Kim Kardashian wants six-pack abs

Kim Kardashian posted the above pic on her blog from an upcoming Muscle and Fitness photo shoot. She’s claims she’s on her way to six-pack abs which means scientists must have developed a version of Photoshop that works on real life. Otherwise, you got me:

Alright guys, I have been going sooo hard in the gym, and I really feel it’s paying off! My tummy is soo toned. Why is it that the top part gets ripped first and the lower part is sooo hard to tone up!? I am determined to have a six pack by summer! In a feminine way of course.

While I admire Kim’s dedication to physical fitness, maybe she should invest a little time and effort in CHANGING A FUCKING LIGHT BULB. I mean, Jesus, it’s like this picture was taken in the Batcave. Is she trying to hide someth- Oh, I get it.