Kim Kardashian really wants me to make a salad tossing joke

December 22nd, 2009 // 104 Comments

Sticking closely to the Paris Hilton playbook she smuggled in her ass all those years ago, a lingerie-clad Kim Kardashian appears in the latest Carl’s Jr. commercial promoting their new salad. Of course, no one will ever order one after, no joke, seeing the dressing suggestively equated with semen. I mean, let’s be realistic, Tom Cruise doesn’t seem like the fast food type and Lindsay Lohan is carrying her last nickel around in her shoe.


  1. Anon


  2. kaylia

    i guess we already know her favourite dressing

  3. kk

    whore whore whore

  4. mike


  5. Crusty

    Girl is smoking hot..

  6. Drew

    “Hey, I’m a nobody that has done nothing of importance in my life, pay attention to me.”

  7. whatever

    Neat freak? I don’t think someone who likes to get peed on qualifies as a neat freak.

  8. l;l

    nasty whore

  9. jnn


  10. cbgb

    these kardashians are disgusting

  11. Naked Joe

    I’ve got an extra batch of umm… salad dressing… ready for you, Kim.

  12. OPS

    I’d blow buttermilk ranch all over her.

  13. We don’t have Carl Jr’s Up here in MN, is it any good?

  14. stinkfist

    Oh yeah she eats TONS of salad

  15. Champ

    ‘I am a neat freak – but you can PISS all over me if you want.”

  16. Rod

    “she’s disgusting” -any troll who has time to write something on this site is already a zitfaced hoser who damn well knows they’d nut all over her, too, fatties!

  17. Rough4life

    Superb move by Carl’s Jr’s marketing team, never hear of em before…I wonder if she can make crochet in a rocking chair appear sexy…

  18. ya

    I am going to Carl Jr’s. NOW.

  19. coolio

    she is only concerned with getting attention. slut.

  20. ken ortega


    I want to do that to Kim!!!

  21. Dr.

    I would toss her salad all-day, ever day.

    But let’s not forget about those boobs. And what about the STI?

  22. cheezbox

    I’d pay $10000 to toss that salad, easy.

  23. gen

    Yea Audrina did one of these too. And she’s still forgettable. Why do only non-celebs do this?

  24. Delgo

    Arm the Salad Shooter

  25. Jax

    Why no fork? No one eats like that. Stupid commercials.

  26. brandy's brother

    why is she eating salad with her fingers?

  27. jiz

    Beautiful lady with a most salad-tossable ass.



  29. ?

    kim: mom, look what i can do!
    kris: good job honey! taking your clothes off is what gets you places!

  30. Richard McBeef

    @24 – derrrrr.

  31. Juice

    I eat salad with my fingers…
    Never been peed on though.

  32. @15 – ROFLMAO

    It’s so true. I’m still waiting for the Respect tattoo.

  33. M

    Did anyone notice that the pillow behind her looks like a massive ass? :)

  34. J

    Next week Superficial will host the Saladfart video.

  35. ?

    LOL – M i did notice that. it totally looks like a giant ass behind her.

  36. A

    I would stick my tongue so far up her ass…

  37. This reminds me of the PETA commercial that was considered too sexy. The only difference is the women were not large size models like Kim. Glad to see Kim promoting a salad.

  38. Tofu

    I forgot to add that the PETA commercial was considered too sexy and was banned from TV.

  39. the truth

    kim is an engagement ring away from being morbidly obese. look at the jiggle on those arms.

  40. Des

    I hope this commercial encourages overweight people like Kim to eat more salads and lose the fat. Be sure to use low calorie dressing.

  41. steph

    When did salad become a finger food?

  42. Tabasco

    We all know that only spades frequent Carl’s Jnrs… Why not have a nigger lovin’ Kardashian promoting the place? This bitch is so dam nasty… the amount of dick that’s entered her is ridiculous.

  43. Fas(c)h(ion)ist(a)

    The PETA add wasn’t “too sexy”, it was deliberately tacky, obvious and in poor taste. They don’t have Super Bowl spot money; they submitted something they knew would be rejected and then tried to turn *that* into press. Simulating masturbation with a cucumber (or zucchini, or whatever it was) was never going to air. PETA members can suck it, hypocritical assmunches.

  44. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    When has this piss loving fat assed skanked up slut ever eaten a salad? Never in her life! Give this bitch more fries and her usual double cheeseburger to keep her ass fat. Oh wait, sorry, she’s ‘curvy’….., code word for FAT.

    So sad we had to lose Brittany Murphy, and this horrid no talent pig still continues to skank up the earth with her vileness.

  45. who hates the salads???????????????

  46. erin

    all you people calling her fat are full of shit. she’s disgusting because she’s a shameless, worthless famewhore but she sure as fuck isn’t fat.

  47. This woman has absolutely no talent. I saw her on “DWTS” acouple of seasons ago & for all her physical atributes she was stiff & awkward in her dancing. Recently she appeared on one of the “CSI” clones & there her “acting” skills were on a par with her dancing skills. If not for cable & the internet Ms. Kardashian would in no way be considered a “celebrity”.

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  48. anumi

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  49. Is there anything else that she does apart from flaunting her bare body. Now am tired of these pics.

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