Kim Kardashian to Larry King: Playboy is ‘inspirational’

March 31st, 2008 // 130 Comments

Kim Kardashian and her rag-tag bunch of family members stopped by Larry King Live on Friday. After getting peppered by Barbara Walters about her sex tape, Kim was ready for another awkward discussion about her nudity with the surprisingly alive. This time Larry brought up the topic of her shoot for Playboy. Kim said a bunch of words about something or rather, I dunno. I was too busy staring at the video of her getting ready for the shoot. Then things kind of went black for a while. I blame the fall into the next cubicle when I tried to mount my monitor. I should invest in some handlebars. I mean, I can’t keep doing this 10-30 times a day – before lunch.

Thanks to Lindsey who isn’t afraid to say Larry’s suspenders are sexy. Hell yeah!


  1. Bmurphy72

    Can she not just go away…..?

  2. slips

    first fuckers

  3. slips

    What is with the elastic dresses I keep Seeing on celebrities? Are they supposed to look good? Where do they come from?

  4. Methos

    Jesus, the pap who took these must have had a big ass wide angle lens she barley fits edge to edge in these pics…

  5. lipper

    Hey I think Kim thinks its Halloween, she’s dressed as Cleopatra! ‘Cept Cleopatra rocked it better.

  6. She’s so stupid she didn’t know Monroe was on the 1st cover until Hef told her that! this bitch is retarded.

  7. Juanzo

    @ 7

    Right. Supposedly she was her ‘idol’. Dumb heifer.

  8. Man, Pink isn’t looking so hot since the breakup..

  9. She’ll go for David Patterson WAAAAAAAAAAY before she goes for me…


  10. grunion

    She’s huge in Turkmenistan these days. Huge.

  11. Sara

    The more I stare at Kim Kardashian, the more I think I’m turning into a lesbian…

  12. veggi

    She and Scott Peterson would make such a cute couple..

  13. gotmilk?

    inspirational huh? didn’t at first she said she wasn’t going to take any clothes off?

    her legs are disgusting. try hitting the gym Kim.

  14. FCS

    Cankles !!!!!

  15. Groucho

    What the hell? 13 posts, and no tip on which celebrity dating site I can meet her?

  16. BunnyButt

    Anyone else worried that Meaghan hasn’t made an appearance yet today? Maybe she’s finally eaten herself to death…

  17. @17 Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Don’t say her name. It may come back to life and bore the shit out of us all day. The only thing that could make it worse is if she started advertising for that millionare dating site..

  18. veggi

    Ah, you’re right BunnyButt. But she might just have her hands tied up eating coco puffs and cheese..

  19. What’s up Veggi? Are you sober this morning??

  20. Auntie Kryst

    Keem’s appearance on Larry King was ok I guess.. I was more impressed when she was on Charlie Rose. Her take on the sub-prime lending crisis, rising oil prices, and Hollywood salon culture was, in my opinion, cogent and elucidating.

    Naw I’m just kidding. Keem is a fucking gypsy whore.

  21. @18 & 21 you site is a ripe off. Go the fuck away and DIE!!

  22. veggi

    yup Jimbo. Sadly the margaritas have worn off..

    dirty gypsy whore!!

  23. janex

    I’d bump tacos with her. Just sayin’.

  24. tacos

    who the fuck is this bitch?

  25. bb

    What a fucking whore. Almost makes you wanna have Britney back! Wow!

  26. B.SophiaLoren

    She’s not just curvy anymore. Look @ that double chin! She’s crossed the threshold into fat now, her Spanx are working triple time to hold it all in.
    The fact that she’s famous for being pee’d on makes her that much more disgusting to women, a whore to be conquered by men.

  27. Oprah's Gorilla Butthole

    12, 14, 16…you guys are killing me. Funny.

    What shitty “parents”. What a little furry whore they’ve raised.

    And she ain’t hot.

  28. oh my goodness

    Oh lord, oh lord, oh lord, my dick just exploded.
    She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FUCKING HOT

  29. hot and pretty but a huge liar with fake ass and fake boobs

    She is really hot and pretty, however there’s something about this girl that I dunno, she is really photogenic, she looks AMAZING in pictures but then when you see her in videos, in movement, even though she’s still really hot, she’s not near as hot as she is in pictures. Weird.

    Also she’s such a huge liar and attention whore. Her boobs and ass are sooo incredibly fake, I could post pictures of her prior ass and breast surgery but I’m too lazy to search for them right now. Maybe some other time. But man, prior to her ass surgery, she had a normal ass, nothing over the top. And her boobies were the same, not small but definitely not big either. Now she’s a DD, she was like a C. And she’s always telling these little lies. Ahh, Kim.

  30. jesse

    Yeah, big boobs and a huge ass are a total turn off. Not to mention complete “fuck me eyes”. She’s not hot at all. Find me a girl with thighs thinner than my wrists and boobs that look like mosquito bites and I’ll be all over that.

    I love it when I can smack her whole ass with one hand.

