Kim Kardashian to Larry King: Playboy is ‘inspirational’

March 31st, 2008 // 130 Comments

Kim Kardashian and her rag-tag bunch of family members stopped by Larry King Live on Friday. After getting peppered by Barbara Walters about her sex tape, Kim was ready for another awkward discussion about her nudity with the surprisingly alive. This time Larry brought up the topic of her shoot for Playboy. Kim said a bunch of words about something or rather, I dunno. I was too busy staring at the video of her getting ready for the shoot. Then things kind of went black for a while. I blame the fall into the next cubicle when I tried to mount my monitor. I should invest in some handlebars. I mean, I can’t keep doing this 10-30 times a day – before lunch.

Thanks to Lindsey who isn’t afraid to say Larry’s suspenders are sexy. Hell yeah!


  1. LL

    AND # 49…

    suck dick?

  2. Jumpin_J

    You know what’s inspirational? Kim’s ass. Just look at it. Makes me want to study astronomy and physics to figure out how things don’t orbit around it. I figure the gravitational pull would suck in everything around it. Yeah, I’ll accept my Nobel prize now.

  3. Gunion

    Wasn’t she the head guard in “Midnight Express’?

  4. FCS

    #50 “Hips are bones, may I remind you, and I can promise you she doesn’t have fat sitting on her hips. ”

    what are you her doctor ? you promise me lol. Like I fucking care.

  5. Kim is a goddess

    She’s the hottest woman in the world you bitches, you can be jealous and hate all you want, but she will keep being just as hot and you’ll keep being just as pathetic and unattractive.

  6. Jim

    “I just don’t want to be so exposed” during a Playboy shoot, hahaha. What makes Kim so hot is her severe mental retardation. You could probably talk her into anything, sexually. Although it seems like that’s been the case already, so you’d have to be ready for super-sloppy/filthy/diseased seconds.

  7. Peaches

    #54 FCS

    I use to have size 46 inch hips like Kim and then I joined Weight Watchers and now my hips are size 36. In the past I would tell my friends that I have big hips because I am big boned. Now my friends ask what I did with the rest of my hip bone! I no longer have that extra fat on my hips, buttocks, and thighs to my delight. I admit that 46 inches is huge and I will never ever allow myself to get that huge again.

  8. Ralph

    I think Play Boy is an inspirational for fat chicks, I mean curvy chicks that have huge hips size 40 inches and up.

  9. bonz

    what a complete waste of space she was at wrestlemania 24 in orlando …. she did nothing right and cannot act for the life of here , I’ve completely lost respect for this pornstar . i wouldn’t even bang her .

  10. Kerry

    @@@49 Kendra

    I understand how you feel.

    My mom has a body like Kim and she is always in competition with my fit body. She is divorced and I hate that she competes with me. One time my mom was PMSing and she made tempura and I told her I was not hungry. And she told me I am rude and I told her no I am not hungry. Then she asks me, are you afraid of having a body like mine? And I told her yes and she threw hot tempura on my chest. I had a burn mark on my cleavage for months and it is finally fading away. It is tough being fit and having females give me a hard time because they are fat/curvy; and it is really tough when it is coming from my mom.

  11. Bob

    I don’t care what she looks like. She bangs nigs and lets them piss on her. If you want to take sloppy seconds on that, you’re a sad excuse for a man.

  12. Latika


    I have size 44 inch hips and one time my husband told me that I am a big fat mess while I was making stir fry. I threw the stir fry on his face and it left burn marks on his face and arms. He has never called me a big fat mess again.

  13. Tom


    Kim is one hot chick alright; that is, one hot fat chick. When a chick has hips size 40 inches and up; they fall into the fat category. But don’t get me wrong, I love fat chicks. This is why I frequent the porn sites featuring fat chicks with size 40 inch hips and up. I’m guessing Kim’s hips are a size 46 inches. She has the fat where it should be at. Long live fat women!

