Kim Kardashian to Larry King: Playboy is ‘inspirational’

March 31st, 2008 // 130 Comments

Kim Kardashian and her rag-tag bunch of family members stopped by Larry King Live on Friday. After getting peppered by Barbara Walters about her sex tape, Kim was ready for another awkward discussion about her nudity with the surprisingly alive. This time Larry brought up the topic of her shoot for Playboy. Kim said a bunch of words about something or rather, I dunno. I was too busy staring at the video of her getting ready for the shoot. Then things kind of went black for a while. I blame the fall into the next cubicle when I tried to mount my monitor. I should invest in some handlebars. I mean, I can’t keep doing this 10-30 times a day – before lunch.

Thanks to Lindsey who isn’t afraid to say Larry’s suspenders are sexy. Hell yeah!


  1. jonesy

    Jesus. Her ass needs its own zip code. Who is the ankle grabber posing with her?

  2. Billy


    lol! Good one!

    She is nothing without her girdle with butt pads lol!

  3. Betsy

    I love Kim because she is fat like me and I too wear a girdle with butt pads and I am never seen in public without my girdle with butt pads, just like Kim. The only problem is the shock when men see me in the nude and no girdle. One guy exclaimed, “Holly shit! What happened to your ass!” I kicked him out of my bed and never saw him again. Others looked shocked but do not say anything which is the way it should be.

  4. wow

    There’s only one world to define any man who doesn’t think Kim Kardashian is fucking hot: gay

  5. Patricia

    I’m not sure if Kim wears a girdle with butt pads because I have a big ass too and my girdle lifts and re-shapes my buttocks to look unnatural like Kim, but people can’t help looking because of the huge size and unnatural look. It is a turn on for some guys, except when they see me in the nude like #103.

  6. Brett

    There are many reasons guys find Kim hot:

    1-They love fat chicks.
    2-They love chicks with a big ass
    3-They love huge hips.
    4-They love huge thighs.
    5-They love cellulite.
    6-They love the way a girdle makes their rear end look unnatural.
    7-They have low standards.
    8-They hate chicks that eat right, exercise, and are in shape.
    9-They like to watch the rear end jiggle when they spank it during sex.
    10-They love chicks that wear a lot of make up like a prostitute or man in drag.

    I like the girl next door type. Not too much make up with a fit and small shapely behind.

  7. lol

    Don’t you find it hilarious that there’s a woman on this site whose boyfriend is Kim Kardashian’s #1 fan, no doubt, that keeps posting comments on her every post under a bunch of different usernames pretending to be both a male and a female calling Kim fat and saying she has a size 984298 hips and other lame stupid shit and that she wears a butt gridle, WTF? I didn’t even know what the fuck that was, this chick sure as hell knows because she wears one, not Kim. Relax you lame loser, we all know you’re so fucking jealous of Kim Kardashian that just hearing her name causes you a rage attack, but hey, hating her and calling her fat is not gonna make her fat and is not gonna make your boyfriend stop liking her. I say go work out a little instead of being 24/7 on TheSuperficial trying to bash Kim Kardashian and maybe your man, and guys in general, will like you a little more. Maybe if you put more effort into things that cause you to be a bitter lame jealous bitch to try to solve them instead of spending hours and hours sitting on your fat ass in front of your computer calling Kim fat and trying to bash her, your boyfriend would notice and maybe he would pay a little more attention to you instead of spending so much time jerking off to Kim Kardashian.
    We get it, you’re incredibly JEALOUS, you’re fat, you hate yourself, you have no life, you’re ugly, you’re bitter, you’re lame and you’re attention starved, and oh yeah… you’re SO FUCKING JEALOUS of Kim Kardashian, she’s your worst nightmare.
    Now learn this jealous bitter bitch: Kim is HOT and BEAUTIFUL and so is her hot body, with butt gridle or not (because we simply just don’t give a fuck if she wears that or not, get it) and with plastic surgery or not. She’s fucking hot, and you’re NOT.

  8. Aaron

    I think Kim is one hot fat ass chick! I love the way her girdle makes her huge ass look like a super freak!

  9. Lillian

    I have friends that have big hips, butt, and thighs like Kim. I am in shape but always tell my fat friends that they are not fat, they are curvy. I also tell them that I wish I had a butt like them but secretly I’m relieved not to have a big butt. And I am not jealous, just greatful I know how to push myself from the plate.

  10. Franky

    I love Kim and her butt girdle, but I’m not sure if I want to see her without the butt girdle because when she wears the butt girdle she looks cheap and Iike cheap looking women with a lot of make up.

  11. Clyde

    I do not think chicks are jealous of Kim unless they are fat and not getting the same attention as Kim. Who is their right mind wants to be fat like Kim? I guarantee you that Kim will eventually get tired of her big ass, big hips,and big thighs, and lose her size 46 inch hips to size 36 hips.

  12. she has to be mine

    Kim, would you please marry me?