    @4 I completely agree. I’d rather see a girl in a burlap sack than a skin tight dress. Curves make me throw up in my mouth.

  31. She's pure hotness from head to toe

    Jesus Christ, she’s the hottest woman that has ever been posted on this site.
    She’s the hottest woman in the world. Well, actually, not the hottest woman in the world (when people say ‘she’s the hottest woman in the world’ about a celebrity they just mean ‘she’s the hottest celebrity in the world’), so yes, she’s the hottest celebrity in the world and the hottest woman ever posted on this site hands down. I’m amazed people are criticizing her in the comments above. Is this site really full of ugly jealous fat women and some gay dudes?
    I don’t get it Superfish. It seems like most of your visitors are women, by an overwhelming majority, yet you keep posting in a women bashing and men pleasing way LMAO.

  32. woot?


    you are a jealous chick right? she’s BANGIN’

  33. she's soooooo hot

    how could anyone possibly say this incredibly stunning goddess of hotness and beauty is ‘not hot’ or ‘ugly’? Look at her, damn, there’s no question that she’s STUNNING and INSANELY HOT. No straight man would ever deny that. I get it, at least 90% of the readers of this site are ugly fat jealous females.

  34. Arguman

    is that Chris Crocker next to her in those last pics? “Leave Kim Kardashian alone!”

  35. Oprah's Gorilla Butthole

    She’s hot. If you totally ignore everything that’s important. Like brains and soul.

  36. Trover

    I was waiting for Larry to drop his pants, roll down his Depends diapers, then take a leak on Kim. Only way to get her to feel at home. Otherwise, she acts like a stupid, self important beotch. The pee reminds her who she really is.

  37. Mike

    She is sooooo fucking hot man.

  38. PunkA

    KK does pretty much ZERO for me. She is not that great, has the brains of a pea pod, egocentric like the mentally 13 years old mature girl she is, andis boring as watching paint. She sucks. BORING. yawn and I am not gay, female, fat or unattractive. Guess I just expect more.

  39. Grant

    Ewwwww…She’s posing with Heatherette, those two lame-ass fashion designers that show up everywhere like cockroaches. Ewwww…

    Kim has a nice ass.

  40. yummy

    If this isn’t insanely hot then nothing is.

  41. she's soo hot

    She should quit her black men fetish. She’d make a perfect couple with Johnny Depp. That’d be too much hotness, kind of like Brad and Angelina, but way more fierce.

  42. Jack Lalanne

    This is a common problem with fat chicks. They get fat in places where some men like it; like the hips,buttocks, and breasts. Then they get attention for their fatness, and get a false sense of security that they can continue to eat and eat and eat and men will still like the extra fat. I am attracted to fit women that exercise, eat right most of the time, and maintain their ideal weight for their body type.

  43. LMAO @ 45

    #45 you’re just another jealous chick and I’m sure you’re way fatter than Kim. Where do you see the fatness, exactly? because what I see when I look at her is a very hot woman with a very tight, fit body, an absolutely flat stomatch, perfectly shaped and perfectly proportioned, with a sexy big ass and big boobs. She’s not a walking curveless skeleton like many Hollywood women are, she actually has curves, which us men love. But not a hint of fat.
    Just recognize you’re jealous and that you wish you could have a body like that. Get over your jealousy.

  44. Jack Lalanne


    I know it must hurt to know that there are fit females that exercise and know when to push themselves from the plate; unlike your idol Kim.

    Kim’s fatness is on her size 44 inch hips and huge buttocks. Get out a measuring tape and see for yourself that 44 inches is huge on any person.

    Only one percent of the population are skinny due to poor eating habits and some of them can be seen as celebrities.

    You have every right to appreciate Kim’s fat body and I have every right to be totally turned off by it.

  45. Rick

    Mark my words, there will be a story soon about how Kim has people who go to the blogs and fill the comment threads with over-the-top praise for her. It’s fair, actually, because what ever it is she “does” involves being perceived as hot. But, here’s the thing: it’s necessary. She’s like a balloon (figuratively and literally) that they’re barely keeping up in the air.

  46. Kendra

    My older sister has a figure like Kim and I am petite, work out, and eat right most of the time. I get tired of my sister calling me anorexic because she is fat like Kim. I cannot call her fat because she will punch me, so I have to use other names that refer to fat like curvy. A lot of times my sister will try to get me fat by going to McDonalds and buying me a large shake and large fries. I tell her no thank you and I am not hungry and she gets mad at me and throws the hot fries in my face. I wish fat people would quit giving us people who stay in shape a hard time. I am tired of hearing my sister say I am jealous. Jealous of what? Of her being fat and me being thankful that I have self control and self discipline.

  47. LL

    Hold up here,

    You’re seriously calling Kim fat?? Lacking talent, I can understand. But fat?? Have you seen her without the clothes? She’s definitely fit. So she has wider hips? Hips are bones, may I remind you, and I can promise you she doesn’t have fat sitting on her hips.

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