  14. Wendy

    #62 – fat people are supposed to be jolly.

  15. Jenny

    I really don’t understand the fascination with this girl. I think she’s barely holding it all together right now, in a few years she’s just gonna be fat. Ten pounds of make-up do make a difference, but it won’t last.

  16. Latika



    I was jolly after I threw the stir fry on my husband! My husband is fatter than I am and has the nerve to call me fat. I hate when fat men have double standards.

  17. Lessy

    @@@@@@@@@@@@@12 Sara

    I bet your mom had size 46 inch hips just like Kim and your mom never gave you the proper loving and so now you might turn into a lesbian. This is what happened to me. My mom had size 44 inch hips before she died. She never paid any attention to me. Now I am attracted to fat woman. Not just any fat woman will do. She must have huge hips, buttocks, and thighs like Kim.

  18. I <3 Delta Burke

    I am fat, female, and unattractive. KK is fat and ugly.

  19. ET

    Anyone talking shit is probably jealous. She’s one hot mamma and is turning me lesbian! I don’t know shit about her intellect but people in Hollywood generally aren’t famous for that. Not that she’s very talented for that matter either, but she is hot… not FAT… CURVY, you fucks. Fat people don’t make the cut.

  20. Lonnie


    It is obvious she got a boob job. But there is no way she got work done on her huge behind. I think you saw a picture of Kim before her huge hips got to a whopping size of 45 inches! No woman in her right mind would get implants to make her behind huge like Kim. I have a huge behind like Kim and I have over 30 different types of butt girdles. The appearance of my buttocks changes depending on which girdle I wear. It looks like Kim is wearing an industrial girdle with butt pads. I hope she is wearing butt pads because if Kim is not then OMG her behind has gotten bigger! I saw on Dr.90210 where this petite chinese female got butt implants, but I’ve never seen someone get butt implants to be the size of Kim’s huge butt. I know I have a huge butt so it is OK if I say that Kim has a huge butt. It is not OK for fit females to say Kim has a huge butt because us big butt females will accuse one of being jealous lol!

  21. you’re all just jealous of my super awesome fantastic body and face. how dare you question the undefeated uber superiority of the shape of my ass compared to the shape of your ass. my body is smoking hot, and all of your boyfriends secretly want to fuck me but act like they hate me in front of you to keep your nagging ass mouths shut.

  22. Dunlop's Disease


  23. Chris

    I’d soo drink her bath water.

  24. Silvia

    – #71 Kim –

    My boyfriend must be one of those guys that secretly like Kim because he told me that if my small shapely and sexy derriere gets huge like Kim; he would be totally turned off, and send me to Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program.

  25. Patrick


    See # 67

    Kim is definitely curvy and fatalicious! There is nothing wrong with Kim’s fat around her hips, thighs, and buttocks. It looks sexy. Fat women can be sexy. Hmmm fat does not sound sexy. Let me try this again. Curvy females with size 45 inch hips can be sexy.

  26. #70 and anyone else who has ever doubted it, here’s the proof, Kim Kardashian’s ass is completely fake:

  27. Doc

    Her huge hips make her waist look small. I bet her waist is a size 28 to go with her size 46 inch hips. She is attractive for being overweight. She needs to tone up her legs.

  28. her body is perfect

    To the crazy jealous bitch that keeps posting under 4390480294 different user names and calling Kim fat, sorry bitch, you can go kill yourself now.
    Kim is skinny, way more skinny and way more fit than you probably are. She just happens to have implants inside of her ass and boobs, not fat. And BTW, her shape is not fat at all, it’s curvy, learn the difference between curvy, feminine and voluptous and fat, which are very different things.

    And her ass and boobs may be fake, but she’s fucking hot and incredibly beautiful, and anyone denying it is just jealous.