  13. Rob


    I think you are fat like Kim and are irritated because most people that posted comments feel Kim is fat too and is basically a big loser. I am sure you have a flat stomach like Kim, but gain all your fat in your hips, thighs, and butt like Kim. I think you have been in denial thinking that you and Kim are not fat because your stomachs are not fat. Fat is fat no matter where it is at and Kim has a fat ass, fat hips, and fat thighs. Get over it and head to the nearest Weight Watchers.

  14. Fat Pat

    I think it is great that a short fat chick can be considered sexy. I am short and obese but hope to get as fat as Kim someday. I’ve searched the Internet but Kim never says her weight which is normal for fat people.

  15. Mike

    I had an ex girlfriend that was the same height as Kim 5’3″ and weighed 115 pounds. She had a hot smoking fit body. I saw on a web site where Kim says she weighs 115 pounds! No way Kim could be that fat and only weigh 115 pounds. I broke up with my ex because she got too fat like Kim and weighed 140 pounds. I suspect Kim weighs 140 pounds which is a lot for a short female. I never told my ex the truth about why I broke up with her. I also read on the web site that Kim loves to eat fried oreo cookies. She must eat a lot of fried food to maintain her fatness.

  16. Larry


    I’m a member of some dating sites and some chicks will post their height as 5’2″ or 5″3″ and put down weight as 135-145 pounds saying they look like Kim. 135-145 pounds is a lot for a short person. I never respond to fat chicks. Let the fat guys respond to the fat chicks.

  17. George

    I just had lunch in the company break room and saw a photo of Kim in a magazine at the beach wearing a swim suit and covering her huge behind. Kim is nothing without her girdle. We never seen Kim’s huge ass while walking and wearing a swim suit because it would just look like a big fat jiggling ass. We see pictures of Kim in a bikini that have been Photoshoped or pictures of Kim sticking her huge behind out trying to look firm, but we will never ever seen Kim walking while wearing a swim suit without covering her huge ass. Kim said she was proud of her body. If she was so proud of her body, she would not be covering her huge behind when wearing a swim suit lol!

  18. Dave


    Thanks for the link!

    Yikes! Kim has a huge ugly fat ass!

    She looks like any other fat ass at the pool.

    Kim is nothing without her girdle.

  19. eastcoastgirl

    What a shallow, empty headed twat. She’s also a hippo.

  20. Bozo

    The circus is in town!

    She’s nothing without her girdle with butt pads that make her huge ass look unnatural. She’s a freak show!

  21. Elk

    99. Jack L.
    “I am a personal trainer/fitness guru”

    Yeah and I’m a

  22. Perkins

    Kim is one hot fat ass chick. I would spank her huge ass and watch it jiggle any day and I would kiss all the cellulite on her huge hips and thighs.

  23. Jamie's Uterus

    Anyone got a link to the Kim sex tape (like on xtube or something?) I just want to see the part when the black guy pisses on her. Don’t know why, just do.

    Its interesting the paths these sluts take to get famous…who would of thought, getting pissed on would turn into an E reality show career and Playboy.

  24. erica lew.

    Kim is NOT fat. Curvy bodies are hot. Skinny bodies, eh if you can pull it off. I am a straight female but Kim is hot. She’s gorgeous as all hell. Her voice is a bit annoying though..and she has no talent.

  25. erica lew.

    okay maybe she does have a fatass..
    but the rest of her bod is fine.

  26. Elk

    123. Jamie’s Uterus
    “Anyone got a link to the Kim sex tape (like on xtube or something?) I just want to see the part when the black guy pisses on her. Don’t know why, just do.”

    You’re not going to get any responses. I’ve been asking these “she got peed on” people to post a link to the video for a long time and no one has ever done it.

    I far as I can tell it’s just some crap somebody made up, that gets repeated by all the people that hate Kim.

  27. Roger


    I cruised the Internet and saw part of Kim’s porn flick. I saw a side profile of her huge ass and got turned off and never went back. Whether she got peed on or not; she still was stupid enough to do porn. How can any female be that stupid now days? I would think everyone learned from Pamela Anderson’s porn flick. Some guys like the way Kim’s girdle makes her ass look unnatural. If a female has to wear a girdle; she’s fat and not my type. I would not like being at the beach or pool and have my girlfriend have to cover her big ass all the time while walking and wearing a bikini like Kim. If you have to cover your behind while wearing a bikini; then perhaps one should wear a skirt bikini bottom. I work out and watch my weight and I expect the same behavior from my girlfriend. My girl friend has a tight petite body, nice rack, and a small shapely behind.

  28. Mario


    Any chick with size 40 hips and up are fat. Kim falls in this category because she has size 46 hips. Some guys and chicks think that fat chicks like Kim are hot and tend to use others words that describe Kim which really mean fat like curvy and thick. If a chick has size 40 inches and up anywhere on her body; she is fat. Size 40 inches and up breasts means fat, size 40 inches and up waist means fat, size 40 inches and up hips means fat. I think the minority of people on this site that find Kim hot have a hard time admitting that they think a fat chick is hot.

  29. Damn she looks good!

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