round NO.

    Bitch is a D class whore and she ain’t worth your time.

  27. Jeepers Creepers

    I am an OK looking guy. I am tall and I get noticed easily. I like fat chicks with big butts because they do not get as much attention as the chicks that are in shape. They are grateful to have a man worship their huge butt and will almost do anything for me like anal sex, video tapping, and pictures too. Women with big butts suffer from low self esteem so I build up their self esteem so I can do them. I know I am a creep but I love having a lot of sex and big butt chicks are an easy lay.

  28. Toasty

    How would YOU get work done with all these HOT SEXY ladies around:

  29. Ted from LA

    You are a true humanitarian.

  30. FRIST, It just makes it that much more fun to take off..

  31. Fatty

    She is a beautiful fatty… but…

    I have a modest 8 inches and fat chicks make me feel small and inadequate.

  32. @29 Ted, I think we should nominate Jeepers Creepers for a Nobel peace prize..

  33. Mr Big

    Why do they all look like midgets except that one chick?

  34. Jen

    Alexis Phiffer, Kanye West’s fiance, is with them too in one pic. I have a bum like Kim’s (only firmer). Men love it! I love my bum. 36-24-42, baby!

  35. mike

    @31 Dude, it would not matter if she was 5’10″ and a 110 pounds you would still be small and inadequate.

  36. mike

    @34 Jen, do you have any pics?

  37. Ted from LA

    I have a question. How old are these women? They act like they are twelve years-old and having a sleepover and perhaps a pillow fight. If they are over 25 they are the biggest losers on the planet (with the exception of the Bush Administration of course).

  38. 10pound

    The blond is way hawter than that fatass dead-behind-the-eyes wannalebrity

  39. notapc

    “DANCE, PUPPETS!” best Superfish line ever…

  40. #30 Jimbo, more fun or more work???

    I hate more work..

  41. leg man

    #37. Ted she is 27 years old (will be 28 this October). You are correct about all you say. I had no idea of her age (mentally I’d give her 4) but, I checked her IMDb file. Sadly she is considered an actress.

    What pisses me off is when other fat chicks tell me I like this woman “oh all me think she’s hot (because that reasures my fatty complex)”

    “No skanks I don’t like fatasses and whores covered in whore paint, I like me some stunning Rachel McAdams. Not everyone like this lardass, deal with it.

  42. combustion8

    yo fish post the audrina nude pics already.

  43. isitin

    I think Kim is an ugly fat hairy woman. I wouldn’t fuck her with your dick.

  44. mike

    FRIST, I am not saying two bras is my first choice, but it does make it a little more challenging..

  45. Kleinfeld

    It’s great. Keep The Kardskankian pics coming! The best of the day yet maybe the best of the month..

    What a shiksa! She’s got a righteous tush.

    At the end of the day, she’s got great T,A, & face..People are way too hard on this fine specimen.

  46. Linda

    #34 Jen

    More power to you! My husband would be turned off by your figure, but I’m glad you have men that appreciate your figure. I’m 34-26-34. I have to watch what I eat and exercise regularly, but I bet you can eat anything you want. Enjoy yourself!

  47. emily

    where does she find underwear that fit her

  48. emily

    where does she find underwear that fit her

  49. monkeyfightclub

    what the hell is her slutty blonde friend wearing in pic 4? A burlap sack would be more sexy.

  50. ipanema_schuyler

    Auntie Kryst – what’s your heritage? Are you .. Turk? Or Georgian? You seem to hate Kim Ho with a truly insider’s knowledge special hate .. ? Just askin’…

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