  29. Kevin Marshall


    Thanks for posting the link. I do not think she got butt implants. I have never heard of a woman getting butt implants to be huge like Kim and I doubt that a doctor would even allow it. I think Kim gained weight which caused her hips, buttocks, and thighs to get fatter/bigger. Her breasts look smaller so this must have been before her boob job. I think when Kim wears clothes, she is always wearing a butt girdle which tend to make her butt look different. When Kim wears a bikini; she always covers her buttocks while walking so it does not jiggle (fat jiggles lol). In the picture link you posted, it looks like she is wearing a girdle with butt pads.

  30. jesse (33)

    No, not a jealous woman, just a very sarcastic, boob loving man.

  31. Leslie

    I have no problem admitting that I have a huge behind like Kim. I am just like Kim because I will proudly wear tight clothes with my butt girdle and pads to give my rear end a more round look. I know it looks unnatural like Kim, but I do get noticedd and so does Kim. I also cover my behind while walking and wearing a bikini because I do not want people to know what my huge rear end really looks like; I would rather have people remember how my rear end looks when I am wearing my butt girdle. Here is another link of Kim’s before and after big butt pictures. I think she gained weight and is fat like me, but fat can be sexy.–butt-implants

  32. #76 it’s humanly impossible that her ass suddenly got huge only because she ‘gained weight’ like you say. If she had gained weight all her body would have gained weight, she’d have a bigger stomach, a bigger waist, fatter arms, a fatter face, etc. But her body looks exactly the same, only with a huge ass that suddenly appeared there. It’s sooo fake, it’s so obvious man, unless you’re blind. You may wish she was fat like you keep saying in your comments just to make yourself feel better about yourself, but she’s not, even with her fake ass. And no, it’s not fat, it’s silicone.
    And I think she’s really beautiful and really hot, but her ass and boobs are as fake as she’s hot.

  33. Kevin Marshall


    Check out one of Kim’s porn Ray Jay videos. There is a side profile of her huge behind and it is big and fat. You never see Kim showing her behind while wearing a bikini because she would rather you see her huge behind with clothes while wearing a butt girdle with pads. If you saw her huge behind without the butt girdle; it would be fat and gross. Kim gains weight on her hips, thighs, and buttocks. If Kim continues to gain weight; she will eventually start getting fat around her waist and stomach. I suspect you are confused because Kim has an assortment of butt girdles that give her huge rear end an unnatural look. I’m not into big chicks like Kim but my buddy thinks she is hot, but then again, he thinks any woman that does porn is hot.

  34. If it makes you so happy, here you have some pictures of Kim Kardashian’s bare ass in a bikini (she doesn’t cover her ass like you people say, at least not in these recent pictures with her boyfriend):

    What do you people think? She has a lot of cellulite, I think she definitely looks better dressed than in a bikini, by far. Her body is not actually the nicest…

  35. LL

    “Krazy” with a K. Thanks, Larry King producers, for hastening the illiteracy of America. Or should I say, “Amerika” or “Amerrikah” or “Umurrahkah”? WTF does it matter how you spell it? Standard spelling is for pussies.

    Just wondering, since when does “skanky” and “shameless” and “self-absorbed” equal “crazy” – I mean, “krazy”? An entire family of attention whores and Crypt Keeper Larry gives them even more undeserved attention? Way to go, Larry. You can’t stroke out and die fast enough for me.

  36. Jenny

    She could play Jasmine in a live action Aladdin film.

  37. If it makes you so happy, here you have some pictures of Kim Kardashian’s bare ass in a bikini (she doesn’t cover her ass like you people say, at least not in these recent pictures with her boyfriend):

    What do you people think? She has a lot of cellulite, I think she definitely looks better dressed than in a bikini, by far. Her body is not actually the nicest, and her bare ass is definitely NOT nice…

  38. Richard


    Yikes! I believe after Kim saw this picture of her huge saggy butt; she decided to start covering up while wearing a bikini and wear butt pads when wearing clothes. People forget that where there is a lot of fat; there is also cellulite. And Play Boy will definitely doctor up Kim’s photos. They will definitely air brush all the cellulite. Basically she looks like the average fat women wearing a bikini;nothing special about her buttocks. Kim’s thighs rub together too.

