Kim Kardashian: The buttpad debate rages on!

The Kim Kardashian buttpad issue has resulted in tons of e-mail. One in particular is from a reader who allegedly works in the modeling industry and says that padded underwear is not uncommon. So, pretty much, we’ve all been drooling over foam panties. I, honestly, don’t have a problem with that. Here’s what Izzy has to say:

She’s 5’3 with 39-40 inch hips, she’s NOT fat, has a small waist and Huge curves specifically on her breast and butt. All natural? I don’t think so. I do some modeling and I know side angles can do wonders for your butt but this girl has implants and I’ve seen many here in Miami. It’s almost as common as getting your boobs done, they also sell padded underwear with silicone inserts who want to go even larger.

She wears fake lashes and heavy makeup,so she strikes me as the type of person who’s very much into her physical appearance. So my honest opinion is that she’s had work done to her top and bottom but in all fairness a lot of people get plastic surgery,if it makes them happy, go for it.

Reading between the lines and pulling from my own ass(!), Kim Kardashian’s butt is more or less a philosophical issue. If you want it to be a sign of her girth, then peace be with you. If you want it to be the zenith of ass awesomeness, then peace be with you and, also, don’t touch anything on my desk. In fact, here’s some hand sanitizer. You go now.