Kim Kardashian wants a baby NOW

Since it’s no fair stupid Kourtney gets to have one and hog all the attention, Kim Kardashian wants a baby before she hits 30 next October, according to Life & Style:

“I always had a vision I’d be married with one kid by the time I’m 30.” Not that Kim’s likely to be waiting for a ring much longer. After dating for more than two years, Kim and boyfriend Reggie Bush, split in July but are now back together and working on their issues. “Before, I was strictly all about my work,” Kim admits. “Now I make it a priority to go see him instead. It’s all about the commitment you choose to make.”
And with renewed faith in their relationship, Kim and Reggie are making moves toward their future. “Kim is selling her condo so she and Reggie can buy a home together in Los Angeles,” her friend says. And the prospect of having a big house has Kim thinking about how she and Reggie will fill it. “I want a lot of kids,” Kim tells Life & Style. “Maybe five or six. A mix of both boys and girls.”

I’m sure nothing will bring Kim Kardashian more joy than giving birth to a beautiful baby, immediately handing it off to a team of Mexican nannies and then spending the next year hiring the greatest plastic surgeons of our time to restore her ass. I hear one of them even built a time machine to go into the future since our current ass enhancement technologies fall short of such a task. Or maybe I’m thinking about last week’s Nip/Tuck. You get my point.

Photos: Splash News