  39. To #62 Latika

    Damn, girl, chill. Fat people are supposed to be happy. But I guess you aren’t cuz you’re very mad/unhappy that you’re fat. It ain’t your man’s fault he told you the truth.

    Just know that every time he’s greasing up your sloppy parts, he’s imagining someone who’s fit, and undoubtedly, not a crazy bitch.

    Fat CAN be sexy. Your kind of fat is ugly to the bone.

  40. Latika


    I am happy on a full stomach and after I do several shots.

    I know my man thinks about other chicks while he does me. All guys do that; especially after being with a partner for a long period of time. A guy could have a hot chick with a tight petite body and he still will fantasize about the chick that he just saw on the Internet while having sex with his mate. I’m OK with that; I just had to fix my husbands ass and it is fixed and he has never called me a big fat mess again.

    I have no problem getting looks from other men when I go out. I do the same thing Kim does, I wear a girdle with butt pads that gives my big butt an unnatural look to the point where people have to take a double look. I love the attention. I’m also like Kim because my butt is not very attractive without using photoshop on my pictures. But I’m like Kim and I do side profiles of my big butt when wearing a bikini, and stick it out so it looks firm. I also cover my huge butt when wearing a bikini because it looks wide and big like Kim;nothing special without my girdle and butt pads. One time my husband told me while I was in my bikini that my butt looks good when I wear my girdle. I told my husband to shut the f up! My man should use words like curvy and thick to describe me, not fat.

  41. Kim would you marry me?

    She is sooooooooooooo fucking hot.

  42. Jon

    Fat chicks like Kim are soooooooooo hot and give me huge hips size 46 inches like Kim any day! Yeah baby! A little cellulite never hurt anyone!

  43. bootlips

    It would be poetic justice if the porch monkey she’s dating kills her and then gets off scott free.

  44. She has no brains and no talent. Bruce Jenner has really hit the skids, hanging out with a family of media wh*res, hasn’t he?

  45. Elk

    47. Jack Lalanne:
    “Kim’s fatness is on her size 44 inch hips and huge buttocks. Get out a measuring tape and see for yourself that 44 inches is huge on any person.”

    #46 owned you. You are so clearly a chick.

  46. I so wish I were hot like her… *sniffles*

  47. PLsss

    In a world where Dumb Brainless Prostitues are celebrities she is one.
    P.D: Is hard to recognized her with out the line of N&$·&%” waiting to tasted the white skin.

  48. Ginger

    I have a shape just like Kim except my breasts are real. I must admit that my derriere is nothing spectacular just like Kim without my girdle with butt pads that give me a shapely bubble butt. I also PhotoShop all my bikini pictures that show my derriere. My derriere looks unnatural just like Kim because of the girdle with butt pads, but I do get noticed and I love it. I also cover my derriere while walking and wearing a bikini because my derriere jiggles and my derriere does not look spectacular without my girdle with butt pads. Women wear padded bras all the time, so why not padded butt girdles. Even though Kim and I have average derrieres, we can make them spectacular using a girdle and butt pads. Long live our special lingerie and girdles with butt pads.

  49. Jack L.


    I am a personal trainer/fitness guru and some women are almost in tears when I measure their hips and tell them they are a size 40 inches and up. I tell them that Kim Kardashian is famous for having a sexy rear end and she must have between 44 to 46 inch hips. And they scold me and tell me that she wears a girldle with pads and she has a fat rear end just like them. They do not care about Kim, all they know is they are overweight and want to have slimmer hips, thighs, and a smaller rear end.

  50. jonesy

    Jesus. Her ass needs its own zip code. Who is the ankle grabber posing with her?

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